Wednesday, November 14, 2001
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Friday, November 16, 2001

Taleban's Last Stand

Excerpt from article detailing the last days of faltering power for those who have striven to destroy America, human rights, freedom, and all that is worth living for:

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Opposition forces said they have captured senior Taliban leaders as American and allied forces closed in on terror suspect Osama bin Laden and his al-Qaida network.

"We are tightening the noose, it's a matter of time," said Army Gen. Tommy Franks, head of U.S. Central Command.

Franks said fighting continued in and around the town of Kunduz which was "heavily infested with some of the more hard-core people" fighting the anti-Taliban Northern Alliance.

There are also reports of air attacks near Kandahar.

War Status as of 11/15/01

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Northern Alliance opposition forces apparently captured some senior Taliban leaders in Afghanistan, a senior U.S. official said Thursday evening.

"We have heard that the Northern Alliance may have come into possession of some Taliban leadership earlier today," the official told Reuters, adding that the group did not include senior Taliban leader Mullah Omar or Saudi-born fugitive bin Laden.

... Despite a series of setbacks that cost the Taliban their grip on the capital and deprived them of huge swaths of territory, Taliban supreme leader Mullah Mohammed Omar remained defiant in a BBC interview broadcast Thursday, saying he'd rather die than "join an evil government" with the country's former leader.

... "If God's help is with us, this will happen within a short period of time — keep in mind this prediction," he said. "The real matter is the extinction of America, and God willing, it will fall to the ground." ...

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Musicians' Brains are Wired Differently

Excerpts from article detailing the manner in which professional musicians are able to access capabilities beyond those possessed by the non-musically blessed among us:

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The brain waves of professional musicians respond to music in a way that suggests they have an intuitive sense of the notes that amateurs lack, researchers said.

Neuroscientists, using brain-scanning MRI machines to peer inside the minds of professional German violinists, found they could hear the music simply by thinking about it, a skill amateurs in the study were unable to match.

The research offers insight into the inner workings of the brain and shows that musicians' brains are uniquely wired for sound, researchers said yesterday at the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience.

Neuroscientists often study how we hear and play music because it is one of the few activities that use many functions of the brain, including memory, learning, motor control, emotion, hearing and creativity, said Dr Robert Zatorre of the Montreal Neurological Institute.

"It offers a window onto the highest levels of human cognition," Zatorre said.

In a study by researchers at the University of Tuebingen, the brains of eight violinists with German orchestras and eight amateurs were analysed as they silently tapped out the first 16 bars of Mozart's violin concerto in G major.

Brain scans showed professionals had significant activity in the part of their brains that controlled hearing, said Dr Gabriela Scheler of the University of Tuebingen.

"When the professionals move their fingers, they are also hearing the music in their heads," Scheler said.

Amateurs, by contrast, showed more activity in the motor cortex, the region that controls finger movements, suggesting they were more preoccupied with hitting the correct notes, she said.

Scheler, a former violinist with the Nuremberg Philharmonic Orchestra, said the findings suggested that professionals have "liberated" their minds from worrying about hitting the right notes.

As a result, they are able to listen, judge and control their play, Scheler said. ...

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The Enemy Below

Article/Flash presentation describing the nature of the underground hiding places present in Afghanistan:

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During the Soviet-Afghan war the mujahedein built a broad network of caves to use as hideouts and attack bases. Then, during the '90s, bin Laden built even more sophisticated bunkers and re-engineered existing caves.

Tour the Taliban's underground bases in this animated interactive, narrated by one of the few Westerners who has actually studied these subterranean forts.

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Tiny 'Smart Bomb' Can Invade, Kill Cancer

Excerpts from articles describing an experimental method being developed as a possibility to be used in the fight against cancer:

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A microscopic cancer "smart bomb" powered by a single radioactive atom is able to find and kill tumor cells in laboratory experiments. Researchers hope to test the technique on human patients next year.

Dr. David A. Scheinberg of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York said tests of the technique in mice show that it selectively kills cancer cells and substantially prolongs the life of lab animals with tumors.

"You could inject several million of these molecules and they would circulate around, find their targets cells, be taken inside and then kill the cells," said Scheinberg. "These are extraordinarily potent drugs."

... A tiny nuclear bomb planted inside cancer cells blows them apart. US researchers are turning nuclear waste into potent weapons to target tumours.

Currently, the radiation used to kill cancerous cells is difficult to aim and can hit surrounding healthy tissue. Using antibodies that recognize cancer proteins and are taken up into cells, researchers at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York are sneaking radioactivity directly into cancerous cells. ...

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Smite Not the Disbeliever

So, as all the parade of faith and worship and god fear percolates throughout our culture, especially since the god-steeped fanatics from muslim binladenized fame wreaked havoc on our shores, what have the leaders of the world had to say about the merits of disbelief?


Putin, of formerly(?) atheistic Russia, offers forth, in a cozy get together with Pastor Bush in Texas, something to the effect that some believe god directly intervenes and some believe god leaves it up to humans to control their own destinies. Understandably, trying to play the game the western way, he has nothing to offer regarding the merits of disbelief.

So, amongst the leaders in the world today, who speaks for the merit of disbelief? Who is brave enough to make a stand and say that the manner in which faith and religion seduces its followers into brainwashed submission to authority is nothing but begging for the likes of bin Laden, mullah Omar, and their followers to curse America with massive quran-inspired genocide by the almighty will of god?

To be sure, bin Laden and mullah Omar are not shy about voicing their plans for god-inspired horror upon America, plans in the works for years.

Yet, in opposition to their religious-inspired insanity, all the leaders of the free world speak of is uniting against terrorism and the evildoers, speaking in terms of those at the core of the problem being somehow apart from the god of the good guys or Putin's god of whatever people wish to treat god as.

I read an article today which stated that god following wasn't the problem, for folks who did not believe in god invoked horrible evil on humankind, so the problem must be apart from the following of god.

I would reply to that weak defense of faith in the following way: When one is threatened and commanded to suspend doubt, to follow or else, all is forfeit, all is lost, this life, this one and only *sure* chance at existence we all know and share.

Be it god-fear, religion, ideology, or country, "believe or else" demands slavery and yields a predisposition to human harm, for in the "or else", the first cause of anti-humanism has been invoked, and all that can proceed from that is an effort opposed to human freedom.

The primary offenders in the current day remain the ancient faiths. Residing beneath the surface of that offense to human freedom is the effort by those of ancient faiths to guilt-trip and demonize any activity which is not consistent with the ancient faiths.

To aspire to human freedom and liberty is to turn one's back on that which has been and continues to be the insanity of submission to "believe or else" slavery, be it from god-fear, religion, ideology, or country.