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In reply to a poster who wrote:

> The Unreality Show
> Idol's Carrie channels Christ in Atlantic City.
> In do-me heels.
> Get real (like David Hyde Pierce).
> by Michael Musto
> June 5th, 2007 6:34 PM
> Jesus took the wheel and got me on an Atlantic City
> junket to see petite powerhouse CARRIE UNDER-
> WOOD put the Christ back in country.

Jesus Take the Wheel lyrics

The lyrics, reflecting a typical religious
view (in christianity) that relying on a
magic being named Jesus (or God)
makes life better.

That view, when most severely put to
the test, after horrors beset the faithful
or those the faithful are praying for, the
only remnant of belief the faithful have
left is the promise of a pleasant immor-

Many doubters and disbelievers find
a mere promise to be insufficient, and
unjustified, especially when accompan-
ied by threats against humans who sup-
posedly fail to jump through the right

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In reply to a poster who wrote:

> whatever you want to call it pro... that christ, muhammed,
> joseph smith, god, charles taze, buddah, abraham people
> are popular... you're fighting a losing battle...

Simply expressing points of view that
deviate from the God trap that up to 90%
or so of the country tends to say, most
often, that they've not yet escaped from.

In many parts of Europe, many have
escaped, and I suspect that expressing
points of view doubting and disbelieving
in the close to 2,000 years of religious
domination of most of Europe played
no small role in the freedom from reli-
gion that much of Europe now enjoys.

> people will never fully move away from religion.... just live
> your life and enjoy it...

See Europe for a clue.

> but you preach more than any christian I have ever known...

Look up Jesus or God or Allah or Lord
or Heaven or Hell or Miracle or Pray on
newsgroup forums or via web search
engines, or in the Bible or Quran for that
matter, and I think you'll find that the
amount of preaching promoting religion
is massive, far surpassing the number
of views expressing doubt or disbelief
in such things.

At least some are willing to speak up with
doubts and disbelief, and perhaps more
will follow, some day, as openness in dis-
cussing the reasons for doubt and disbe-
lief lead people to question that God trap.

Go to church or synagogue or mosque
or temple or other religious worship place,
and I think you'll find the amount of preach-
ing acting as if supernaturalism is reality
far surpasses doubts and disbelief in such
things, though you might find plenty of
doubt and disbelief in supernaturalism
that's apart from the particular type being

Listen to politicians. Hear any doubt or
disbelief there? Certainly, not much, as
politicians in the present day are taught
to pay homage to religion from birth, at
risk of not holding political office.

Even after the disaster of 9-11, few poli-
ticians were willing to raise their voice
against religion in general, and the reli-
gion of islam in particular, being culpable
in no small part for that act of mass murder.

That's the way it's been, but that need not
be the way it remains, and only by speak-
ing up regarding attractive alternatives to
and ways of escaping the God trap can
people ever be truly free of all the ancient
absurdity, contradictions, and anti-human-
ism that religion is responsible for.

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In reply to a poster who wrote:

> eh... God or no God... I am just saying...
> Honestly.. I dont care one way or another.. If I die and
> nothing is there.. it sure was a kick ass ride... If not then
> even better...

You have the freedom to believe or
disbelieve in such things, in this
country and many others (not all), at
this time.

In the past, much of the world has
been shrouded in a believe or else

Today, saying something as simple
as "Religion is myth" can get you
imprisoned or killed in some parts
of the world.

Of course, what with islamic mass
murderers having declared war on
the west (and war on whomever they
dislike in places like Iraq and Afghan-
istan and Pakistan),  there is little
chance at escape -if- you happen to
be in the wrong place at the wrong
time, no matter what you believe.

Would that the entire world be free,
free from religious oppression, free
from tyranny, free from need, truly
free, a heaven on earth and beyond
if you will.

Only by endeavoring to make it so
may it one day become real, in this
one and only *certain* life we share.

As for the promised afterlife that
religions seduce & threaten us with,
it would escape the world of fantasy
-if- they came up with any evidence
that such claims were true.

They haven't.

Big buildings won't do it.

Seductions won't do it.

Threats won't do it.

Mass murder won't do it.

Calling words 'holy' won't do it.

Bowing to supposed superbeings
won't do it.

Talking as if superbeings exist and
care won't do it.

Using a symbol of torture / death as
a symbol of religious faith, and wear-
ing that around one's neck won't do it.

Songs won't do it.

Chants won't do it.

Miracle claims won't do it.

Fear won't do it.

In essence, for the truly free, religious
faith is an empty enterprise, and only
evidence can convince.

Science, free science, is humankind's
only true hope, and if we fail in that,
we're destined to a short-term exist-
ence insofar as this life represents
our one and only *sure* shot at it.

If we succeed, if we master our nature,
if we truly understand all that is, all that
ever was, all that ever will be, and if in
understanding it, we master it wisely,
therein resides our only *certain* chance
to escape from the limitations & risks of
a natural fate.

Until then, discussing the risks and the
shortcomings of religious faith / fantasy
and the true hope that pro-human sci-
ence can provide may enable some /
many to open the door to reason, to
see thru the mirage of religious seduc-
tions, and to escape the dark world of
religious threats.

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