If religion doesn't define god, what does?
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in theism - 062400)

If you had not been taught about god, would you have
invented him/it/her/them?

If you had invented him/it/her/them, what would you define
that invention as? What would your god construct be, had
you not been taught a god construct by religious institutions    
and by the perpetuation of the myth throughout our culture?

What do you suppose the god construct was for humans
and pre-humans in the vast number of years and genera-
tions prior to that advent of language and writing? Prob-
ably had something to do with the sun and nature and
darkness and scary somethings that brought good and
bad things to humans and pre-humans, eh?

Since present-day humans are much more aware of the
true way the universe operates, we do ourselves a disser-
vice by clinging to the myths of humans and pre-humans,
don't we?

You've got your religions and you've got your doubts,
how do you escape the "god loop"?

Being agnostic is a natural 1st step in withdrawal from
religious fundamentalism - been there, done that, although
it took me a long time to de-program myself from the
myths I was raised with.