How Can Anyone Talk of Christ
or God as Real?
(Top Posts - Distance From Belief
in christianity - 020101)

Pertaining to the subjects of this post:

Theory 1) They're nonexistent, and so everything everyone
says about them is simply a reflection of human fears, wants,
needs, desires, and imaginations.

Theory 2) They talked to folks in ancient times, so reading
what folks who heard from them / saw them / witnessed them,
wait, no one who saw Christ wrote anything down, so all we
have is hearsay, like the heavenly Christ stories from Paul, so
really, all we're left with are Old Testament claims ...

... and claims of ghost sightings and as for what's written in
the Bible, that's really difficult for thinking, logical, rational,
pro-human folks to accept, what with all the threats/promotion
of killing/and anti-humanism in there, not to mention the
superstitions and blood sacrifice from primitive times.

Theory 3) They talk to folks today, but if that's so, why do
folks say contradictory things about what Christ or God are
saying? I mean, if you were to accept all of what folks claim
Christ or God are telling them, you'd go crazy as some folks
claim Christ or God wants them to ban abortion, other folks
claim Christ or God wants them to teach Christianity in
secular schools, other folks claim Christ or God wants them
to go door-to-door spreading the word, ...

... other folks claim Christ or God wants them to establish
a Christian state and impose Christianity upon a nation,
other folks claim Christ or God wants them to sprinkle babies
for salvation, other folks claim Christ or God wants people to
choose whether Christ or God exists when they become 'of
age' - with dunking in water being a key to salvation, other
folks say God wants them to call him Allah and bow to
Mecca, ...

So, by theory 3, yikes! Now, most, as a disclaimer for theory
3, say that it only matters, the Christ or God talking to humans,
when Christ or God 'leads one' to accept what someone else
is saying about their Christ or God 'experience' ...

And I ask, honestly, doesn't all the scope of theory 3 lead an
honest and intelligent individual to acknowledge Christ or God
is whatever a human, any human, wants to imagine it is, really?

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