For Devout Faith-Followers of
Christianity or Islam ...

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in theism - 012303)

Reluctance to consider anything that questions the
bible or quran places one's position in serious jeo-
pardy, if that is the manner in which one adheres to
christianity or islam.

Clearly, if someone writes "And God said go forth
young man and tempt not the bird from which the
soul of the beast shall spring forth", that doesn't
make the statement true.

That doesn't make it true if it's put on fancy paper,
wrapped with a fancy cover, and called a holy

That doesn't make it true if three billion people
believe it to be true.

That doesn't make it true if the statement is issued
forth by authority figures in churches or mosques
the world over.

That doesn't make it true if authority figures claim
it's the absolute truth.

You see, the statement "And God said go forth
young man and tempt not the bird from which the
soul of the beast shall spring forth" could only be
true if the event actually occurred.

Claiming it occurred doesn't make it true.

Promising you will live in heaven if you believe it
to be true, that also doesn't make the statement

Threatening those who disbelieve the statement
with eternal torment, that also doesn't make the
statement true.

Now, that's an easy logic/doubt test, as the state-
ment isn't handed down from ancient times, to
the best of my knowledge. It's a statement written
in modern times. No God was involved in the state-
ment, in reality, unless one wishes to believe God
created that statement without my knowing it.

But hey, I made the statement up, but I cannot
guarantee that someone somewhere, thinking
he/she was inspired by God, without any evidence
whatsoever, also made the same exact statement,
and I can assure you, that when I wrote the state-
ment, there was no superbeing/force involved, for
if there was, it certainly didn't let me know it was.

In essence, with the philosophy of "God works
in mysterious ways", anyone can assert anything
when it comes to claiming a God was involved.
Many do.

The evidence that such a statement is untrue can
be presented by the claimant, via refutation of the
claim made. For all others, it's simply a matter of
resorting to religious faith if one wishes to believe
it's true. As for all the God claims in the bible and
quran, same deal, only the claimants can refute
their claims from the standpoint of one saying
something and then taking it back. Since all the
bible and quran claimants are dead, well there
you go, there it is, mere claims with nothing to
show for it.

Even if the statement sounds high-fallutin' like
most of the supposed God statements in the bible
and quran, it has nothing to do with a supreme cre-
ator of the universe, in actuality, as it's just some-
thing that sounds profound, but isn't really true.

It's an insult to integrity and reason to demand that
someone believe claims without evidence. Such
is the nature of religious faith in the claims of the
bible and quran. To just accept claims without evi-
dence is little more than blindly following something
without a clue of whether it's really true or not.

Church scholars have traced the bible documents
back to their human-created origins/times/places.
Those are human documents, written by humans
for human reasons, over a time period a bit over
1,000 years long, and chosen at the behest of an
Emperor of the Roman Empire, for political as
well as religious reasons.

There is not one iota of evidence that any God was
involved in any way, shape, or form. Wanting it to
be so doesn't make it so.

Likewise, scholars have traced the quran back to
its human-created origins/times/places and there
is similarly, no evidence that any God was involved
in any way, shape, or form. Wanting it to be so
doesn't make it so.

Using the word God or Allah or any of the other
deified names over and over and over and over
and over in the writings of humans, as if such things
existed in real life, doesn't make any of the claims
regarding said superbeings true.

Over two billion christians follow the writings in the
amalgamation of documents called the bible. Does
this make the human writings of the bible true? Of
course not.

Over a billion muslims follow the writings of the
quran and bow to Mecca. Does this make the
human writings of the quran true? Of course not.

Please do consider at least a reasonable amount
of doubt and suspension of blind faith in your
journey through life, for without doubt, you're nothing
but a slave to the desires of the ancient humans
who wrote the documents you're following and
a slave to the desires of the authority figures who
use the blind faiths to manipulate and try to control
humans on this earth, at this time, in this life.

And what about the silence of God in the modern
day? All that supposed interfacing in ancient days,
and all the silence in the modern day ... for those of
christianity or islamic faiths, please explain to me ...

Why God supposedly did his myth-spin on origins
of life, language, and such ... Did his human-sacrifice
as somehow relevant for some (or all) ... Left the whole
show up to humans who used it to torture and torment
humankind and engage in religious wars for a better
part of over 1,000 years ... Left much of humankind in
the dark (India, China, most of Asia, native America)
regarding christianity and islam ... And ...

... For some blind faith "reason", humans are now
threatened into "believing" the "right" version of God,
and believing that all the aforementioned stuff is
somehow true revelation of a real superbeing and
real superbeing places, or else (and if one chooses
the so-called "wrong" version, one is threatened with
death and/or torment).

Make sense out of it, as to what's reality, what's "make
believe", just focusing on the religions of christianity
and islam, why a supposed God of the universe would
impart irreconcilable beliefs on about half the humans
on the planet, if such a God "really existed".

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