God(s) Issue(s) Order - 'NO MORE HOLY LANDS/
THINGS/RELIGIONS to fight/kill/torture over ...'
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in theism - 030402)

From the Final Book of God(s) or Allah or Brahma/Vishnu/
Siva or ... _____ [insert long list of names used for God(s)
or 'absolute authority entities' here], sole chapter 1, sole
verses 1 to 7 ...

1 - God(s), being a truly pro-human and progressive
deity (and/or truly pro-human and progressive deities),
just issued an order for there to be no more holy lands,
thereby eliminating the possibility that faithful followers
will kill one another fighting over such things ...

2 - To further elaborate, God(s), being a truly pro-human
and progressive deity (and/or truly pro-human and pro-
gressive deities), has issued the order that all churches,
mosques, temples, synagogues, and other heretofore-
considered holy places of worship be turned into shelters
for the homeless or otherwise altered to become pro-
humanistic structures, devoid of fighting/killing/torturing
in the name of God(s) ...

3 - And, as such, rounding out the picture for clarity,
all heretofore-considered holy documents/icons/relics/
symbols/religions are to be treated as mere creations
of humans for human ends, with references to God(s)
addressed as mere guesses regarding the area of the
unknowns rather than documents/icons/relics/symbols/
religions to be treated as sacred entities worth fighting/
killing/torturing other humans over -and- worth brain-
washing/threatening human children to believe in/
fear/follow or else ...

4 - Jesus and Mohammed and Buddha and assorted voices
from the past of human followers of all the religions of the
world, whether they exist(ed) or not, in the spirit of the
God(s), have (figuratively -or-, if one wishes to imagine
these beings as realities in some other-world, really) given
the thumbs up to the God(s) adventure into creating a truly
secular and pro-human world ...

5 - And God(s), being a very peaceful and pro-human deity
or deities, has/have rounded out the picture by issuing the
following declaration ... all humans killing others in the name
of God(s) or suiciding in the name of God(s) shall be ...
well ... God(s), wanting to live up to that pro-human thing,
isn't really sure what to do with such beings, considering
that they were acting on its behalf, per their so-called "holy"
instructions and all, so ...

6 - ... God(s) has/have issued the resounding acclamation of
that which is validation of a naturalistic existence in a natural-
istic world, supporting wholeheartedly the pro-humanistic
efforts to remove humankind from a world of misery/pain/
deceit and onwards to an existence holding in highest esteem
the characteristics which further the maximization of the
human condition and the human experience in the one and
only *sure* opportunity humans have to know all that is
possible within the natural world, ...

7 - So it has been decreed, so shall it be, and in the knowing
of a natural world, God(s) disappear(s) into the depths of the
human imagination from which it/they were spawned ... and
humans, one and all, rejoice in treasuring, for the first time in
their history, true responsibility/camaraderie in cherishing the
common bond of the mutually respectful open-minded explor-
ation of the human experience in a mysterious cosmos of
wonder and unknowns ...