Belief in Hell - What Have You Got to Lose?
(Top Posts - Distance From Belief
in theism - 070300)

Everything - this life, wasted on non-existent fantasies, gods, and
demons that don't exist. This life, 100 percent certain. This life, the
one and only sure shot at happiness. This life, lived to the fullest
knowing full well if there's anything beyond this life, it's as natural
as is this life, pure, god-free, unadulterated by fear, blackmail, and

Best of luck on your journey. May we all max out this one and only
sure shot at happiness for as long as pleasurably possible, forever    
if that's our destiny by natural law. If there is a pleasant continued
existence upon death in this world, it's natural and you can't earn
your way there nor can you believe your way there. It either is or

This life is 100 percent certain until ... oh I dunno, until a comet
comes out of the sky and lands on my h..............!~!

But seriously, don't waste your life on myth and delusion. Max it
out and accept its natural beauty and wonder, free of fear. I do
and I'm more full of hope and meaning and purpose than I've ever
been in my entire life.

Later and peace,