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78. Opposition to biblical anti-humanism
+ some additional biblical skepticism 
"Links to some videos imparting perspectives on the
bible from a former fundamentalist christian (first eight
videos), a philosopher who discusses the origin of the
bible and religions (in brief -- one video), and a bible
scholar who discusses his former devout christianity
and some of the problems with the bible (last two
videos) ..."

77. Endemic Abuse of Children
by Irish Catholic Institutions 
"... sexual abuse was 'endemic' in boys' institutions.
... physical and emotional abuse and neglect were
features of institutions. ... girls supervised by orders
of nuns, chiefly the Sisters of Mercy, suffered much
less sexual abuse but frequent assaults and humiliation
designed to make them feel worthless. ... Irish church
officials encouraged ritual beatings and consistently
shielded their orders' paedophiles from arrest amid
a 'culture of self-serving secrecy'. ..."

76. Brainwashing Children Into Religion Video
"... watching the documentary Jesus Camp ... the film
raises again the question that may very well be at the
center of democratic freedom: what rights do children
have? Do they have the right to be raised free from
their parents' superstition? Is the kind of emotional,
pyschological, and intellectual damage inflicted on
children not a form of abuse? ..."

75. Jesus Myth Video
"A couple of Jesus Myth videos + links to
previous posts addressing the nature of the
Jesus stories ..."

74. Religious Delusions? Video
"The following discusses the religions of Mormonism,
Islam, and Christianity critically. ... each member of 
those groups lives within a delusional bubble ... Proving
that prayer is superstition ... Why Won't God Heal
Amputees? ... The Top 10 Reasons Why the Bible is
Repulsive ... Supreme Court refused to hear the appeal
of a New Jersey football coach who wants to pray
with his students ..."

73. America Is Becoming Less Christian,
Less Religious
"... the percentage of Americans who define themselves
as Christian has dropped from 86 percent in 1990 to
76 percent in 2008. In one of the most dramatic shifts,
15 percent of Americans now say they have no religion
-- a figure that's almost doubled in 18 years. Americans
with no religious preference are now larger than all
other major religious groups except Catholics and
Baptists. ..."

72. Richard Dawkins -- Evolution compared
to Disbelief in God/Creationism/IDism 
"... the Vatican ... did reject as 'absurd' the atheist
notion of biologist and author Richard Dawkins and
others that evolution proves there is no God ... some
YouTube videos from Richard Dawkins serve well
to counter the Vatican Cardinal's misrepresentation
of Dawkins' position, as well as presenting Dawkins'
powerful case with clarity and strong appeal to those
who either doubt or disbelieve or have unanswerable
questions regarding the God notions ..."

71. Belief compared to Evidence of No God
"... Irreconcilable contradictions convey that the
God you believe in is non-existent. Anti-humanism
conveys that the God you believe in is evil. ... God,
evidence on the 'no god' side of the equation follows ..."

70. Christians/God - Rights/Seductions/
Threats/Evidence (012109)
"... among the top 3 nuclear nations in the world,
only one, the predominantly christian nation of the
United States of America, has used nuclear weapons
to attack another nation ... 'rights', I don't feel it's
right to eternally kill or torture anyone ... Seductions
and threats aren't enough for me. Evidence, that's 
what I need ..."

69. How does one get a pleasant immortality?
"Strictly speaking, for those who believe
in the christian bible, the following must
be done to get a pleasant immortality and
to relieve oneself of the worry that by not
abiding by *all* of the following -22- re-
quirements, one might place their pleasant
immortality at risk. ...

68. God Bless / God Damn debate (032008)
"Recently, Barack Obama's pastor -and-
Barack Obama ran into trouble over some
controversial statements that Barack's pas-
tor, Jeremiah Wright, had uttered in the
past. ..."

67. Christian God Poll (030508)
"Don't be shy, y'all, wade on in to the poll, give it your
best shot. Here, I'll go first ..."

66. God & Jesus Promotion /
Doubt, Disbelief, & Science
(060607 to 060707)
Simply expressing points of view that
deviate from the God trap that up to 90%
or so of the country tends to say, most
often, that they've not yet escaped from. ...

65. Reasons Christianity Persists (110306)
"As for the nature of the religious belief
system called christianity, its inherent
long-lasting impact begs us to assess
why this ancient belief system persists ..."

64. Christian Atonement Theology (040405)
"... Blood sacrifice, really big in ancient faiths.
... Well, I suppose blood was considered life,
for them, and as such, it was perhaps not too
large a leap to think that sacrifice/blood was
somehow impressive to the magic imaginary
beings. ..."

