If Humans Created God ...
(Top Posts - Distance From Belief
in theism - 061700)

... wouldn't different groups of people create
different belief systems that have little in
common other than a silent and invisible deity
(or deities) and a few human-constructed behavior

... wouldn't people over the ages constantly
be working on their belief systems to deal with
the cultural and social conditions of the day?

... wouldn't you see a wide array of creation

... wouldn't all of the creation myths be based
on the cultures of the day with no respect for
the scientific method as to the methodology for
studying about the true nature and diversity of
life, time, and the universe?

... wouldn't all of the religious myths be totally
flawed/clueless regarding the scientific revelations
of the modern age?

... wouldn't you have absolutely no way to
communicate with, hear from, or see God? Now,
I'm not talking thinking and hearing imaginary
voices, I'm talking "Hello God, how's it going,
what's up?" and God saying, "eh... not much,
heard any good jokes lately?" You know, like
a conversation.

... wouldn't you have people dying and remaining
silent after their death?

... wouldn't God be merely an extension of the
desires, hopes, dreams, hatreds, and fears of

... wouldn't the faith most children follow be little
more than a mirror image of the faith of their parents,
with no communication from God to the innocent
and receptive minds of the children but instead,
a brainwash-indoctrination-social instruction passed
on from generation to generation?

... wouldn't each religion reflect the narrow and
self-centered notions of the culture in which it
was developed?

... wouldn't murder, genocide, and war be waged
based on mythical and silent Gods (my God is
better than your God)?

... wouldn't humans evolve to the point where humans
could modify their genetic code and change the
very nature of that which is a human, with no
intervention from God?