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The following links provide access to my
top posts which have addressed issues that
pertain to distance from belief in imaginary
beings, deities, christs, holy spirits, ghosts,
devils, demons, jinns, angels, the super-
natural, etc. (of a general theistic nature or
of a nature pertaining to religions apart from
christianity) ...

Closely related, reference the posts primarily
pertaining to distance from belief in christianity.

138. Best of the Web / SuperSearch
(1 of 3 : Distance from Belief - Text version) 

"This post includes links to the best websites for 
disbelief, including text excerpts from most of  the
included Wikipedia links regarding disbelief. ..."

137. Atheist Summer Camp Video
"... Children, age 7 to 17, at a camp designed
to teach critical thinking, rational inquiry, and
a scientific approach to the world. Also, being
taught cooperation, toleration, and empathy,
all in an atmosphere free of religious propa-
ganda. ..."

136. Some perspectives from former believers Video
"Links to some videos imparting perspectives on
disbelief in gods / supernaturalism from former
christians (first two videos) and from former
muslims (last two videos) ..."

135. Some Atheism Videos Video
"Links to some videos imparting perspectives and
history on disbelief in gods / supernaturalism and con-
tributions of disbelievers in gods / supernaturalism ..."

134. Should we believe in belief? (071909)
"... We must not preserve the myth of God – it
was a useful crutch, but we've outgrown it ..."

133. Thou Shalt Not Kill? (062509)
"... Exact translations of Exodus 20:13 in 18
English versions ... How many has God killed
(or murdered), per the christian bible? ..."

132. Believe X, Get Y, 
Disbelieve X, Get Z 
"About as succinct a description of religion
as can be arrived at, with all the details fitting
within those parameters, said details (and
probabilities) varying from religion to religion,
from denomination to denomination, and from
person to person. ..."

131. So-called 'sin' / myths / foundations
of religions
"... The foundations of all religions are deeply
steeped in myth, 'sin' being just one among the
multitude of myths, spun in christianity to equate
with anti-god, wrong, evil, supposed justification
for immortal torment or oblivion after short-term
torture (threatened against everyone who commits
the so-called ultimate 'sin' of lacking belief or dis-
believing or doubting), etc. ..."

130. Nation's leading scientists (overwhelming
majority) disbelieve in a personal God 

"... In 1998, 72.2% of National Academy of Sciences
members have disbelief in a personal God. ... 20.8%
have doubt or agnosticism in a personal God. ... So, 
to sum it up, 93.0% of National Academy of Sciences
members have disbelief, doubt, or agnosticism regard-
ing a personal God. ... Evidence pointing to a negative
relationship between intelligence and religious belief
within nations comes from four sources. ... in only 17%
of the countries (23 out of 137) does the proportion
of the population who disbelieve in god rise above
20%. These are virtually all the higher IQ countries. ..."

129. Belief In God = Misplaced Hope & Comfort
"... Fear gives way to hope and comfort in the know-
ledge that our species is, with growing rapidity, learning
to eliminate the suffering many people's god is either
unable or unwilling to end himself ..."

128. The Root of All Evil? Video
"... The following videos, well-produced, both
visually and in content, describe some of the
dangers of indoctrinating children into religious
faith from a very young age, with Richard
Dawkins the featured speaker, and with
Dawkins' interviews with religious proponents
also featured. ..."

127. Disasters -- Claims by God Believers
"... Religionists (many) ... magic up God causality.
... When disasters happen, they adopt various
explanations ..."

126. Which is more violent, the Bible or
the Quran? (021009)
"Here's an article of interest comparing the
violent God of the christian bible to the violent
God of the islamic quran ..."

125. Bill Maher and Richard Dawkins Discuss
People's Imaginary Friend In The Sky 
"... God stuff, every last ounce of it, from the
oldest to the newest, from the most negative
to the most positive, is just 'make believe' and

124. Praying for Election Day miracles? (110208)
"... The faithful are busy as Nov. 4 nears. While
politicians are making their final pitch to voters,
religious Americans from across the political
spectrum are appealing to a higher power on
the candidates' behalf. ..."

123. Religulous (100108)
"... I offer the following, perhaps helpful to anyone 
who would like to think about religious matters in
a critical way, or anyone who is interested in a bit
of support for doubts they might have about some-
thing they've been taught based on a religion ..."

