Think About Your Definition of God ...
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in theism - 122900)


A few assisting questions provided. Please, understand,
that if you believe in or worship a God, it would behoove
you to identify that which it is that you're worshipping or
believing in ... and why. It's not merely a social club that
you're a part of. Think about it - the upsides and the
downsides ... ponder if it's wise to promote a God /
worship a God / brainwash children into fearing a God /
deny yourself freedom and joy and pleasure in the name
of a God ...

Reason it out ...

Clarify it ...

Scope it ...

Make sense of it ...

Is God all-powerful?

Is God all-responsible?

If God is all-powerful, how can he/it/they not be

If God is all-responsible, isn't he/it/they responsible
for the horrors suffered by humankind?

Should God be trusted?

If God should not be trusted, being that he/it/they
are responsible for all the suffering of humankind,
and if God is all-powerful, isn't heaven nothing more
than immortal slavery to a God who could turn on
you and yours at the drop of a hat?

If God gives you freedom on earth, does God make
you a slave in heaven?

If God gives you freedom in heaven, how can you
forever compel yourself to always choose in God's
will, for to do so would be slavery defined, would
it not?

If God makes you a slave in heaven, do you really
desire immortal slavery?

Is God love?

If God is love, how can God allow the pain, suffering,
torment, and threats of same to beset humankind?

Is God a killer?

Does God support torture/murder?

Is God a one son forever type God?

Is God only a human God, with life apart from
earth Godless?

Does God lie?

Did God create Satan?

Did God design/create/plan for hell?

Can God not create an immortal being free of

Can God not create a being equal to a God?

Can God not protect the most innocent beings
on the planet, at least until they're old enough
to take care of themselves?

Is God stupid, incompetent, heartless, or

Do you fear God?

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