If there was a God, why wouldn't
he/it/she/they ...

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in theism - 060900)


1) Detail all knowledge, unashamedly, taking pride
in his/its/her/their creation?

2) Trip us out on heaven from the get go?

3) Make us Gods - after all, it is a vast infinite cosmos,
so what's so hard about slicing off a universe for each
of us?

4) Spare the children the pain?

5) Spare the good the pain?

6) Spare us all the pain?

7) Communicate with us, like, for real?

8) Deal with us as if we were worth dealing with, rather
than in a manner equivalent to God not existing?

9) Act in a manner distinctly different from the
non-existent manner in which he/it/she/they acts?

10) Act in as decent and kind and caring and
genuine and real and open and honest and
forthright a manner as the best among us?