122. Fear Witches? Apparently, Republican
VP candidate Palin does
"... it certainly is a vivid reminder that religion has
a dark side (to its past, present, and future) and
that America should tread warily when a witch-
fearing throwback is trying to reach the most
powerful position in the world ..."

121. Creationism, Evolution, 2008 Presidential
Campaign (090608)
"... that is more or less an introduction to her religious
mindset. She wants the religion of creationism taught
in science classes. She wants to end the separation of
church and state (for that would have to occur in order
for the religion of creationism to be taught in science
classes), whethershe admits it or not. ..."

120. Don't Believe in God? You are not alone.
"... If you don't believe in God, you are not
alone. Hundreds of thousands of your neighbors
in the Delaware Valley feel the same as you do. ..."

119. NFL Football, God, Team Names (040108)
"... maybe trying to combine God with NFL football
isn't as keen of an ideacas many try to make it out to
be, but since the topic has been broached ..."

118. Parents pick prayer over docs; girl dies Video
"... Tragic. I was diagnosed as type 1 diabetic (at age 5)
thanks to my parents (my Dad is a preacher, Southern
Baptist,and my mom directed the choir in my church
when I was growing up) taking me to a doctor. ...
most religious people don't use their religion in place
of doctors. It's extremely sad that the impact of religion
was the death of the 11-year-old girl in the story you
conveyed. ..."

117. Defining God: Yours and Mine (022108)
"... Rodney Sheffer defines god as, 'The nature of Nature.'
[and follows that with] This works for me. If it doesn’t
work for you I will NOT say that you are evil, or immoral,
or amoral, or doomed to spend eternity being seared in
flames. I will not label you as blasphemous, nor call you
a heretic."

116. Judeo-Christian and Muslim Positions
Regarding Homosexuality (111607)
"Here's one ex-Cowboys' version of God: Pastor to
take on Microsoft over gay rights ... Judeo-Christianity
and homosexuality ... Islam and Homosexuality ... there
are at least seven countries today which still retain capital
punishment for homosexuality: Afghanistan, Iran, Mauritania,
Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, and Yemen. ..."

115. Religion -- Some Concerns Expressed
in no uncertain terms (092307)
"... Imparts a disquiet with religion, in general,
and while that is understandable, you might
be well-advised to consider an opposition
to religion that includes a pro-human focus. ...

114. Response to an Islamic Proselytizer (071407)
"The following post is in response to an Islamic
proselytizer ..."

113. Do you believe in believing? (071007)
"Probably, the first instinctive reaction to
that would be that it depends on what one
is being asked to believe in.
 ...  In essence,
everything believed in by religious folks is
'hearsay', and myth, passed down tales from
a very superstitious age of ignorance in which
inventing Gods and God tales was quite a
creative enterprise for many. ..."

112. Are pleasant immortality promises
really all that 'good'? (050207)
"... religions, at least in the west, generally 
tend to focus on 'The Ultimate Seduction',
almost as if they're ashamed of their 'Ulti-
mate Threat'. However, many religions,
especially 'fundie' ones, tend to promote
the 'Ultimate Threat' aspect of their an-
cient myths. ..."

111. We'd be better off without religion
"... Look at the period in which liberty of con-
science was at last secured in Christian Europe
- the 16th and 17th centuries. It was an excep-
tionally bloody epoch: millions died as a result
of a single church's reluctance to give up its
control over what people can be allowed to
think and believe. The famous Treaty of West-
phalia in 1648 accepted religious differences
as the only way of preventing religion from
being an endless source of war. ..."

110. Reflections on Good and Evil
(031407 to 032407)
"Anyone can claim a God or a Devil or a 
particular version of a supposed supernatural
Jesus ... Many have done so, in the past and
present. Such claims oft-times come across
as contradictory self-serving exhibitions of
human desire, fear, pretense, and power trips. ..."

109. Atheists challenge the religious
right (010507)
"... religious tolerance, the laws which
enable an individual to have any religion,
including none, is a recent innovation.
Separation of church and state, a recent
innovation. To those, like the religious
wrong, who wish to turn back the clock,
and who yearn for religious control of
government, they would do well to study
the history in the west when religions ruled. ..."