63. A skeptical view of christianity (030505)
"... Why in the name of all that is veritable and
estimable should we, human beings on planet
earth in the year 2005 C.E., believe that belief
in some dude (a so-called son-of-god) dying
and rising from the dead almost 2,000 years
ago is the most important aspect of this, our
one and only certain chance at life? ..."

62. Bible - doubts, disbelief, opposition
"... Who wrote each book of the bible? ... Who
interpolated those writings ... ? ... Who chose the
bible books ... ? ... Myths, contradictions ... Anti-
humanism ... Anti-feminisim, anti-homosexuality
... Mass murder ... Threats ... Superstition, encour-
agement of slavery ... Impact on humankind ... Tor-
ture of accused heretics and witches ... Religious
wars ...

61. Historical Jesus Summary : No
Reliable Evidence (022605)
"The following referenced website has a lot of
information doubting both the new testamyth
christian gospels -and- epistles, as well as a
section doubting non-christian sources used
by some to promote an historical Jesus. ..."

60. Christians 'help' tsunami victims? (022605)
"... 'Many NGOs (volunteer groups) are extending
help to us but there in our village the NGO, which
was till now helping us is now asking us to follow
the Christian religion. We are staunch followers of
Hindu religion and refused their request. And after
that these people with their aid materials are leaving
the village without distributing that to us' ..."

59. Nature of the biblical God claims (020605)
"... Once you enter the doubt/disbelief realm,
the ancient writings take on an entirely different
characteristic than they do when encapsulated
and surrounded with the pretense that they're
actualized communication between some other-
world and this one. ..."

58. How would christians feel if islamic
extremists took over? (011705)
"... it might not be all that disconcerting to the
christian crowd, once they adapted and con-
verted to the 'new' God (or the 'new' interpre-
tation of God, as it were, the one mating to
islamic extremist rulers). ..."

57. Tsunami used for religious fear/threat
"... the following -satire- is provided for both
entertainment purposes -and- to counter the
fear/threat mode of Christian fundies, in partic-
ular. Of course, alternative -satire- would be in
play for those with non-Christian or non-fundie-
Christian versions of the religious fear/threat
routine ..."

56. Believers in (& no longer in) D-E-N-I-A-L
"... Speaking of D-E-N-I-A-L, here are some recently
discovered perspectives that a particular pentecostal
Christian is no longer in denial regarding ..."

55. Four Elephants reveal non-existence of
Jesus? (122504)
"Jesus' life and death was God's revelation that our
personal salvation from sins --like torture and murder--
is to be effected by our torture and murder of the
divine emissary himself. ... I would characterize what
we do encounter as a quartet of elephants in the room,
which the defenders of an historical Jesus must try to
ignore or work their way around. ..."

54. The Hell You Say ... what the hell
is hell?
"... opinions differ on such matters and, for folks
who believe hell is a real aspect pertaining to a
supposed afterlife realm, opinions on hell are
simply a reflection of whatever humans wish to
imagine hell is, as are all supernatural beings /
entities / places / claims -- "make believe" gone
wild ..."

53. Jesus Christ? (061303)
"Helpful links for ascertaining the way in which
the traditional Jesus Christ character fits into the
social / cultural milieu of the modern day. ..."

52. Top 10 Reasons Christians Believe
in God (060903)
"... If christians are referring to feelings, as in-
voked by thoughts directed towards an imaginary
being that is treated as the be-all end-all of life by
many promoting that concept, yep, that ideology
is a self-perpetuating meme simply because out of
all the myths passed on from parents to children,
that one is unique in that ..."

51. Nonexistence of the Biblical God (052303)
"Here's just one God that many in the western world
believe in. Have fun trying to explain how 'I dunno' or
'I believe' are ideal responses to the irreconcilable
contradictions pertaining to the biblical God ... the more
one talks about God, the clearer the evidence that God
is not only mythical, but is a logically impossible entity /
being / concept, a fabrication of human imagination ..."

50. Open-minded Search for Veracity, Meaning,
and Revelation of All That We Can Be (111602)
"... If freethought and open-minded inquiry
is desired, if asking questions and seeking
answers with logic, reason, and earnest
searching for veracity wherever that search
may lead is desired, then I encourage you
to openly doubt and inquire about the nature
of that which you've been led to believe since
you were a child. ..."

49. Jesus - Christ, Man, or Myth
"The Jesus character is quite a phenomenon
as to how people view it as an icon of _____
(insert long list here) whether or not any Jesus
resembling the Jesus characters of the quran
and bible ever existed ..."

