God/Allah -- Reality?
(Top Posts - Distance From Belief
in theism - 012105)

In response to an individual offering God/Allah as
a "reality", along with his support of the Quran as
a "reality", I offered the following skepticism ...

God is in your imagination. Clearly, you've been
taught that God/Allah exists, and you're determined
to cling to that no matter what. Evidence, you've
provided nothing. You say there's a natural world,
God did it, so there. A natural world is there, but
a God is all in your head and in the heads of every-
one who asserts such a being exists.

You defined no God, provided no evidence, and
argue by assertion, as if just be providing 3 letters
and a claim, you've established something. You've
established nothing. No matter how many character-
istics you assign to nothing, you still are left with

You might as well substitute the 3 letters God with
nothing, and argue for nothing, with nothing, 'cause
that's all you've got with God.

Doesn't make any sense at all to argue for some-
thing undefined, and attribute all to it as if in calling
it something, you've created something out of noth-

Look in the mirror, and there you'll see the creator
of God, one of 'em anyway, and it's you, for God
exists between your ears, and behind your eyes,
and beneath the top of your head, and above your
neck. It's simply pretense, and make believe, and
cannot be substantiated by merely asserting nothing
is something simply because you say it is.

That exercise? Applies to everyone who argues
for God's existence, from the very first evolved ape
who was the first to come up with the idea of magic
beings no telling how many tens of thousands of years
ago ... to you ... and to every evolved ape in between
the first and the last.

Children, they'll depend on mommie and/or daddy
(and other adults and teens and other children) for
notions on magic beings as they depend on their
co-residents on the planet for a lot of things, includ-
ing their ideas about what reality is.

As children grow older, they typically find out that
mommie and daddy (and others) lied about a lot of
things, among them Santa Claus, the tooth fairy, the
Easter Bunny, and (in the case of religious kids)
devils (or jinns), angels, and God (or Allah) ...

Simple, really, some children are able to grow up
and admit the mythical nature of all magic beings,
and some are not. You, apparently, at least thus
far in our discussions, are one of the children who
are unable (or at least, in the discussions we've
had thus far, are unwilling) to accept the mythical
nature of the God/Allah magic being.

Nothing and God/Allah, think about it.

Santa Claus, the tooth fairy, the Easter Bunny, and
all other magic beings, from the smallest to the big-
gest, from the least powerful to the most powerful,
think about how they're easy to imagine, but have
the amazing common characteristic of being non-
existent in the real world we share.

- - -

As difficult as it may be for you to accept, the factual
presentment of a naturalistic world is absent any
evidence that entities violating physical law exist.

You may, like a child, wish some of them did, and you
may, like a child, fear some of them, but the facts of
nature have no room for interference by or submission
to magic beings, not small ones, not large ones, not
weak ones, not all-powerful ones. -0- is the totality
of room allowed in physics for violation of physical
law by magic beings.

When you find a way for -0- to be some other number,
do get back to us. Otherwise, all you've got going for
your God/Allah assertions is make believe.

Such has it always been, such shall it always be, unless,
of course, a magic being cares to show up.

- - -

(Pause) If imaginary beings are your thing, might I en-
courage you to have faith in the growing list of magic
beings that are fun to imagine, from Fud to the ICOYS
(Invisible Creature on Your Shoulder) to Fingle-Dingle-
Wangers. Enjoy the revery. Just remember, they're
as imaginary as God/Allah, -and- don't, let me repeat
this, with emphasis, **don't**, whatever you do, **don't**
ever do what followers of God/Allah have done (many
times in the past, and even in the present), killing and
hurting and threatening others in the name of imaginary
beings, 'cause they believe their imaginary being or
beings want them to, and will reward them for doing

- - -