108. What -if- the Inians win? (082606)
"2039, planet Earth is invaded. With vastly
superior technology, and minds far
surpassing the limits of Homo sapiens,
the Inians take over. ... Their supreme
being? The great and almighty In, through
whom all that is right and good and just is
derived. ..."

107. God news? (061806)
"Here is some recent God news you're
not likely to hear about at any place of
worship, unless, of course, it's used in
spin-mode to try to support religious faith
(no matter what) as a good ..."

106. The Problem with God: Interview
with Richard Dawkins (051606)
"The renowned biologist talks about intelligent
design, dishonest Christians, and why God is
no better than an imaginary friend. ... British
biologist Richard Dawkins has made a name
for himself defending evolution and fighting
what he sees as religiously motivated attacks
on science. ..."

105. Murder in the name of God
on 9-11, 2001 (041206)
" 'God the most merciful, God the most com-
passionate, God the greatest', so say the mur-
derers, using the Islamic word for God, Allah,
as they commit their acts of horror on United
Airlines flight 93 on 9-11, 2001 ...

104. What if God exists ... (020106)
"What if God exists, -and-
1) is an admirer of the scientific method
2) disdains worship
3) disdains prayer
4) wants nothing from humans except respect
for life, in the here and now
5) is a non-intervener
6) has the potential for unimaginable gain for
humans deemed worthy by virtue of following
the tenets iterated in '1' thru '5', or worthy by
virtue of innocence ...".

103. Religious Immortality (011006)
"The hook: You and those like you can (or
will or may) exist in a pleasant immortality
-if- ____. The ____: Varies from religion to
religion. The threat: ... in many religions, if
you don't believe in or follow ____, you are
threatened with either death, resurrection /
judgement / torment and a quick death ...
and/or immortal torment. ..."

102. Bush: God told me to invade
Iraq (100905)
"Not all that unusual, religious folks assert-
ing some almighty being or beings has told
them to do something or has supposedly
led them to do something. Bin Laden has
done it. Many bible and quran and vedas
writers have done it. Many writers of other
so-called religious documents have done it.
Many church leaders have done it. Many
religious followers have done it. Bush has
done it. ..."

101. The power of prayer? (090405)
"Pray for something, anything. Does it occur?
Does it occur because of your prayer? If it
doesn't occur, your prayer has failed. If it
does occur, what evidence do you have
that it occurred because of your prayer?
Pray to something, anything. Does it make
any difference what you pray to? ..."

100. God is love? (030105)
"A God of love? Only someone willing to
engage in mental gymnastics meriting an
Olympic Gold Medal for denial and oblivi-
ousness to human suffering could come up
with apologetics large enough to assert a
God of love both exists -and- should be
held as loving regarding all of the above,
and what follows ..."

99. The only way to stop disbelief? (030105)
"The only way to stop disbelief is to provide
evidence your God actually exists as some-
thing other than an imaginary being -or- to do
your religion in the style of a theocracy which
demands worship or else. Europe tried that. ..."

98. Key reality underlying the 'game' of
religion (022605)
"... It's based on the evolutionary instincts of
survival/seduction, fear/threat, power/control,
meme propagation, and social communion ..."

97. Discussing God doubts/disbelief with
a believer in God ... (022605)
"... about quite a few perspectives on why doubt
and disbelief in the motif of religious faith is pre-
ferable to blindly following what most children are
induced into believing before they're old enough
to know any better ..."

96. -Top 10- Insurmountable Challenges to
God Belief (012905)
"No one has proven (or provided testable and verifiable
evidence) that any God exists, has ever created anything,
or has ever existed, wants anything, wants to be wor-
shipped, wants money to be given to any religious entities,
approves of what any document or group of documents
says, provides an afterlife (or reincarnation), assesses
human acts or lack of acts or belief or lack of belief to
decide about an afterlife (or reincarnation), answers any
prayer, answers specific prayers with testable criteria ..."

95. God/Allah -- Reality? (012105)
"... Doesn't make any sense at all to argue for some-
thing undefined, and attribute all to it as if in calling
it something, you've created something out of nothing. ..."