48. Why Ancient Religions Unjustly Persist
In a Naturalistic World
"... Why do imaginary beings like god / satan
and imaginary places like heaven / hell persist
as abstracts representing good / evil and
'strong approval' / 'strong disapproval' in the
modern day of science, logic, and reason? ..."

47. Helpful information to refute claims
that 'Jesus Christ - Son of God & a Virgin'
"... the winner of the christ contest was merely
the belief system most adept at combining the
power of the promise of immortality with the
power of the state and the power of the sword
(and other methods of violence), one amongst
many competitors, all superstitious in origins /
nature, all equally worthy of placement in the
category known as 'religious myth'. ..."

46. Face-to-Face With the Reality of
Christianity and ...
"... the popularized religions of the current
day were all spawned from an ancient world
in which there were few explanations for
existence other than something / someone /
some entity out there somewhere somehow
did it all ..."

45. Jesus Christ, Supermyth (050202)
"The assertion at issue is that Jesus existed,
some say as a man, some say as a resurrected
savior, most in the western world choosing to
credit him with bringing a unique religious view
to humankind, despite many pro-human
philosophies flourishing prior to the advent
of orthodox (Jesus as son of god / savior)
christianity. ..."

44. Good Friday / Easter ...
Reality / Freedom?
"... religion provides naught but ancient paths to
delusion and empty, unfulfilled, false promises
which lead to activities deleterious to human
welfare, in all too many cases, in no small part
due to the blind devotion of those of faith to
ancient mindsets ..."

43. Jesus (022102)
"In another thread, a poster recently submitted
a challenge to my doubt/disbelief regarding the
literalist interpretation of the Jesus character
of the new testamyth ... to which I replied as
follows ..."

42. Malleable Memories (and influences
impacting disbelief/belief) (062701)
"... The experiment resulted in 30 to 40 percent
of subjects 'knowing' or 'remembering' an event
which had been implanted in their minds, but
did not, in fact, occur. ..."

41. Key Flaw of Christianity (062301)
... Is there any valid argument, by christians,
for a dogma of self-determination and 'free
will' yielding your immortal destiny, yet your
immortal destiny is dependent totally on the
dogma you're exposed to which is totally
outside of your control? ...

40. A christian graduation
"... To those of you who ponder why someone
would dare to speak up, in a so-called christian
country, for freeing our children from the brain-
washing of single mindset indoctrination into the
christian faith ... the christian graduation, at the
Hopheinz Pavilion, in Houston, Texas, is testi-
mony as to the reasons why

39. Final Nail in the Coffin of Faith
"... If you are of faith, any faith ... Yours is
nothing but a call to delusion if you ask me
to follow *your* claim, no evidence required.
Such is the nature of every superstitious
claim in the christian bible. Such is the
nature of every superstitious claim in every
holy document. Such is the final nail in the
coffin of faith, for anyone can claim anything,
but claiming it does not make it so.

38. The Bible's View on Foreskins
& Circumcision (050801)
"... Having performed a search on the
King James Version of the Bible, the
following is a comprehensive assess-
ment of the views of the writers of the
Bible, both Old Testament and New
Testament, on the circumcision ques-
tion. ..."

37. The Nature of Christian Brainwashing -
Immoral Path to Delusion (050101)
"... Cover up the downsides of religious
history, threaten children with eternal
damnation if they don't believe the chris-
tian view, and treat all other religions
and freedom from faith as works of de-
mons or unworthy of even being stud-
ied as to the facts regarding those
religions and freedom from faith? ..."

36. GOD - Brainwashing Evidence -
christian bible (042901)
"... 4,635 mentions of GOD. Now, I ask
you, with little children exposed to the
likes of this in ... faiths leveraged off
of the christian bible, what chance does
humankind have to escape the delusion
of blind faith --- UNLESS --- ..."

35. Faith / Claims / Doubt / Silence
"For those devout 'at all cost' faith-fol-
lowers of western-dominant faith ilk ...
Your reluctance to consider anything that
questions your bible or your faith places
your position in serious doubt, if that is,
indeed, the manner in which you cling to
faith. ..."

34. Future of a God-free Existence for ...
"... Christians who live in fear of such a thing,
with the following considerations ever-present
in your conscious and subconscious consid-
erations of doubt and disbelief ..."

33. Call for Thought and Discussion ...
"... consider this "Call for Thought and Discus-
sion" as a means of merit to either validate or
reconsider your devotion to faith ..."

