Easy Nothings
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If god/allah doesn't exist, everything experienced
would occur exactly as it does in real life. Innocents
would die. Babies would suffer horrible deformities.
Religious wars would be waged. Multitudes of
contradictory dogma would be pervasive. Humans
would be kind, gentle, evil, and hateful.

Think about it - what, exactly would be different if
there really was a god/allah than what it is humans
experience in everyday life? Put another way, if
god/allah really existed, don't you think it would
manage, somehow, someway, being omnipotent
and all, some little itty bitty teensy weensy bit of
evidence such that your average joe could buy into
the concept by using his/her brain to do so?

Contact, maybe, like in this life rather than threats
regarding death/torment with believe or else idiocy
that could have been (and was, in fact) invented by
a multitude of cultures/religions for self-serving ends,
myths one and all?

Given the absence of any evidence whatsoever for
silent and invisible beings, don't you think it's absurd
for humans to continue the worship/pray foolishness?
Surely, goodness and mercy are kind to those that
follow truth and beauty rather than those that worship
non-existent beings, don't you think, maybe?

Don't you think it's about time for religions to give
up the altruism trick, clinging to god/allah fear/hate
as OK since some humans who believe do a few
good deeds, here and there? NEWSFLASH - many
humans who accept the reality of life do a few good
deeds, here and there. How about doing good deeds
because doing good deeds is a good idea? Period.

How about soaking up all life has to offer and maxing
out this one and only shot at it RATHER than deceiving
yourself and others, not the least of which are your chil-
dren, about non-existent and silent beings cooked up
by ancient and clueless humans?

- - -