94. God -- it's all about believing one is
friends with ... (012005)
"... an entity that has absolute power, absolute
control, absolute knowledge. Therein resides
the nature of the God myth. ..."

93. God is something that must be experienced?
"... In a modern age of logic and reason, mere
assertions are not enough, requests for faith
are not enough. A God? That would be enough,
a God that's doubtable, testable, validatable,
revelatory, interactive, not a God that's naught
but a reflection of human emotions, insecurities,
and desires."

92. God? Used for whatever humans wish
to attach to it (011705)
"God, viewed as the ultimate supreme entity, can
be, as Einstein viewed it, nature, though usually it
is not perceived in that manner, by most, due to
their religious exposure, growing up. God is a
3-letter word used for whatever humans wish to
attach to it ..."

91. Tigers, God(s), and the ICOYS (011405)
"... No matter how dedicated one is to treating
the myth of the Invisible Creature on Your
Shoulder (ICOYS) as reality, it cannot transition
from myth until or unless it reveals itself as reality
rather than make believe. ... God(s)? Same deal. ..."

90. The theology of the God of Wrath folks ...
"... Followers tend to get into the God of Wrath
mythos or the God of all Goodness mythos, no
matter how contradictory they are, with the God
of Faith-Testing standing by for some, but the
God of Powerlessness? ..."

89. Believers ponder a boycott of God? (011005)
"The following article is written by someone who
either really believes God exists, and is upset that
God allowed (or caused) the tsunami to occur,
-or- who is pretending she believes God exists
in order to make a point. ..."

88. More religious views/responses on
the tsunami (010905)
"Excerpts, with replies from yours truly, the son
of a Baptist minister who no longer believes in
God, said disbelief occurring many years ago
for innumerable reasons, addressing the com-
ments from those of faith, in bracketed inserts
[-] ..."

87. Post-tsunami views by some former &
current believers ... (010705)
"... The following article offers comments with believers'
cynicism towards the survivors' God doubts after the
tsunami disaster. ..."

86. Wave that beggared my belief (010405)
"... In the light (in the dark?) of the merciless damage
caused by last week's earthquake, I hope I'm right.
That there is no God. For, if there were, then He'd
have to shoulder the blame. In my book, He would
be as guilty as sin and I'd want nothing to do with
Him. ..."

85. Tooth Fairy Syndrome (122604)
"... A claim does not a tooth fairy make. Same
goes for God, any God, the God of your culture,
or the God (or Gods) of any other culture. ..."

84. Search for a 'Creator/God' (122604)
"... in researching all matters vast and almost
infinitely tiny, no 'Creator/God' has been found.
All that has been found is naturalistic. ..."

83. Logical Exploration of 'Creator/God'
Claims (122604)
"... The evidence conveys nothing regarding
creatures existing outside the laws of physics.
All the stories about creatures existing outside
the laws of physics fit scientifically into the area
of perception called myths. ..."

82. Isn't God simply imagination pretending
one (or more) has power/knowledge? (081603)
"How does God differ from any imaginary
entity that is (for various reasons) treated
as a reality, rather than imaginary? ... Is it a
legitimate ... morally reputable ... testable ...
philosophically valid enterprise? ..."

81. The Hell Problem (072703)
"... Of interest to both Christians and Muslims,
a recent article in which a Muslim states 'How
the idea of hell drove me from Islam' ..."

80. Let's Update the Bible and Quran
and Hadith and Sharia (072703)
"... Why treat ancient religious documents as
Gods, rather than recognizing that if a loving
God (Allah) exists, that God (Allah) would be
in tears when hearing about humans being
inspired by ancient scripture to harm other

79. Brief Q&A: Atheists versus Theists
"Do atheists consider their position intellectually
superior? ... Are theists interested in logic and
reason? ... Do atheists believe that they're intel-
lectually superior due to their reliance on logic
and reason as opposed to faith? ... Do insults
play a role in atheist vs. theist debates? ... Are
theists at a disadvantage in that they cannot
'prove' the existence of God (and thus Chris-
tianity) using formal logic and empirical evidence? ..."

78. Ingredients for making a God (060803)
"To a brain, preferably young and vulnerable,
add ..."

77. Fingle-Dingle-Wangers (051303)
"If someone said 'Fingle-Dingle-Wangers live on top
of air conditioners, just believe' ..."

