Humans Invented It
(Top Posts - Distance From Belief
in theism - 063000)

Humans made up gods and christs. Really. They made the
stuff up. It was invented, manufactured, spread. It's not true.
Really. Trust me on this one. There are no gods or christs.
They're human-created myths. They're = nothing. They're
powerless, worthless, leftover remnants of humanity's ear-
ly journey into self-awareness.

Live for today. Live for one another. Live for your children
and your children's children. Love, live long, and prosper.
Life is certain. Live for what you know and drop the myths
from ancient humanity's origins.

You want hope? Hope that your life continues based on the    
laws of science and physics and the natural world. Work
towards extending a pleasant existence as long as possible    
in this world. Don't waste your life based on the myths of
the past. Those myths are delusional. They're lies. They're
hopeless journeys to nowhere. They're manipulative and
false. They lead to despair and hopelessness. Don't pray.
Don't fear. Depend on that which you know, this life, and
drop the ancient lies and hatreds from humanity's origins.

Thanks for your consideration. May you be at peace,
henceforth and forevermore, based on real hope in this
real world we all know and share.