Human Origins of God - Ultimate
Human Destiny

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God is a manifestation of primitive human fear and
ignorance expressed as an imaginary being and passed
on from generation to generation, as detailed below...

Humans evolved from primitive creatures and at some
point our grunts and arm movements became somewhat
more structured than the communicative methods used
by current-day bonobos and chimps and gorillas, who,
by the way, have human-like social structures, and over
time as humans continued to evolve and adapt to our
environment and language began to take on structure
and meaning...

Being replicated from generation to generation, human
imagination created explanations of the mysteries of
the world which included attributions to imaginary beings
for, after all, ignorance demands an explanation and
these grammatically structured languages, passed from
generation to generation, took hold across a wide array
of cultures across the world until


74,000 or so years ago, a massive Toba Super-Volcano
erupted resulting in the extinction of most of the human
race with, by scientific estimates, perhaps 15,000 or so
humans surviving and guess what this vast devastation
was likely attributed to?

You got it, imaginary beings, with said belief systems
passed on from generation to generation until lo and
behold, towards the end of the last great ice age humans
began to farm, said farming dramatically expanding the
ability of humans to survive and increase their populations
and gather together in groups of defensible land areas
and evolve sophisticated cultures, domestication of ani-
mals, barter, trade, war, and...

Eventually, due to the pressures to keep track of things,
written symbols measuring and accounting for barter, trade,
storage, and the concept of ownership and, guess what, all
those evolved grunts and groans which had evolved into lan-
guage began to be placed as symbols on rocks and stones
and tablets, including those imaginary beings from human
evolution which were still given credit for ALL unknowns,
documented in written language as it was developed the
world over, and...

Over 3,000 years after this process began, nomadic goat
herders beneath the fertile crescent added to the panoply of
god myths with a god myth for their own group, assimilating
and merging myths from Egypt, the Mediterranean, the entire
fertile crescent area, all the way east reaching past Persia to
the Vedic civilizations of the Indus River valley...

With one of these myths being the Zoroaster christ myth from
an area east of the nomadic goat herders (who had been forc-    
ibly migrated to various areas of the Middle East) of this vast
expanse of farming and civilization which from time to time
was united under loosely bound rules with varying degrees of
authority and slavery...

Until eventually, 1,900 years or so ago these god/christ/son
of god stories found their way to be merged with a ripe
source of myths present throughout cultures of the time,
and a few hundred years later one powerful group of myth-
makers merged selected religious and myth texts and early
church pontifications, calling it the holy bible of the Roman
Catholic Empire, initiating...

Over 1,000 years of the most horrific crime, torture, and
insanity on the face of the planet, with wars based on
imaginary beings used as justification for widespread
crusades, inquisitions, witch burnings, and killings of
entire families and torture of non-adopters of the christ
myths portion of the holy bible, and...

Finally, those surviving the insanity began to separate the
power of the church from the power of the state, eventually
resulting in rebellion/reformation of the catholic power
structure into a broad panoply of protestant myths built
on top of the catholic myths with the catholics and the
protestants sleighing one another and...

With fear-hate-loathing passed on from each generation to
the next and with humankind striving deep down somewhere
for an escape from the insanity, science eventually began to
show its worth amongst the powerful and elite of society

After horrible anguish and human suffering, the onset of
the enlightenment of logic, reason, the scientific method
of theory, hypothesis, experiment, doubt, proof, re-doubt,
re-proof FINALLY began freeing humankind from its
servitude to imaginary beings and the laws of nature...

Dramatically expanding the ability of humankind to survive
plagues and viruses and bacteriological devastation, star-
vation, floods, and other acts of nature which until science
had developed sufficient knowledge, humankind had attri-
buted to imaginary beings...

Until progress was slowly but surely made, with setbacks
along the way as vast numbers of humans continued to be
tortured and killed by humans without a clue about the worth
and value of human life, said death and destruction passed
from anti-human god fearing folk to anti-human no god folk

For the last 55 years, humankind has had success in trying
to evolve past our primitive and disgraceful past (with notable
exceptions throughout the world - Croatia, Bosnia, Kosovo,
Rwanda, the Middle East, for example)...

But maybe, just maybe, humankind is on the verge of its
greatest success ever, conquering disease, developing
methods of producing enough food for over 10 billion people
on this planet, creating creatures with humanlike intelligence,
reading the human blueprint (the human genome) and using
that knowledge to build a genetic and highly advanced intelli-
gence which merges the human experience with artificial ro-
botic symbiotic multitelligence apart from the human body
in such a way that...

Virtual immortality is within our grasp -if- and only if the
best, most caring, and most uplifting part of human nature
can win out and forever leave its primitive, fearful, and
mythical heritage behind it and advance to a state whereby
acceptance of what we know and advancement to every
degree possible to remove the veil of darkness covering
the true nature of what we really are...

Enables us to accept that reality, that truth, that core know-
ledge of our true place in this incalculably vast universe, per-
haps one of an endless array of universes / multiverses...

the cosmos...

our Ultimate Human Destiny...