76. Evidence of No God (051203)
"With a little liberty on thinking along the lines
of societies and cultures which live as if the christian
God (or muslim God or Jewish God or some other
God definition including the multiple gods definition)
is the Truth, the be-all end-all of all, I think most can
relate to the way this position is presented. ..."

75. God is a chameleon (051103)
"God is a chameleon. God is a myth treated as
a reality, just as Santa Claus is a myth treated
as a reality. God is sometimes used as a term for
physical things. God is often used to refer to
a particular being or concept which is adhered to
as if it is a reality, but not always. ..."

74. "There is no god." Evidence, please,
for your assertion ? (051103)
"God is either real, or imaginary. If imaginary,
there is no God in reality. If real, what is it,
and how can one know? Why is religious faith
required, if God is real? ..."

73. Preach to the Kids? / Regulation of
Behavior? (050603)
"The secularization of teaching about the
facts (just the facts, no preaching allowed)
on religion to young children would fall within
the standards supposedly in use for teaching
of Comparative Religion in High School. No
preaching is allowed if those standards are
appropriate and fall within the boundaries
of legal separation of church and state ..."

72. If There Was a God - 79 Questions
"Speaking of questions, in response to an
inquiry regarding a question to be asked of
a group of christians, during a solicitation
to inquire about christianity, here are 79
questions worthy of consideration ..."

71. Fairy Tales / Long-lived Creed of
Superbeing Religions (012403)
"Certainly, the ability to call fairy tales 'Truth (tm)',
followed with you can't prove that 'Truth (tm)'
wrong, is one of the most egregious crimes of
superbeing religions, for it tempts humans to place
any 'make believe' fantasies they wish into a so-
called irrefutable 'Truth (tm)', asserting absolute
authority over the affairs of humankind. ..."

70. For Devout Faith-Followers of
Christianity or Islam ...(012303)
"Reluctance to consider anything that questions
the bible or quran places one's position in seri-
ous jeopardy, if that is the manner in which one
adheres to christianity or islam. ..."

69. Q & A on Dying, Disbelief, and
Belief / Fear / Religious Faith (012203)
"Are you afraid to die? ... Are most afraid to
die? ... Do most choose to die? ... Do most
substitute myths in place of the finality of death
in this domain, should that occur? ... When is
belief / fear / religious faith the strongest ... the
weakest? ... Is it all much ado about nothing,
if God doesn't exist? ..."

68. Respect verity, and the open-minded
pursuit thereof, inclusive of doubt, logic,
reason, and distance from submission to
claims without evidence (011603)
"... What is the way? Pro-humanism, period, no
myths or supposed absolute supernatural authority
(used to inspire mental slavery and death, utilizing
one-sided cons and deceit, calling for submission
"or else") is either required or desired / moral or
admirable. ..."

67. So, You Believe or You Don't ... (010703)'t.htm
"... as you're walking down the lane of life,
what difference does it really make? No, I
don't mean what difference does it make to
those around you, I mean what difference
does it really make? ..."

66. Which god / supernatural postulation /
religion, if any, is verity? (111102)
"... There is logic and reason to lead to
the valid conclusion that all supernatural
religions (and their associated supernatural
beings / places / cons / threats) exist in the
area of "make believe", fabrications, and
human-created fantasies. ..."

65. Which supernatural religion is verity?
-- All, Some, One, or None -- (111002)
"If one accepts that the supernatural is, after
all, an area of unknowns, and is a reflection
of many irreconcilable notions via the mode
of worship / solicitations for money / solicita-
tions to believe religious claims, then the fol-
lowing considerations come into play regarding
the question ... "

64. Atheism is disbelief in supernatural
beings and places? (110902)
"... A general view applicable to atheism is
along the line of disbelief in supernatural be-
ings and places as claimed by theism, with
the firmness of disbelief varying in direct pro-
portion to the grandiosity / unprovability /
lack of evidence regarding theistic superna-
tural claims. ..."

63. The God of All - The God for
Everyone - The Ecumenical God (110902)
"Ever heard the phrase "We all worship the *same*
God"? How is that done? Via public presentation
of traditional faith followers as ecumenically one
with the creator of all, the "good loving God" (in
public discourse) while maintaining cultlike require-
ments to believe (in the "right" way in the "right"
God(s), or else) when engaging in ritualistic wor-
ship and ceremonies. ..."

