Belief compared to Evidence of No God
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Someone wrote:

> I have faith. I do not claim to "know" that God exists,
> I claim to "believe" it.
> Sorry you can't get that, but it's not up to me to convince
> you.

Why do you believe it?

You told another poster "well said" in reply to his
"know"ing that God exists. Aren't you curious about
his "know"ing, -or- was your "well said" comment
not meant to comment on his "know"ing, but instead,
was meant to comment on his lack of need to prove
his "know"ing ... Would you like to "know" whatever
it is that poster "knows", or would you prefer to merely

Oh well, if that poster is right, you'll "know" -if- you
get to heaven, but if that poster is wrong, reference
all the alternatives, including one you perhaps aren't
familiar with, that being the possibility, however slim,
that you might have a naturalistic continuance. I have
no knowledge of such a continuance, but am disinclined
to rule it out until someone convinces me that it's natur-
alistically impossible rather than just highly unlikely.

Perhaps you've not considered that one, as most, I
suspect, have been taught by their religions that it's
belief  (in their version of God, and if you jump through
the 'right' hoops, you get a pleasant immortality) -or-
doom (eternal death, naturalistically, if God, their ver-
sion, doesn't exist, eternal death due to God, their ver-
sion, or eternal torment due to God, their version).

- - -

Someone wrote:

> One day, you will know, truly know, and you will be on
> your knees pleading for mercy.
> I believe that, by the way, I don't know it, but the bible
> says it will happen and that's enough for me.

Well, you've said you believe that, based on what,
you haven't said. Any evidence, and why do you
believe something like that, what is it based on? Do
you know who wrote the passages you're basing
that belief on? Do you know that their passages are
true, and if not, why do you believe them, the mostly
anonymous writers of texts loaded with contradictions,
anti-humanism, myth, and threats.

The bible is an artificial compilation by mostly anony-
mous writers. It was first assembled at the behest of
Roman emperor Constantine, for use in his promotion
of replacing Pagan worship with christianity. Before
you get all enthused about that, note that Constantine
was a murderer, so having your christian bible assem-
bled by edict of a murderer, that should give pause to
the notion that christians are taught, that the mostly
anonymous and myth-filled and scientifically invalid
assemblage of God-promotion is "holy".

- - -

Someone wrote:

> [...] I've said (repeatedly, by the way) that I do not
> have proof, and don't need it. [...]

You've said you "believe", but haven't said why.
One would suspect that the 'why' is because you
were promised everlasting happiness (after death)
when you were very young, and you haven't yet
viewed all the threats that were mentioned when
you were young as worthy of condemnation/
rejection, either that -or- you aren't all that
concerned about the threats 'cause you don't
believe they'll adversely impact anyone you
really care about (and even if they do, you're
OK with that 'cause your religion has taught
you to be OK with that).

One would also suspect that you "believe" be-
cause you've been told 'God answers prayer'
and you'd like to think that is true, despite the
evidence to the contrary and despite the impos-
sibility of God answering irreconcilable prayers.

So, it would appear that you "believe" due to
an emotional desire to live forever and to have
an all-powerful friend in the sky and to dismiss
any anti-humanism that all-powerful friend in
the sky has engaged in or might engage in (or,
if you like that anti-humanism, you're OK with
anti-humanism as long as God is doing it, even
though it's diametrically opposed to the con-
cept that God is love).

Irreconcilable contradictions convey that the
God you believe in is non-existent. Anti-
humanism conveys that the God you believe
in is evil. Neither a contradictory God or an
anti-human God is worthy of belief or wor-
ship, but if such a God existed, you'd better
watch out if you plan to spend eternity with
such a being, for it just might send you to
the same place it sent most of humankind if
you dared to use your 'free will' (you will
have 'free will' in heaven, won't you?) to
question or counter God.

God, evidence on the "no god" side of the
equation follows, what some would accept
as proof of no god. Read with an open mind
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blind faith that aren't likely presented in a
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