God? Used for whatever humans
wish to attach to it
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God, viewed as the ultimate supreme entity, can be,
as Einstein viewed it, nature, though usually it is not
perceived in that manner, by most, due to their reli-
gious exposure, growing up.

- - -

God is a 3-letter word used for whatever humans wish
to attach to it, from

  • ultimate "reality" to ultimate "fantasy",

  • from ultimate "be-all end-all human-centric entity
    creating -and- ruling over everything" to ultimate

  • from that which humans attach importance to in the
    physical materialistic world, to that which humans
    love, fear, worship, and talk to as if it's a listening
    and responding entity existing everywhere and
    nowhere as the ultimate paradox, doing everything
    and nothing as if just by imagining it exists, one can
    create a supernatural reality controlling everything
    while simultaneously disclaiming that supernatural
    reality as being in control of things for which other
    explanations are desired,

  • from that which humans dismiss as ancient myth,
    to that which humans follow out of tradition, custom,
    law, parental admonition, social-cultural pressure,
    religious indoctrination, desire for immortal bliss,
    desire for a superbeing sky buddy, and/or fear of
    immortal torment.

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