62. So, the god thingie is a non-thingie,
what next? (100402)
"... wouldn't a life (certain) with naturalism (certain)
and quest for longevity / pleasant existence in our
one and only sure chance at it merit consideration
and admiration? ..."

61. Supernaturalism - choice between
'disbelief' and 'myth' (082902)
"... For disbelievers (and believers interested in
the way in which disbelievers deal with belief),
the following is offered for consideration ..."

60. Is Proving Faith vs. Proving
a Negative Impossible? (081702)
"The following includes an assessment of claims
for a yellow-bellied purple-haired people-eater,
derived from claims for a God and the creature
mentioned in a song referencing a 'one-eyed
one-horned flying purple people-eater' ..."

59. God(s) Issue(s) Order - 'NO MORE
to fight/kill/torture over ...' (030402)
"From the Final Book of God(s) or Allah or
Brahma/Vishnu/Siva or ... _____ [insert long
list of names used for God(s) or 'absolute
authority entities' here], sole chapter 1, sole
verses 1 to 7 ..."

58. Has God Contacted You Lately?
"... Has God Contacted You Lately, like for real,
like in a non-imaginary way, like in a way mating to
the manner that your significant other might contact
you, or in the manner that your boss might contact
you, or in the manner that the supposed Jesus-son-
of-god character contacted its co-residents on the
planet? ..."

57. Origins of God(s) - Excerpts from
'Are we hardwired for God?' (020702)
"... Pascal Boyer tells us in his opening chapter that
'religion is about the existence and causal powers of
nonobservable entities and agencies.' He doesn't
appear to have in mind things like gravity or magne-
tism or radio waves. ... his primary concern is with
the question of how we are to account for beliefs that
involve the attribution of conscious agency to beings
other than humans and animals of the normal and
familiar kind. ...."

56. violence / sadness / despair /
recent events / islam / god (120201)
"... Recent events pertaining to Islam or reactions
to Islam in one way or another, and a few links to
Islam information of a general nature ...."

55. Religious Faith of Bush and bin Laden
"... People are free only when the flaws of
faith are openly examined and admitted, and
when decisions to treat people in a pro-human
manner are responsibly addressed with respect
for that which is our naturalistic being."

54. How Islam Has Been Use To Induce
Suicide/Murder for God (100601)
"... To understand the nature of Islam from former
Muslims who are intimately familiar with it, having
rejected it for numerous reasons, read the complete
article referenced in this post ..."

53. Islam Hell (092101)
"... Just did a search for the word 'hell' in the
quran ... 95 references found ... the same search
in the 'hadith'... 208 references found ..."

52. Myths taught as "make believe"
rather than reality ... (090301)
"What does one tell children when/if given the
opportunity to speak to children about myths?
How about starting off by letting the children
know the discussion is about myths and the
difference between 'make believe' and what's
real? ..."

51. Pressures to Believe Without Doubt
"... The SIZE of the claim matters not as to the truth
or falsity of the claim, as the claim is either true or
false, no matter the threats, no matter the seductions,
no matter the temptations or promises, no matter the
consequences, the claim stands or falls based solely
on whether it's true or false, whether it's loaded with
evidence -or- empty of same, no more, no less. ...."

50. Faithful Still Seeking "Proof" in Prayer
Studies (081301)
"For those of you not all that satisfied with the faith
route to god(s), curious about the efforts of pseudo-
science to 'prove' that talking to god(s) has some
magic power of some kind, the following is offered
for your titillation, countered by doubts/skepticism
regarding said efforts ..."

49. Non-Miracles / How far have we come
in this thing we call life? (080901)
"For those of faith who try to associate god with
good things at events such as a crash or a disaster ...
Reference - a recent crash for which some might
desire to assign the phrase 'miracle' or 'thank god' ...
How far have we come in this thing we call life?
Where did we come from, where are we going,
and how do we stand as compared to what has
come before? ...."

48. A Week Without God ... (080401)
"... So, as most of you know, there was the
car crash last Saturday afternoon, July 28,
2001 ..."

