So, the god thingie is a non-thingie, what next?
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in theism - 100402)

Well, first off, a dichotomy exists, being that there are
many who insist on living within the realm of pretense
and / or certitude regarding ancient notions of a god
thingie ... and many of those are in charge of govern-
ments and positions of authority ...

... So, the rest of us, who recognize the absurdity and /
or the "make believe" nature of the god show, are faced
with dealing with all the pretense and choosing whether
to treat it as worthy (for them) and / or worthy (for us, in
terms of "fitting in with them" on some level) or unworthy
(and just the way things are) or unworthy (and there must
be a better way).

Put another way, wouldn't a life (certain) with naturalism
(certain) and quest for longevity / pleasant existence in
our one and only sure chance at it merit consideration
and admiration?

Given all of the above, why, for the sake of all that is
worth living for, is an inordinate focus placed on mun-
danity, conformity, and merely existing in accordance
with the dictates of those who are clueless about or
dismissive towards the factors detailed above?

- - -

Meanwhile, on 60 Minutes (U.S. TV show), a nurse was
being seduced to leave South Africa (after 20 successful
years) to work in America, for America could pay her
5 times what her salary was in South Africa ... what's up
with that?

She has worked as a nurse for 20 years and couldn't earn
enough to feed her family in South Africa? Yes, and this is
a sad commentary on the failure of capitalism, the inability
of the "rich get richer - poor get poorer - rest get by" to
equitably deal with human endeavor in such a way as to
reward those who offer benefit to humankind -and- to
promote human welfare.

Even in America, she will receive substantially less comp-
ensation than many involved in the "cranking-out-widgets"
corporate world which rewards greed over need, the most
to the few rather than the many, the "maximum remunera-
tion for screwing employees and investors and lawyers",
and all this benefiting inordinately ... you guessed it, the
rich and powerful at the expense of all others who are dis-
empowered and naught but slaves to the system as it now

- - -

This world is one crazy place, and don't get me started on
all the insanity / depravity that went on in Germany during
WW II ... doctors killing innocents and all bowing to some
authority either for fear of their own life or because just
"going along" was the way they had been raised (and, of
course, there were those who were evil-to-the-bone in that
mix) ...

... and one must wonder, how different, psychologically
and systemically, are those who live chained to sycophantic
following of the way things are in the current day, really,
when just "going along" seems to be the path that most are
influenced into following, when actually thinking and oppos-
ing the status quo is held in low esteem ...

... when trying to find a better way to live out our one and
only sure chance at life is placed on the back burner of ...

... "let's not bother with that, we've got to follow / obey /
conform / merely exist no matter how mundane, ordinary,
and idiotic is our existence -- our submission to the way
things were and have always been, 'til now, just do what is
expected ... like ants ... like beings whose lives are merely
dictates of all that had gone before ... pointless and futile
journeys to nowhere, just following the dictates of all that
flowed down to us to this time ... submissive drones with-
out a clue about how to break free and really live as if this
was our one and *only* sure chance at life."

Surely, we can do better. We must stop the pretense, stop
the submission, stop doing what we are led to do merely
because someone told us we must do it. Do you have a
right to life? Absolutely. Do you have a right to food? Abso-
lutely. Do you have a right to tell the fascists trying to control
you to shove it up their you-know-what? Absolutely.

If we value the right to life, happiness, pleasantness, then
it's about time we start living as if we do. Stop marching in
step with the past, start trying to make a difference and
change things for the better.

Value yourself and your fellow beings on earth, and know
that this earth, this universe, this life, is ours to share and
care about and we are not enslaved to follow the ways of
the past, but are, instead, empowered to change things for
the better, to break free of the enslavement of the status
quo, to hold in the highest of esteem the human ability to
think and ponder a better way, a way never before tried,
a way to the future, to true freedom, to happiness and
pleasantness far removed from the shackles of past fail-