Churches, Blind Belief, Dark Rooms
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in theism - 070900)


It's difficult to find a church where belief in god as the likely
truth is expressed. Churches tend to shortcut the belief
modality in order to treat "_____" (insert beliefs here) as

So, "let's pray to god" is said instead of "let's talk to what
may be listening and we really don't know exists but we
believe it does 'cause hey, if we didn't, why would we be
talkin' to it"?

In other words, dealing on a realistic basis with a silent and
invisible something is not the mode of operation churches
choose to go by - since they choose to shortcut the beliefs
required to construct a silent and invisible god, their version
of truth becomes anything they want you to believe is true.

Blind Belief

In other words, it's not truth but blind belief that they're
pushing - calling it truth doesn't change the fact that it's
blind belief - unsubstantiated and highly questionable as
to its worthiness as a way of life.

Search for truth is ever open to probative change and
reconsideration, ever-evolving, ever-seeking, searching,
questioning, doubting, re-investigating, researching,
probing, thinking, pondering, comparing hypotheses,
testing solutions to problems, calling beliefs into question,
testing them, all-in-all a mentally stimulating and invigorat-
ing process.

Dark Rooms

Blind belief, on the other hand, is the absolute end of the
journey, ever-defensive and on guard against any informa-
tion which might threaten the belief - truth is, blind belief
is a room without windows and without light and if any
windows appear and open up or if any light appears, blind
faith demands that the windows be closed/covered up and
the light be stamped out as quickly as possible, lest the
faith suffer and die out.

It's a rather braindead and close-minded way to approach
life, in my opinion, 'cause there you are, in a room without
windows, in the dark, talking to nothing and pretending it's
something and, well, as evidenced by the vast array of reli-    
gions, then it becomes a matter of which fantasy to follow -
dark rooms beget lots of fantasies, myths, and fears.