Has God Contacted You Lately?
(Top Posts - Distance From Belief
in theism - 022102)

Just wondering.

If God contacted Bud, would you be impressed?

Bud says "And God told me that ..."

Well, I suppose it would depend on how you felt
about Bud as to how you would react to his claim ...

Change Bud to 'Paul', and ponder how someone
1,950 or so years ago compares to someone in
the current day ...

The only difference between Bud and 'Paul' is that
_________ (family members), __________ (peer
group), ___________ (social/cultural influences),
____________ (those who promise immortality
if you believe / oblivion-damnation-eternal torment
if you disbelieve) state unequivocally that 'Paul' is
for real - the truth - the way - the light, even though
nary a soul-individual making the claim regarding
'Paul' has meritorious evidence that 'Paul' is more
worthy of belief/following than is Bud ...

Then, ponder the following ...

"Has God Contacted You Lately, like for real, like
in a non-imaginary way, like in a way mating to the
manner that your significant other might contact you,
or in the manner that your boss might contact you,
or in the manner that the supposed Jesus-son-of-god
character contacted its co-residents on the planet?"

If it hasn't, does it exist?

If you think it has, is it imaginary, only in your head,
like a fantasy-dream based on influences that you've
been fed since birth?

If you think it has, aren't you reflecting the stimuli
you've been exposed to which has convinced you
that such a being/entity exists -or- has something
apart from you and your stimuli actually contacted
you, with that something coincidentally mating to
everything you've been taught is the be-all end-all
of life, a granter of immortality and a damner of those
unfit for the groovy-cool immortal dance with the

If it's totally, without doubt, based on claims of others,
is it as worthy of following as is Bud's claim that believing
in the _______ (insert claim here) will earn you eternal
life, and disbelieving will justify your being cast into the
abyss of immortal oblivion or, even worse, eternal torment?

- - -

The human imagination can place anything into that which
is the unknown. Of significant note, patterns of thinking,
impressed upon the young, which place a god or deity
or set of beings into the void of the unknown, with said
being or beings iconified as granters of immortality and
damners of those unworthy, is as potent and seductive
a concept as is the most potent and corrupting drug ...

- - -

Does that make the drug called god worthy?


Does that make the drug called god real?


Does that convey that the drug called god should be
used just in case it's real?


Does that convey that the drug called god should be
used because it's good/love/truth/wonderful/worthy?