32. Receive the Love of God? (030301)
"Actually, since god is an imaginary being, it's
up to us, humans, only us, to love one another.
Not really all that difficult to grasp, the love of
human beings, but it's rarely seen. Why is that?
Why the lack of love of human beings for one
another? ..."

31. The Jesus Doubt File (022801)
"For consideration of the likelihood that Jesus
was a mythical creation -or- an overly ambitious
series of creative extrapolations pertaining to
a human who, if he even existed, had neither
divine nor extraordinary attributes anywhere
near those credited to him in the gospels,
review the following ... "

30. 3 Ways to Believe ... (020601)
"... in faith or religions derived from one
or more of the assorted aspects of Biblical
writing, including the Torah, the Pentateuch,
the Christian Bible, the Catholic Bible, the
Quran, the Book of Mormon, and others,
and the whys behind them ..."

29. How Can Anyone Talk of Christ
or God as Real? (020101)
"Pertaining to the subjects of this post:
Theory 1) They're non-existent ...
Theory 2) They talked to folks in ancient
times, so reading what folks who heard from
them / saw them / witnessed them, wait, no
one who saw Christ wrote anything down ...
Theory 3) They talk to folks today, but if
that's so, why do folks say contradictory
things about what Christ or God are
saying? ..."

28. Christian Choice Confusion - God or
Nature? (011701)
"... Unfortunately, a predominant angle
with christianity is that God can do literally
anything/everything and that all of God's
choices are God-worthy - loving - kind or,
if unkind in any way, that's to be blamed
on humans. ..."

27. The Nature of Non-Acceptance ...
"... How do you get to heaven and avoid
hell, per Islam? How do you get to heaven
and avoid hell, per Hinduism? How do you
get to heaven and avoid hell, per Buddhism?
How do you get to heaven and avoid hell,
per the various aspects of Christianity ..."

26. ... And another thing ...
"Why in the world did the son of god
show up with nothing, absolutely nothing
to offer regarding anything but that which
could have been, and was, in fact, put
together by humans from the everyday
goings on amongst the myths of the time
and place? ..."

25. Evidence Comparison (122100)
"Evidence that there is any god, christ, holy
spirit, satan, demons, devils, angels, and
other beings as specified in the christian
bible -compared to- evidence that the
beings were concocted myths of humans
to deal with and explain a mysterious
world ... ??? ..."

24. Reasoning your way to no god,
no christ (121800)
"Wanting some godman to exist doesn't
illegitimatize a refutation of same. It is quite
logical to assess the evidence and make a
determination as to a miracle performing son
of god called Jesus. The point of the position
of Jesus as myth is that the Catholic Jesus
godman and the historical Jesus godman are
demonstrably mythical. ..."

23. If you believe, *all* is forgiven
"... the one thing _____ did right was
making totally and absolutely certain
that no human could find one inkling
of evidence that _____ exists. Bow to
_____, worship _____, believe in _____,
credit _____ for all good, pray to _____,
give money to _____, and live eternally
-or- die/suffer horrific torment 'cause
you're an evil worthless creature full of
sin and anti-_____ness.

22. Immortal Torment Ticket (121700)
"With christians, it's disbelieving what
they believe by which we disbelievers
earn our immortal torment ticket.
Of all things, disbelief - not being like
them - is the ultimate faux pas, per their
philosophy ..."

21. Top 10 Reasons Believers Follow
the Christian God (121700)
"After all, hundreds of millions of people
claim some kind of experience with the
christian god, so do disbelievers discredit
all of those experiences? Well, to that logic,
I would have to reply that if a christian is
referring to experiences (which are, in fact,
nothing more than feelings), those feelings
(experiences) are better understood as
emotions and thoughts flowing from those
emotions rather than real and tangible contact
with something that is real and existentially
verifiable. ..."

20. Christian Doubters Searching for
"The Way" (121700)
"There are many ways, my friends, but
there is only one verity and verity knows
not of belief, regardless of the path you
choose. What path is the path to verity as
an absolute, not as a subjective belief or
faith thing? The only path to verity as an
absolute is a path of search, not a path
of '[insert favorite imaginary being here]
did it, all bets are off'. ..."

19. Why Children Should Be Protected
From the Bible and Christianity (102500)
"Burnin' in HELL tends to scare the HELL out
of children. Call it the X-rated fear and scare
tactics of the Bible and Christianity. ..."

18. How Young is Too Young ... (102500)
"... to convert your son or daughter to be
a young warrior for God? ..."

17. Location, Location, Location (102500)
"... christians in this country are not shy
about openly discussing/pronouncing their
views and in my opinion, disbelievers should
not be shy about looking for ways to express
our views when the opportunity arises, in
ways that are conducive to thought and
reason. ..."

