Why is the U.S. the most Pro-Religious /
Evolution-Ignorant Country?

(Top Posts - Distance From Belief
in theism - 011701)


Religion? The U.S. is one of the most religious
countries in the world on this survey.

Evolution? The U.S. is dead last - what does that
say regarding the U.S.? What does that say about
what the U.S. is about? Certainly, it doesn't speak
well for our ability to educate our children.

Are we, the U.S., a pseudo-theocracy, with a system
designed to separate church-state in a manner which
has, due not to intent, but instead, to design and the
attributions of the politicians/authority figures to God
for good and non-God for bad, led to the promotion
of generational brainwashing of children to pro-faith
and anti-science?


If so, if we have created a system whereby promotion
of faith via brainwashing thrives, while science and
education suffer, while children suffer, while human
lives go to waste in a futile effort to treat god as real
and faith as worthy, how do we correct the problem?

Let me ask you this. Why, for the love of all that
is human and worthwhile, why do most in the U.S.
pretend that God exists, thanking God as if God
exists as a real entity, talking to God as if God exists
as a real entity?

... ... ... ....

Certainly, we adore freedom, but does that really
require that we act as meek slaves to a bygone
day in which ...

Folks lived in fear for their very lives if they did
not ...

Worship/enslave themselves in the right way to the
right deity?

... ... ... ...

RAD - stop the faith, keep the freedom, test the
God. If God exists, God reveals itself. If God
doesn't exist, God does nothing. If God exists
and does nothing, God cares not to demonstrate
it exists and God, only God, bears moral respon-
sibility for that choice...

Remember the Old Testamyth? Not a meek and
secret and faith-required deity, we're talking there,
we're talking a live-viable-interfacing deity and as
no god is my witness, it's time *that* god shows
up or

1) We, as humankind, get with the program of
a natural god-free life in a natural god-free


2) We, as humankind, choose to live free of God
myths unless God chooses to reveal itself in a
real and substantive (non-imaginary) manner.

Simple, that.

As no God is my witness, I submit that God will do/
say/demonstrate nothing when asked to do so in a
non-imaginary way. Why? Because God does not

All is nature.

Vocanoes, earthquakes, asteroids, comets, tidal
waves, floods, hurricanes, plagues ... we are natural
beings in a natural world with sole absolute respon-
sibility for our own destiny, and we alone must deal
with the forces and whims of nature ...

No religious faith, no god, no imagined thing can
change that because no god / imagined thing im-
parts anything other than an imagined impact upon
our real and vibrant life experience ...


If (when) God does not demonstrate its existence,
isn't it about time that humankind gives it up, the an-
cient myths, and leave them behind as something
cooked up by ancient humans without a clue about
how humanity has evolved and how the universe
has evolved via natural means in a natural world.

Humans can then be emboldened to drop the reli-
gious faiths and live a natural life in a natural world,
taking total and full responsibility for our own destiny,
something we should have been doing all along ...

Farewell to ancient religious faith, to ancient myths
which fall far short of experiential reality ...

- - -