47. Have you tried to cover up the unknown
with ... (072501)
"... belief in an almighty most powerful incredible
be-all end-all magnificent creator of everything /
granter-of-worthwhile benefits, including immor-
tality / damner-of-unworthy beings? ..."

46. All About Flavors (of gods/no gods)
"From the wide array of belief/disbelief
modalities, what's the best one, the best
flavor so to speak, do you think?"

45. Do You Know There's a God or
do you merely believe there is one?
"If you know there's a god, please explain your
knowledge, what it's based on, and why we
should believe you or accept your knowledge.
If you don't know there's a god, but instead, you
believe there is a god, please explain for us how
your belief differs from delusion/imagination and
how your belief is meritorious compared to innum-
erable beliefs in other ultimate beings which don't
mate to yours. ..."

44. Empty and Malleable Vessel
"... A human child is a vulnerable being,
depending totally on others for its survival
and its definition of self ... An empty and
malleable vessel ... And into that vessel,
whatever is poured shall conform to the
shape of the vessel and shall become a
part of that vessel, and shall shape that
vessel. ..."

43. Disbelief-Belief / Shy-Moderate-Open
Chart (042901)
"... there are a wide range of types of
disbeliefs and beliefs as well as a range
of opinions on how one should or should
not go about expressing those disbeliefs
and beliefs. The following chart is provided
as a tool to assist you in assessing your ...
position ..."

42. Why Do You Believe? (042601)
"... a tidy little start to freeing you from
the worship/fear of imaginary beings which
are too often used as 'reasons' for denial
of pleasure, submission to authority, and
obsessing on guilt, in this, our one and
only *sure* life we all know and share. ..."

41. Refutation of that imaginary ...
"... being, that perceived top-most and
biggest and baddest, referred to, by many,
as God ... Humans don't know everything.
Whatever falls into the area of the unknown,
many humans claim God. ..."

40. Fear of Oblivion? (040201)
"Fear not, for into this world you come as an
inevitable being in a world of wonder and from
here, should you depart, be of joy in knowing
you've done your best to know all you can and
to be all you can be. ..."

39. Search for Verity vs. Faith
"Is an underlying anti-bias, doubt, reason, and
a searching nature the most reasonable and
sensible foundation for understanding the ability
of disbelievers to depart the 'follow-the-leader'
mentality of our childhood and seek verity in
as independent a manner as possible? ..."

38. Natural World Compared to Supernatural
Beings/Places (031801)
"A natural world knows not of human-created
supernatural beings/concepts/places. Simply
put, ask yourself, and this is not a difficult
process, just follow along here, with an open
mind ..."

37. Born Free (031001)
"All of us were born free of Hinduism, Buddhism,
Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and all other faiths.
Innocent. Looking up to mom & dad (or others) for
sustenance, support, nourishment, a guiding light
as to what to do, where to go, what to be, what
life is ... Free yet dependent on those entities that
provided us with the means by which we survive to
this very day ..."

36. Know Not God... (020701)
"... and all that is beyond the capability of
humans to know and comprehend, all that
has been 'til now called God, is known by
those for whom God is neither comprehended,
claimed, or known ... "

35. Your Choice (regarding almighty
beings) (011701)
"Did humans create 'em or did an almighty
being or almighty beings create humans?
Take you, for example. You probably
understand how you came to be. You
probably accede there are no almighty
beings involved, there, at least not with
your conception. ..."

34. Disbelief Causes Depression? (011701)
"... People of faith and non-faith do get
depressed and do need help of a medical
nature as well as help from friends and
family, for faith does not prevent or cure
depression, much to the dismay of the
faithful. ..."

33. Escaping Blind Faith (011701)
"... We know that you can logic/reason
your way out, but that requires thinking/
doubting and many/most are unwilling to
do that amongst peers/fellow members
of a tribe ..."

32. Why is the U.S. the most Pro-Religious /
Evolution-Ignorant Country? (011701)
"... Religion? The U.S. is one of the most
religious countries in the world on this survey.
Evolution? The U.S. is dead last - what does
that say regarding the U.S.? What does that
say about what the U.S. is about? Certainly,
it doesn't speak well for our ability to educate
our children. ..."