16. How to Distinguish Delusions?
"... Another mode of distinguishing delusions
is when a claim is made regarding an imaginary
being as being a groovy cool all powerful entity,
like say, the christian god, for example, substitute
the 'invisible pink furry friend' for the imaginary
being, believe in the 'invisible pink furry friend'
and ask yourself, is the claim altered in any
way? ..."

15. Never Hit Children! (100500)
"The following story details one of the many
downsides of biblical literalism, as promoted by
the christian bible and abuse of same, and still
prevalent in the so-called christian culture of
America ..."

14. The bible - What is it? - What is it
good for? (092400)
"The bible is at best (or worst - depends on
your perspective) a scary guide for living one's
life, an anthology used by faiths of all kinds to
support, in various ways, belief in Devils, Spirits,
God, Gods, Christ, Apostles of Christ, Angels,
Heaven, Hell, and all sorts of magical/mystical
things. ..."

13. A Poem (082600)
"... I once was a christian, Brainwashed
from birth, But as I got older, I questioned
its worth ..."

12. The christian bible - up close and
personal (080100)
"... Have you been taught *all* of the bible
or have you just been led to the parts that
the christian leaders would like you to focus
on (ignoring the parts they wish weren't there,
as it were)? ..."

11. Why Would God STOP Talking to
Humans? (073100)
"After all, per many religious perspectives,
God 'talked' to humans who wrote the bible ...
what's up with the END of the talking ~1,870
years ago? ..."

10. When a Christian Asks "How Can You
Say There Is No God"? ... (072000)
"... I might respond as follows: ..."

9. Pre-God / non-Christian influenced
Intelligence - Heaven-bound? (071000)
"... In essence, when you travel outside the
tidy christian dogma you were raised with in
your childhood, doesn't your view of God
and heaven fall apart? If so, isn't it unworthy
as a foundation for truth and reality? If not,
how do you hold it together? Put another
way, how do the 'believers' *logically* claim
worthiness while at the same time threatening
all non-'believer' intelligence with hell or
oblivion? ..."

8. How Would Things Change If a God
Really Existed? (070500)
"Well, back when I was a believer I was
always a doubter. When I faced up to reality
and admitted to myself that there really were
no Gods, I was *almost* totally freed of the
brainwashing I had been influenced by since
birth. ..."

7. Just Believe (070100)
"Now, wait a minute. Just believe? You've got
to be kidding me, right? Just believe? You're
saying to me that all I have to do is just believe
that whoever is the whatever of whatever, and
I'll be saved from hell-oblivion? Why, for the
love of all that is true, should I believe that
whoever is the whatever of whatever? Because
you said it? Why did you say it? Because
someone else said it? Why did they say it?
Because someone else said it? ... so on and
so forth ..."

6. Faith Without Flaws (070100)
"So, christianity and every other faith has
flaws. Go figure. Humans created 'em so
how unflawed could they be? Now, if god
had created any of these faiths, don't yuh
think, just maybe, god could've come up
with an unflawed faith? Maybe? ..."

5. Good News for Christians (062600)
"1) There is no god, so you don't have to worry
about any of your nonbeliever friends suffering
eternal torment based on biblical threats.
2) There is no god, so you don't have to worry
about any of your nonbeliever friends being
exterminated and separated from you based
on biblical threats. ..."

4. More Doubts (062500)
"You know, upon reviewing my previous
Top 20 Doubts post, I realized a not-so-small
aspect of my doubts that's missing from the
Top 20 list. Science. ..."

3. Top 20 Doubts (062500)
"Doubts, doubts, doubts ... christians must
deal with them daily. I dealt with mine over
many many years, having attended my dad's
Southern Baptist church religiously from
birth 'til departure to college. Here are the
top 20 doubts which led me to eventually
(after a long journey through the christian,
agnostic, and atheist perspectives) become

2. Un-brainwashing (062300)
"Were you ever a brainwashed christian?
I consider myself to have been brainwashed
and influenced into the christian faith from
birth. Christianity permeates American
culture - I would submit that anyone who
once was once a Christian is more than
likely an individual who has recovered from
that brainwashing via various means, not the
least of which is critical thought. ..."

1. Why Not Let Kids Decide For
Themselves? (061700)
"Why do most parents focus on narrowly
indoctrinating their children into their little
area of religious belief, apart from all others
and apart from even the remote possibility
that religions are inventions of man? Why
not give children a wide spectrum of
knowledge from which they can make
their own choices? ..."