Have you tried to cover up the unknown with ...
(Top Posts - Distance From Belief
in theism - 072501)

... belief in an almighty most powerful incredible
be-all end-all magnificent creator of everything /
granter-of-worthwhile benefits, including immor-
tality / damner-of-unworthy beings?

Put another way ...

Isn't the whole entire concept of God based
entirely upon its substitute for unknown, and
in that substitution, does it not become little
more than a tool to be used/abused for personal
gain/manipulation/deceit/pretentiousness -or-
a 'make believe' entity upon which to project
one's desires for positive constructs like love,
meaning, worth, value, and _____ [insert list
of desired qualities here]?

In other words ...

Isn't the whole God concept best understood
as a manifestation of human desire to be God
rather than human revelation of God?

To clarify / clear up the picture ...

If you can say "unknown", then you've taken
the first step away from the myth.

Let's try it, for practice sake ...

Who/what created the universe?

"Unknown" ...

How was the universe created?

"Unknown" ...

What is our ultimate destiny?

"Unknown" ...

Now, having freed yourself from 'make believe',
you can pursue genuine answers rather than
made-up ones.

- - -

Isn't pursuit of verity of more worth than 'make
believe' and pretending you have all the answers,
with the name of all the answers called God?

Doesn't acceptance of a natural fate in a natural
world have inestimably more value and meaning and
worth than does pretending a 'make believe' super-
being did the deal?

Isn't being honest with yourself and your peers of
more value than merely following what the crowd
expects you to do?

If so, live free, live brave, live not knowing but
wanting to know all that is, all that has ever been,
and all that ever will be, but know that in your
desire, substituting 'make believe' for unknown
is nothing but intellectual dishonesty, a lie, a deceit
unworthy of that which is the best within you.

- - -

Now, there are those who will reply with "who cares
if it's true, it ______ [long list of misplaced projec-
tions goes here]", and I ask, what in that ______ is
of greater value by virtue of lie? Does not the lie, the
deceit, wipe out the perceived virtue of the claimed
gain, regardless of its perceived/claimed value?

Claims that "God led one to love, God led one to do
good, God led one to care for the sick, etc." ... and I
ask, in all honesty, what precluded one from loving,
doing good, caring for the sick, or any other perceived
positive action, apart from a God being involved?

The world is full of people doing good deeds, and
I guarantee you that for every good-deed doer that
mates to a particular version of a God, there are an
overwhelming number of good-deed doers that either
believe in a different version of a God -or- have no
God belief whatsoever.

The evidence, therefore, points to naturalistic human
activity causing good to occur, not in God or a particular
God belief being behind the good gig.

Likewise, claims that lack of a particular God or lack of
a particular God belief led one to evil are also projections
of activity that have naturalistic explanations rather than
God ones.

The totality of 'all that is' is best explained by naturalism
and unknown, no more no less. Interjecting/projecting
the God myth (and human desires to be Gods) into the
naturalistic equation yields nothing more than delusion/
deceit. May God strike me dead if I'm wrong (and, of
course, as always, there's nothing but human imagina
playing with that one, as 'make believe' always yields the
reality of whatever humans wish to project into that imagin-
ary other-world that does not, in fact, exist) ...

Repeat, once again, unknown, and know, in that, you are
one with that which is the reality of all that is known regarding
ultimate answers ...

I love you all. May we all love one another as we explore
the mysteries of all that was/is/ever will be ...

- - -