God does 'diddly-squat' re: the real world ...
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in theism - 082000)

Many of you who disbelieve -or- doubt in the exist-
ence of any Gods are OK with God being given
credit for creation of the whole shebang ...

... and many of you of the doubt/disbelief view are
OK with God being worshipped by groups of peo-
ple the world over, but think about it, with all of the
evidence of a natural world and no God, how do
those of the doubt/disbelief view who are OK with
"them" (believers) worshipping and admiring and
adhering to the God thing reconcile the reality of
a natural world free of God with ...

... the worship of God?

So, you say, it's OK for them (believers) and it's
OK for them (believers) to guilt-trip / threaten /
blackmail their children into such beliefs and it's
OK for them (believers) to perpetuate the religious
myths to future generations absent any evidence
whatsoever that such guilt-trips mate to reality ...

... and I can't help but ask ...

"What about the children?"

I continue to fear for the children and I worry about
the children and the horrible nightmares and the fear
and the deaths, yes, the deaths that continue to result
to this very day from the horrible nightmares of fear
and blind faith which entrap the innocent in following
a path to despair and futility and ...

Please, people, wake up and realize that this whole
blind faith trip is not an innocent path to goodness and
positivity and wondrous joy but is, instead ...

A path which can lead to anti-humanism, loneliness,
despair, lies, desolation, and ...

Isn't about time that well-educated, logical, and reason-
able people drop excuses for religious faith, and OKs
for "them" (believers), and realize that it's long past time
for ...

... Humanity to face the reality of a real human world in
a real human existence of unknowns and mysteries and
searches for truth and openness to exploration free ...

... of the superstition and desperation of pre-scientific
humans without a clue ...

Please, see the pro-human morality of reaching beyond
the common conformist following-along motif of the
crowd mentality, and reaching out for the ...

... truth of that which it is to experience a natural world,
as a natural human being, depending on nothing more
than one another to make it through another day and
max out ...

... all that we can be, in this time, in this life, our *only*
one sure shot at it, free of guilt and fear and superstition
and reliance on risks inherent in humans knowing not of
the naturalistic totality of a world in which we do our best
to make it through every day, relying on one another to
be the best self each of us can possibly be.

Isn't about time that humanity face the truth of that which
we are and reach out to one another, not to the fictitious
human-created myths from our early advances into ex-
ploring what life is all about?

Isn't about time that humanity devote themselves full-time
to searching for answers in a naturalistic realm, and doing
the best we can to make sense of it all without relying on
ancient myths?

"All humans for all humans" ...

That, my friends, is the answer for the human condition,
not reliance on ancient fear-based superstition.

- - -