God is something that must be experienced?
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in theism - 011805)

Therein resides the God stance of some believers.

The inability of believers to demonstrate anything
other than make believe regarding it?

Believers can't even define it as anything other than
an imaginary entity, much less demonstrate it exists/
existed, yet believers promote it as if in doing so
they're describing something verifiable, rather than
something mythical.

When believers have something other than myth
to offer, their words about God will have logic and
reason along with evidence behind them.

Hope doesn't make for a God. Feelings don't make
for a God. Beliefs don't make for a God. Fear
doesn't make for a God. Asserting God as the
creator of the natural world, with contradictory and
irreconcilable claims abundant, that doesn't make
for a God.

What makes for a God? A God would come in
handy, not just pretending and imagining such an
entity (undefined, defined illogically with contradic-
tions, poorly defined) exists.

Whether a guy blows himself up for God, tortures
others for God, loves for God, gives for God, suf-
fers for God, dies for God, worships God, believes
in God, fears God, whatever, the clear fact of the
matter is that human behavior and activities are
experienced in this one and only certain life we
share, for better or worse, -but- God remains, as
always, all in the mind, make believe treated as if
pretending something like that exists, believers in
such an entity can make it so.

Believers typically use the suspension of doubt
routine originated by the ancients, while playing a
similar game that they did, just in a different way.

Believers attempt to somehow dodge all the contra-
dictions and false claims regarding such a being,
while promoting it as if by saying it exists, that makes
it so, just believe.

In a modern age of logic and reason, mere assertions
are not enough, requests for faith are not enough. A
God? That would be enough, a God that's doubtable,
testable, validatable, revelatory, interactive, not a God
that's naught but a reflection of human emotions, inse-
curities, and desires.

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