Imaginary Beings - Truth - Freedom
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I don't believe there is a god, any god. I don't believe
there are any supernatural thingies, any extraterrestrial
visitors, any spirits, demons, angels (if only there were
as I rather like that concept), invisible ghostie spookie
entities -except- in the imaginations of human beings.

Now, one might ask, so what? Who cares. Let people
believe whatever so long as they aren't hurtin' anybody
and just keep quiet if you don't believe as they do...

And then I think of the delusion, and the children, and
the nightmares of hell and damnation, and the lies, and
the perpetuation of myths and falsehoods and you know

I think there's a better way and I think that if we, as an
evolved species of animal, were willing to recognize that
the imaginary beings were cooked up by practically all
of the early civilizations as tools for power, tools to con-
trol and manipulate people, make believe explanations
of unknowns and fears, and their relationship to reality
was nil, then...

We'd be free to focus our precious time on this earth on,
guess what, living our lives totally dedicated to that which
we know...

____ IF ____

Humanism - all humans for all humans - became the natural
force driving our being rather than myth and fear and hatred

Sure, this isn't a replacement of the old with the new by
dictatorial edict, no, this is a presentation of philosophies
and facts regarding the mythical nature of god-speak,
imaginary beings, and religious indoctrination based on
a pre-scientific day and age in which literally everything
reeked of superstition and fear as...

The rule of law, not the exception by the outcast. The rule
of law was the rock upon which the foundational documents
and succeeding religions were laid.

So, to make a long story short, I sleep - eat - breathe - live
for the truth and the truth is that every living entity on this
planet is an evolved form of matter living out our only known
sentience in this dimension, in this time, in this place...

Whatever follows, we CANNOT control - how in the world
can we appear from nowhere and claim godlike control
over our destiny upon our end in this dimension - that's so
pre-civilized pre-educated, and pre-enlightened that it
defies sense and reason to put one iota of energy into...

Any of the religious myths passed on from generation to
generation in a never-ending cycle of brainwashing upon
brainwashing upon brainwashing...

So, I'm rambling ... rare, for me, I assure you, but I'm drawn    
to the truth like a moth to the flame - it may kill me but I've
just gotta know the truth or die trying - and none of the
failed delusions from early human cultures are anywhere
near the truth in my view - imaginary beings just don't cut
it anymore.


Feed me --- truth --- gotta have it --- more --- if I only
didn't have to work for a living --- no god, I love searching
and looking and seeking and exploring and delving into
the mysteries and turning over those hidden stones and
finding those precious gems which reveal the true nature
of our being, leading us to be free of our evolved heritage,
ever-evolving - growing - learning - expanding - ennobling
ourselves as we strive to accept total responsibility for
our own destinies and escape whatever natural law and
evolved origins have led us to believe are our limitations.

Therein lies the thrill, the quest, the journey towards the
truth. Don't look back for the end of the story (religious
foundational myths), look forward, keep going forward,
upward, towards the light of truth - wisdom - freedom
from the myths and insanities of our evolved heritage.

I'm free, I'm free, thank no god, I'm free!