Disbelief Causes Depression?
(Top Posts - Distance From Belief
in theism - 011701)

Depression is a vague term, and is, to the amazement of
many believers, a physical condition resulting from a series
of physical influences alone or physical influences and
external stimuli.

Dimitrius Underwood, for example, a devout christian
diagnosed as bi-polar ... attempted suicide ... joined the
Dallas Cowboys ... recently, after a promising year with
the Cowboys, attempted suicide again ...

People of faith and non-faith do get depressed and do
need help of a medical nature as well as help from friends
and family, for faith does not prevent or cure depression,
much to the dismay of the faithful.

It's a real world out there, and it's up to us, through social
contact and through medical/herbal/hormonal means, to
overcome depression, and those who suffer from it know
exactly what I'm talking about. Those who don't, in all
likelihood, can only guess as the mild downers most suffer
from time to time are in no way, shape, or form comparable
to the severe depressions that a __ (insert percent here)
suffer from and need social/medical/hormonal/herbal/other
assistance to reduce/control/deal with/overcome.

I've suffered from a chronic disease for 40 years, since
the age of 5, diabetes mellitus, probably contributory and
statistically speaking, definitely contributory regarding
depression. I could go into greater detail, but suffice to
say, and as pertains to the faith/non-faith issue, for me,
personally, dropping the faith - like totally - like from an
OK for them motif to a get real motif - has been an
uplifting experience.

The only real trouble I have regarding stimuli-induced
depression, in newsgroups and in social situations, is with
the rejection thing. When someone or several someones
take it upon themselves to personally attack/slander/defame
me, it hurts. Honestly, due to what I am and where I come
from, due to my empathetic nature, it hurts and it hurts deeply
and it hurts badly. That's why I reject the flame model of
talking in newsgroups.

I know, the sure way to avoid the hurt is to shut up and
hide, and I've decided I'm not going to do that, and come
what may, I'm determined to seek to enlighten individuals
regarding the downsides of faith models / silence on same.
I continue to run across information which affirms my
stance, on non-faith, and I cannot justify silence or timid-
ness regarding the pursuit of what life truly is all about.
Pretentiousness and silence are not intrinsic to my nature.

All humans for all humans, true love, is the only way, in
my view, and I see far too little of that in the newsgroup
scene. Amazingly, in the christian newsgroups, in which
I've spent a lot of time, there are those of faith who
endeavor to slander/defame/personally attack and destroy
people such as me. It would seem impossible for God of
Love folks to be of that ilk, and most aren't, but a few take
their inspiration from the God of Hate side of the faith and
deem it appropriate to defame disbelievers.

So, can depression result from disbelief? Yes, if people
attack you, reject you, defame you, slander you, for your
disbelief and if you're one who can be depressed by such
deep and personal attacks.

But, as no god is my witness, I shall try to persevere and
shall continue to bring information forth that helps people
ponder the likelihood that faiths were created by humans,
sans gods, for human reasons of less than admirable
natures and that humans would be best-served by being
pro-human, pro-verity, pro-science, with reason and logic
and understanding and reaching out to one another the true
path to peace, joy, love, and happiness.

In other words, the upsides of the New Testamyth free of
the downsides, and with human *choice* to be pro-human
the credo, rather than believe or else threats.