Fear of Oblivion?
(Top Posts - Distance From Belief
in theism - 040201)

Fear not, for into this world you come as an inevitable
being in a world of wonder and from here, should you
depart, be of joy in knowing you've done your best
to know all you can and to be all you can be. Know
that should your ultimate destiny be to continue in a
pleasant way, as of yet unknown, that's a good thing.

Know that should your sleep be long-lasting, there is
no natural fate that can obviate the possibility that some
day you'll experience a pleasant existence again. Know
that the quantum world is immortal and know that you
are part of that world and that world is part of you.

Know that hell is an evil construct of fearful ancient
humans and know that heaven is a fairy tale fantasy of
ancient humans, but in that knowledge, know not fear,
know joy, know that in a natural world one's fate is not
to enslave themselves to imaginary beings but is, instead,
to be all that nature has made us to be and in so doing,
to fulfill that which is our ultimate destiny.

Both living long (forever, if possible) and well (maxing
out our one and only *sure* chance) are wise paths to
follow ... in this dimension, science is our best bet. In
alternate dimensions, natural fate is our only legitimate
hope, if one's natural destiny leads them to hope for
a pleasant continued existence in the ever-decreasing,
yet still substantial, realm of unknowns regarding our
ultimate origins/destiny ...

Shocker for Folks Who Believe in
Oblivion ... (092000)
"... You may live forever in a natural way,
along with every other bit of matter, in a
natural world, in the multiverse or in a
parallel universe or in an alternate and
naturalistic dimension, free of super-
natural beings of any kind."

Life Perpetuation and Enhancement
"So, here it is 2049 and you've been fortunate
enough to still be hanging around when all the
bugs have been worked out on a method of
life perpetuation and enhancement which
entails pleasure, youth, sex, joy, mental
alertness, enhanced physical capabilities,
mind expanding capabilities, the ability to
in real time interconnect to other beings
and intelligences and knowledge databases
dramatically expanding the scope of the
human experience, and ..."

One Possibility for a Continued
Pleasant Existence ... (070800)
"... in this life: Over the next few decades, the
ability to control matter apart from your body,
in real time, and to transfer parts of your intelli-
gence, your being, to external storage devices,
may become a reality. I can see it clearly, as if
it's already a dream become real ..."

Don't Die, Stay Pretty (070400)
www.wired.com article (excerpts
appear in this post) is loaded with details
and hope for what may be the future of
humankind in the next millennium and
beyond, affording us the opportunity to
dream and perchance to realize the edge
of immortality in this certain plain of
existence ..."

Life and what's up after ... (070100)
"... Enjoying life? Sex. Food. Drink. Good
company. Reading a good book. Staring at
a sunset or sunrise. Skiing. Hiking. Biking.
Writing. Discussing life. Having children.
Shooting for that special something that
makes life worthwhile. Just a few ideas on
how to enjoy life but the list is really quite
long, when you think about it for awhile. ..."

Living Forever (070100)
"... what would happen if the body could be
rebuilt with new DNA, just as a PC can be
retrofitted with new software? Scientists at
the University of Texas Southwestern Medical
Center and biotechnologists at Menlo Park,
California's Geron Corp. posed this question,
which naturally led to another: Would human-
kind be able to extend the body's life, almost
indefinitely? The controversial answer ... is
a definitive 'yes' ..."

Hope for a Pleasant Religious-free
Immortality (062600)
"... a view of hope from a FREELOVER - let's
discuss it, warts and all. Let's discuss the
hope for a pleasant immortality *without*
referencing the constructs of immortality
heretofore presented by ancient and clueless
religions ..."