Disbelief-Belief / Shy-Moderate-Open Chart
(Top Posts - Distance From Belief
in theism - 042901)

From time-to-time, discussions arise regarding the nuances
of individual disbeliefs and beliefs. As goes without saying,
there are a wide range of types of disbeliefs and beliefs as
well as a range of opinions on how one should or should
not go about expressing those disbeliefs and beliefs.

The following chart is provided as a tool to assist you in
assessing your disbelief/belief position as well as your
comfort zone in the way in which you express/resist
expressing those disbeliefs/beliefs:


I, for example, as a FREELOVER, would be an A100 on
the chart. Most, in the disbeliever newsgroups, I expect,
would be between a C0 to an A67. Most, in the believer
newsgroups, I expect, would be between an E0 to a C100.

Text version of the chart ...


--- Disbelief/Belief Area ---

Strong Disbelief in all deities, gods,
demons, angels, spirits, the supernatural,
the mystic, the imaginary, the invisible,
the unproven, the non-evidential (atheist) = A

Moderate Disbelief (agnostic
but tends toward atheism) = B

Moderate Disbelief (agnostic
but not willing to dismiss theism) = C

Moderate Belief (theistic but
leaves room for doubt and disbelief) = D

Strong Belief = E


--- Expression: Shy/Moderate/Open Area ---

Very Shy - keeps views private = 0

Shy - only discusses views
amongst those who share those views = 33

Moderate - discusses views in
friendly environs, mostly, but
sometimes probes elsewhere = 67

Open - discusses views where views
are open or opposed to own views = 100