Born Free
(Top Posts - Distance From Belief
in theism - 031001)

All of us were born free of Hinduism, Buddhism,
Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and all other faiths.


Looking up to mom & dad (or others) for sustenance,
support, nourishment, a guiding light as to what to do,
where to go, what to be, what life is ...

Free yet dependent on those entities that provided us
with the means by which we survive to this very day ...

If we were born 8,000 years ago, we knew nothing of
such things as Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism,
Islam. Ever. We lived, we died, knowing nothing of such

Why oh why, I ask you, I implore you, why oh why do
we, in the present day, treat such things as if they are the
be-all end-all of life?

8,000 years ago, we would have been born free.

In 2001, each of our children are born just as free as we
would have been 8,000 years ago.

Why, for the love of all that is best and most worthy of
life, why would we endeavor to enslave our children in
systems which 8,000 years ago did not exist?

Why, for the love of all that is best and most worthy of
life, would we treat such faiths as Hinduism, Buddhism,
Christianity, Judaism, Islam, as if they are requisites for
enslavement of our children when, point in fact, 8,000
years ago they were nothing?

Think about it.

8,000 years ago, all the leading faiths of this age, nothing.

We would have been born, nurtured, and lived an entire
life free of *all* the leading faiths of this day and age.

We would have hunted.

We would have eaten.

We would have breathed.

We would have laughed.

We would have quenched our thirst.

We would have farmed.

We would have had sex.

We would have had children.

We would have had language/communication.

We would have made tools.

We would have been born, lived, and died free of any
of the religions of the modern age.

We would have been free of such things as obligations
to conform to Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity,

We would have been fully human, and I ask you, I inquire
sincerely and with deep feeling and search, what in the world
makes us any different, from a naturalistic point of view, than
those who preceded us, our ancestors, our predecessors,
those whom we honor as the very source of our being, those
who we, all of us, are absolutely indebted to for our very
existence (not to even mention all the preceding ancestors
and those who followed our ancestors of 8,000 years ago)?

What in the world makes the record of our natural history
and the tribe-centric / supernatural-dependent view of life
compatible in any way? If you accept our natural place in
a natural world, how do you reconcile interjecting super-
natural faiths/beings into the picture far later than the evi-
dence of the advent of human capabilities of language,
tool-making, farming, written language, culture, civilization,
hierarchical rule-invoking, etc ...

And come off with a be-all end-all of life perspective?

Clearly, irrefutably, undeniably ...


There is no reason or logic to it ...

It was created by primitives, perpetuated by power-hungry
self-serving authoritarians, and is to this very day clinging
to life solely by virtue of brainwashing of children and
leverage by authoritarians who utilize imaginary beings for
selfish ends ...


Wake up,

Know the truth,

Free yourself and your children, before it's too late,
and you've wasted your life on non-existent beings
and concepts cooked up by ancients without a clue
regarding what a natural world and a natural existence
were/are all about ...

And yes, a primary key there, a key that science shies
not from, is "NOT KNOWING" all the answers, for
indeed, the search is on and we do not know all the
answers, for we are natural beings in a natural world
with only our own wits to search for and find the true
answers, and it's up to us, ONLY US, to find those
answers and in the search, to be all we can be, in this,
our one and only *sure* shot at it, at this time, in this
life, on this earth.

No faith required or desired, for faith is but a delusion
and a diversion from that which is the real nature of
our being.

Make believe just doesn't cut it anymore, not for those
of us who seek the truth and the pleasure of *knowing*,
not believing, not deluding, *knowing* our real place in
the circumstance of life we find ourselves in.

- - -