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For any warm fuzzy fans of an Intelligent Designer
(also known as fans of a designer god) out there,
explain to us if you will, please, why god designed
seemingly arbitrary and capricious disasters into
his so-called Intelligent Design. Thanks (in advance)
for what should be a forthright explanation on the
kind and good nature of an all-loving god.

Oh, and by the way, "it's the will of god" is an unac-
ceptable and cowardly response, so try to do better
than that if you can.

Of course, for Intelligent Designer fans who submit
that god couldn't care less about life on earth (unless
god has a profound taste for widespread death,
horror, and mass extinctions), this would fit in quite
well with your theory:

UK Asteroid Task Force to
Assess Risks From Space
1.03 p.m. ET (1803 GMT) January 4, 2000
By Dominic Evans
(the following link is no longer available)


"Roughly speaking it seems that once every 100,000
years an object hits the Earth of sufficient size to wipe
out a quarter of life on Earth," he said. Opik, who
picked up his interest in asteroids from his astronomer
grandfather, said there were 5,000 objects crossing the
earth's orbit big enough to pack a devastating punch.

He said a one km (0.6 mile) wide asteroid landing in the
Atlantic would trigger a tidal wave 28 km (17 miles) high
and cause a nuclear winter lasting for months. "Europe
would be obliterated and drowned. Most of America
would be incinerated then drowned," he said.

- - -

Do Intelligent Designer fans claim that since we're here,
there must be a god?

Most of our universe is cold-dark-all-but-empty and
undesigned, most is dark matter (90%), all of the cos-
mos apart from the universe is unknown - so by what
measure are you attributing design and is your attribu-
tion subject to refutation?

Name one legitimate scientist or mathematician who
claims that the universe "could not" have come into
being in a way that is natural and understandable:
"Could not" is not science. Highly improbable or
unlikely can be argued but you're faced with the old
"How do you know and what does it matter?" - see
following reference to the odds against you being
here for details - now we're talking science.

While you're at it, recognize naturalism. Aren't you here
by naturalism? 100s of millions of sperm swam towards
the egg that became you. One made it (with help from
a few of its buddies to break down the egg's outer
coating) and despite the odds against the fertilized egg
being implanted (a large proportion of fertilized eggs
fail to implant, said failure occurring without anyone
realizing a fertilization had taken place), it did implant,
and many months later you were born.

The egg that became you was formed in your mother
before your mother was born, and likewise the egg that
became your mother was formed in your grandmother
before she was born ... your father, well, he had his
reasons for being where he was when you were con-

Is the overwhelming likelihood that you would not be
here evidence that there is a god or a so-called Intelli-
gent Designer, just because you're here? Isn't natural-
ism a much more plausible explanation?

As for this universe we all know and share...

What can we compare this universe to? To measure
order and complexity there must be a reference point.
What is our reference point? Most of space is cold dark

If we relate to the part of space that exists in our tiny
insignificant (relative to the vastness of the cosmos)
realm, whoop-tee-doo - are we left with the conclusion
that there must be a judeo-christian-islamic creator god
(male, white, beard, very similar to a sky daddy)? Sounds
like hooey, not science.

Doesn't it trouble you Intelligent Designer fans that your
Intelligent Designer/creator/whatever fantasy is a perfect
match for a god created by ignorant and superstitious
evolved apes? No?

Perhaps, we're not talking science here, then, but instead,    
we're talking desperation by religionists who recognize
that they better grab hold of whatever they can 'cause
their ship is sinking fast and the Intelligent Designer/cre-
ator/whatever fantasy is their last best hope to perpetuate
the myths concocted by ancient humans who didn't have
a clue about the vastness of the universe.