Atheists challenge the religious right
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Excerpt from another post:

> [...]
> seven organizations of nontheists - including atheists,
> freethinkers, humanists, and agnostics - began the
> Secular Coalition for America (SCA), a lobby seeking
> to increase the visibility and respectability of non-
> theistic viewpoints in the United States.
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Excerpt from the SCA website:

The Secular Coalition for America ( is the only organization in the nation whose primary purpose is lobbying Congress on behalf of atheists, humanists, freethinkers, and other nontheistic Americans.

From our office in the nation's capital, our full-time lobbyist and support staff engage public policy makers and the media on issues ranging from religion's influence on education and medical research to the privileging of faith groups by government.

We are the first and only cooperative venture of eight member organizations coming together to improve the political situation of a previously unrepresented constituency: the tens of millions of atheists and agnostics in the United States.

My reply:

I think it's important to remember that the modality of religious tolerance, the laws which enable an individual to have any religion, including none, is a recent innovation.

Separation of church and state, a recent innovation.

To those, like the religious wrong, who wish to turn back the clock, and who yearn for religious control of government, they would do well to study the history in the west when religions ruled. The outcome wasn't blessed, at least not by the individuals and entities tortured and killed by the religious.

Even today, religion acts as a fomenter of mass violence
(9-11), albeit the religion of Islam, supposedly in retaliation for the crimes of the religion of Christianity which occurred long ago, said mindset fomented by a minority in a religion in which the overwhelming majority are far more tolerant of religious differences than their ancient texts suggest they should be.

On the other hand, in countries in which Islam rules, there is a much more repressive and religious-dictated intolerance of disbelief and of open advocacy of views inconsistent with the Islamic faith than exists in western democracies.

Religious crime, best understood by the credo 'absolute power corrupts absolutely', and such has been the case throughout history when the religious had dictatorial control. Even so, lack of religion certainly doesn't help humans when the perceived dictator called God is replaced with a murderous dictator in the form of a man (or woman, for that matter).

Key way forward -- look to America, for despite our shortfalls, our embarrassing transgressions, our Christian-vs.-Christian Civil War, our Christian-vs.-Christian (well, at least the Germans were predominantly Christian) World Wars I and II, and Christian-vs.-non-Christian religious followings of the Japanese in World War II, we have established the meth-
odology by which murderous dictatorships can be prevented from coming into existence.

Thus far.

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