Good Friday / Easter ...
Reality / Freedom?
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in christianity - 043002)

Some folks claim Good Friday - Easter represents
a reality, freeing humankind from hell and damnation
through an actual crucifixion - death - resurrection
of a real life son of god, the savior of humankind,
Jesus Christ.

When they make that claim, they tend to leave off
the faith / belief disclaimer, the part where they ex-
press that

  • despite any contemporaneous writings,
  • despite contradictory statements throughout the
  • despite contradictions regarding a supposed
    Jesus prophet (not a son of god) in the com-
    peting holy documents of the islamic faith fol-
    lowed by over a billion,
  • despite the expectation of a savior on the part
    of a faith used as a starting point for christianity,
    judaism, a savior not yet here, a faith for which
    millions of Jews have paid with their very lives
    close to 2,000 years of genocide / torture /
    discrimination by Romans, christians, western
    nations, nazis, and recently, by muslim suicide
  • despite the dearth of evidence that any Jesus as
    personified in the gospels ever existed,
  • despite the plethora of myths from earlier faiths
    that were copied by the mysterious writers of
    the gospels and pasted onto a Jesus character
    decades after the supposed Jesus would have
  • despite the origins of Easter in pagan rituals
    rather than christian myth,
  • despite all of that, because they want it to be
    true and have been taught to believe that it's
    true, they are determined to treat it as true and
    treat doubt / disbelief as worthy of condemna-
    tion / damnation / hell ... <pause> ...

Actually, the world frees itself by facing the facts as
iterated above and recognizing, clearly, that the reli-
gious myths of christianity are unworthy of modern
man, and that religion provides naught but ancient
paths to delusion and empty, unfulfilled, false pro-
mises which lead to activities deleterious to human
welfare, in all too many cases, in no small part due
to the blind devotion of those of faith to ancient
mindsets far removed from our understanding of
our naturalistic origins and destiny in a naturalistic

Put another way, no matter how many times you say
god, christ, jesus, mohammed, allah, angels, satan,
jinns, or whatever concoction from the ancients, they
don't, in fact, exist, anywhere outside the gray matter
between your two ears.

The sooner those of faith face up to that fact, and
recognize faith for exactly what it is, an effort by
ancients to understand / explain / comprehend /
control a mysterious world in which little know-
ledge was available regarding naturalism, origins,
evolution, and the vast beyond vast galaxies / stars /
solar systems / planets present in our particular uni-
verse, *all* of the perspectives on existence were
fabricated, every last one of them, from hinduism to
judaism to christianity to islam ...

... and it's up to us, *only* us, to take care of one
another in this, our one and only *sure* chance at
existence, on this earth, in this life, at this time.

- - -