Is God an Imaginary Being?
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My assertion: God is an imaginary being because of my
personal experience, and the personal experience of many
others, absent his/its/their evidence of existence, in addition
to a logical array of inadequate evidence of a real God.

Is my personal experience and the personal experience of
many others of no value?

Can we exist outside our personal experiences?

Can we divorce ourselves from our personal experiences?
Should we?

I might ask, what is it about our personal experiences that
has placed disbelievers into an area of lack of knowledge
about something others claim is real for them?

I was always taught "just believe" in God and that was as
real as it ever got for me. That's it. "Just believe", no more,
no less.

I've found much of the Bible to be false and mythical. I've
found many people who've never experienced God despite
earnest efforts to do so. I've found "just believe" to be an
inadequate path to peace and truth, for you can "just believe"    
your way to any imaginary being or belief or following or
faith or, well, to anything. Certainly, "just believe" is an
inadequate basis for reality and truth, isn't it?

The evidence persuades me that humans invented the God
concepts and built upon them to the point of pervasive
influence on cultures the world over. We see God concepts
everywhere, without one iota of evidence that God even
exists except in the imaginations of human beings.

Skipping over the "just believe" nature of God, we get to
the "what is it all about?" question, with God an implied
answer to everything. Tidy, that, God being the answer for
all unknowns, but where's the evidence?

Certainly, we're all familiar with quantum theory by now,
with the distinct possibility all we know is a natural event.
Surely we know God could have existed forever just as
nature could have existed forever. Therefore, even aside
from the "just believe" flaws, there certainly cannot be
any superiority to a supreme intelligent thing aside from
nature, for either could have existed in perpetuity.

I ask everyone, believers and disbelievers alike, in a quiet
moment of quiet reflection, is it not worthwhile to seek
answers using the little time we have on this earth?

Is it not worthwhile to have an open mind to search for
truth and meaning, rather than a "God did it" approach,
foreclosing efforts to know who and what we are?

Is there not value and worth in taking responsibility for
our fate, rather than deferring to a being who may very
well only exist in the imaginations of human beings?