Religious Faith of Bush and bin Laden
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President Bush speech of 11/8/01 - his references to faith/
religion follow, excerpted from ...


President Bush comments are preceded by "-- Bush:"

My comments are preceded by "}} My comments:"

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-- Bush: We respect people of all faiths and welcome the
-- free practice of religion; our enemy wants to dictate how
-- to think and how to worship, even to their fellow Muslims.

}} My comment: Nonsensical statement, as most religions,
}} especially islam and christianity, dictate to their followers
}} and non-followers "how to think and how to worship,
}} with believe their way of worship or else" being key to
}} most religions, including that of your own, Mr. Pres-
}} ident".

-- Bush: This enemy tries to hide behind a peaceful faith.

}} My comment: Nonsensical statement, as islam, like
}} christianity, is leveraged off of a "believe or else" threat,
}} with the "or else" being explicitly stated (and, through
}} attempts to 'pick and choose' what to like/excuse within
}} the ancient so-called "holy" texts, implicitly stated) in
}} both christianity and islam as a place of immortal tor-
}} ment.

-- Bush: But those who celebrate the murder of innocent men,
-- women and children have no religion, have no conscience
-- and have no mercy.

}} My comment: Pro-Human loving Americans, of non-faith,
}} no religion, pro-faith, and non-harmful religions, hold in
}} extreme low esteem those who cheer for/support/encourage
}} murder and anti-humanism and eternal torment.
}} However, all Americans recognize that clearly, the bin
}} ladenuts are deeply religious and that, my dear president,
}} is the core of the problem you seem unwilling or unable
}} to confront, honestly and forthrightly. As for conscience,
}} their conscience tells them that allah is god, mohammed
}} is his prophet, and all that act in a manner contrary to that
}} religious belief are "unbelievers", bound for immortal tor-
}} ment, and I think, in an honest moment, you know that
}} their religion and most ancient religions, including your
}} christian religion, hold onto threat/damnation at their core,
}} residing as a fundamental threat against free sentient beings
}} on planet earth.


-- Bush: And something even more profound is happening
-- across our country. The enormity of this tragedy has
-- caused many Americans to focus on the things that have
-- not changed, the things that matter most in life: our faith,
-- our love for family and friends, our commitment to our
-- country and to our freedoms and to our principles.

}} My comment: Your faith comment is an obvious reference
}} to your religious faith and to any religious faith that defers
}} to your religious faith. Your disrespect for and blindness
}} to those who live free of faith is appalling, as are your
}} promotions for religious faith, religious faith that was the
}} primary underlying motivation for the acts of those who
}} murdered Americans on 9-11-01.
}} Your blindness to the fundamental risks inherent in the
}} deeply-held faith of islamic extremism and the risks to
}} Americans inherent as a direct result of devoutly religious
}} support of that faith is appalling.


-- Bush: Ours is a wonderful nation full of kind and loving
-- people, people of faith who want freedom and opportunity
-- for people everywhere.

}} My comment: Mr. President, your omission of those of
}} non-faith in your comment is a slap in the face of every
}} one of the estimated 30 million patriotic Americans of non-
}} faith, including those in the military. I would hope that you
}} are aware of and appreciative of the patriotism and military
}} service of those who choose to live free of religious faith.
}} People of non-faith want freedom and opportunity for
}} people everywhere, even more so than those who have
}} enslaved themselves to faith, and your ignorance of or
}} obliviousness to that fact bespeaks of your incompetence
}} and blind faith to the christian god (or any god that fits
}} into your politically expedient "god bless America" view
}} of the world).


-- Bush: We will not judge fellow Americans by appearance,
-- ethnic background or religious faith.

}} My comment: Mr. President, your blindness to those who
}} live free of faith speaks volumes about your inability to
}} comprehend the inherit merits of freedom from religious
}} faith and your judgment against those who don't hold any
}} religious faith in high esteem.
}} Your inability to recognize that submission to religious
}} faith is "the problem", not "the solution", conveys you are
}} poorly suited to lead our efforts against those who are
}} using religious faith as the supreme reason for attacking
}} "unbelievers", those not one with their interpretation of
}} god/heaven/hell, and all that goes with that ultimate in
}} absolutism/authoritarianism/lack of respect for this one
}} and only *sure* life we all know and share.

- - - end of excerpts from speech / replies to speech - - -

Further comments on faith of a religious nature, the
type of faith being promoted by the likes of Presi-
dent Bush, islamic extremist terrorist bin Laden,
and "followers of/promoters of/excusers for" their
religious faith ...

Persons who suspend disbelief, no matter how
well-intentioned, have already directed their hearts
and minds towards diminishing the value of doubt,
skepticism, honesty, integrity, critical thinking, and
open minded search for truth.

That is the like-minded "faith is the supreme good"
thinking that continues to plague humankind, and
it's the soft-sell faith folks (and the meek folks who
defer to the faith folks) that pave the road for the
hard-sell and "believe or else" folks who see ancient
myth as the supreme value upon which to build the
world the ancients had in mind.

Read the writings of Genesis or the writings of Revel-
ations or the writings about hell by any ancient pro-
moter of that heinous myth (and note the quran and
hadith are loaded with such things) and know that
world to be one full of superstition, threats, diminish-
ment of the value of women and children, and believe
or else journeys to a life of hell on earth, no matter
how much faith promoters insist on pretending that
holy documents/faiths are a walk through love-land.

Think about what is in those ancient books and
how that material promotes the kinds of speeches
whereby Bush is blind to non-faith, and the kinds
of horrors whereby millions sympathize with a mass
murderer merely because their faith and his faith are
one in the same.

People are people. People are free only when the
flaws of faith are openly examined and admitted,
and when decisions to treat people in a pro-human
manner are responsibly addressed with respect for
that which is our naturalistic being.

- - -