Believers in (& no longer in) D-E-N-I-A-L
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Since the totality of evidence in the physical world
conveys overwhelmingly that the God thing (i.e., an
absolute being or beings, oft-times given a lot of
human characteristics, as if humans imagined a
supreme being exists in the sky, somewhere/
somehow) is a result of human evolution ...

... created by evolved apes to try to explain and
control that which evolved apes had little to no
understanding of, the largest and most powerful
myth evolved apes could come up with, the key
word utilized by evolved apes in recent times
being ...

... D-E-N-I-A-L ...

o Denial of the facts of our natural world.

o Denial of the contradictions in religious foundational

o Oft-times, denial of the anti-humanism presented in
   religious foundational documents.

o Denial of the inability of God to move one penny one
   inch, regardless of how many millions of believers
   pray for such a simple thing.

o Denial of the inability of God to move mountains,
   something asserted that God can do in the christian
   foundational document.

o Denial of the dependence of evolved apes on bac-
   terial creatures for survival, a fact which went unno-
   ticed by the foundational religious document writers.

o Denial of the lack of contemporaneous writings both
   by and about the supposed son of God, a guy who,
   if he existed, you'd think could put a few important
   words down on some God-inspired stone or tablet
   or something -or- at least could get some compan-
   ion of his to write something so that humans would
   have hard evidence the supposed son of God
   actually existed.

o Denial of the lack of one iota of evidence that God,
   Satan, the devil, devils, demons, jinns, angels, or
   any other supposed supernatural beings exist or
   have ever existed.

I could continue regarding what believers are in
denial about, insofar as their supposed absolute
deity is concerned, but I'll leave you with the few
items above so that you may contemplate them
and counter with alternatives if you feel that you
or believers in general are *not* in denial regard-
ing the above.

- - -

Speaking of D-E-N-I-A-L, here are some recently
discovered perspectives that a particular pente-
costal Christian is no longer in denial regarding:

Dec. 19, 2004,,1376922,00.html


... plans to screen a documentary which dismisses
some parts of the Bible as untrue and attacks others
as being a 'masterwork of spin'.

Evangelical groups are angry that Who Wrote the
Bible? ... paints a negative picture of Christian organ-
isations and suggests links between them and the
troubles in the Middle East.

They have also expressed concerns about the pre-
senter, Dr Robert Beckford, a reader in theology at
Birmingham University.


Beckford defended the provocative timing of the docu-
mentary. 'To have faith in the world is to ask dangerous
questions. Why not make the question at Christmas
when we hear about this son of God who was born in
dubious circumstances in a place which was the armpit
of the world?'

In the new documentary, Beckford, a committed pente-
costal Christian, describes a journey he made to some
of Christianity's holiest places to help him uncover the
provenance of the Bible.

He calls his conclusion an 'earth-shattering experience'
and one that made him doubt some of his most basic
Christian beliefs.

Of the Old Testament, Beckford declares: 'The so-
called law of Moses turns out to be the work of many
human hands. What I once thought was the word of
God was now beginning to sound like something out
of Stalin's Russia.'

He produces archaeological evidence to suggest the
Bible's claims that the kingdoms of David and Solomon
dominated the 10th century BC were wrong, an error
that raises profound claims about the genesis of Chris-

He declares the New Testament a 'masterwork of spin
written by people who were nowhere near the events
they describe, all gathered by powerful editors who
kept out ideas they did not like'.

The story of the nativity is also doubted. Beckford argues
that Matthew added the story to fulfil a prophecy made in
the Old Testament.


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Archaeology and Biblical Skepticism
"Significant discoveries in archaeology have altered
the perceptions generally held on bible historicity prior
to recent times. Links to some views (and books) on
these matters follow ..."

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