31. One Ticket to Heaven and Hell,
Please ... (010101)
"... ... Why not? Boom - it's travel to
Heaven and Hell day, whoosh - we're off
to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of
heaven and hell ... Heaven - hey - far out ...
Hell - bummer, dude, too hot to handle. ..."

30. Super-God / God in a Box?
"... if you were a superstitious human
being seeking to use the supreme be-all
end-all OK'er/Damner of all deeds, good
and bad, pro and con, wouldn't God or
gods be it? I mean, how much bigger than
God or gods can one's imagination take
them? Can anyone out-God the human
concept called God? ..."

29. Think About Your Definition of God ...
"A few assisting questions provided. Please,
understand, that if you believe in or worship
a God, it would behoove you to identify
that which it is that you're worshipping or
believing in ... and why. ..."

28. Claims Without Evidence ... (121800)
"How should one deal with them? Should
one fear them based on the size of the claim?
In other words, if someone says that the
super-being creator of it all exists - believe
and live in immortal pleasure, disbelieve and
suffer eternal torment or oblivion ..."

27. God is not (121700)
"God, as defined by humans, is not. God
as unknown by humans, is unknowable.
To create God, worship God, act based
on God, and live for God, is but to be
a slave to your own creation. ..."

26. Deep Myth (121700)
"God - myth, faith, or fact? God, being
the 'first cause' of myth, faith, or fact,
how does that impact succeeding myths,
faiths, or facts? Christs, Lords, Satans,
Devils, Demons, Spirits, Holy Spirits,
Heavens, Hells, Angels, and other
assorted mystical/miracle experiences,
for example ...

25. Faith - Virtue or Vice? (121700)
"Theists absolutely refuse to accept the
logic and reason inherent in dismissing all
imaginary beings. ..."

24. The Know No God, Know No Jesus,
Know No Angels, Know No Satan crowd ...
"... is proud to present the following message,
in an attempt to free humankind from the
downsides of blind faith in invisible / silent /
non-existent / imaginary super-beings ..."

23. Most all of us are disbelievers, for the
most part (102500)
"Commonly, most ascribe to a particular faith
or group of faiths and consider themselves
theistic. However, when it really comes right
down to it, most of us disbelieve in most Gods
and Goddesses and Devils and Demons, for
reasons of culture, logic, reason, family
upbringing, and sanity. ..."

22. Imaginary Beings - Truth - Freedom
"I don't believe there is a god, any god. I don't
believe there are any supernatural thingies, any
extraterrestrial visitors, any spirits, demons,
angels (if only there were as I rather like that
concept), invisible ghostie spookie entities
-except- in the imaginations of human beings. ..."

21. Human Origins of God - Ultimate
Human Destiny (102500)
"God is a manifestation of primitive human fear
and ignorance expressed as an imaginary being
and passed on from generation to generation,
as detailed below ..."

20. Easy Nothings (102500)
"If god/allah doesn't exist, everything
experienced would occur exactly as it
does in real life. Innocents would die.
Babies would suffer horrible deformities.
Religious wars would be waged. Multitudes
of contradictory dogma would be pervasive.
Humans would be kind, gentle, evil, and
hateful. ..."

19. What kind of parent is god? (102500)
"... so, I'm thinkin', what if the relationship
between parents and our children was just like
god's supposed relationship with his human
children, what would that be like ... let's see ..."

18. Religion? It's all about the children
"As I've mentioned on multiple occasions,
the key to separating humankind from religious
myth is to somehow find a way to deal with the
tendency for humans to surround their children
with the myths in a never-ending cycle of
brainwashing from one generation to the next. ..."

17. The Invisible Thing (082000)
"Often, you'll see reference to the invisible
thing and the inability of disbelievers to
prove the invisible thing doesn't exist.
Might I ask, how might one go about
proving the invisible thing doesn't exist? ..."

16. God does 'diddly-squat' re: the
real world ... (082000)
"... with all of the evidence of a natural world
and no God, how do those of you who are
OK with 'them' worshipping and admiring
and adhering to the God thing reconcile the
reality of a natural world free of God with ...
the worship of God? ..."

15. What Would a World Without God
Be Like? (072300)
"I've addressed this issue from a disbeliever
angle before, but for those who are either
believers or unwilling to totally disbelieve,
what do you suppose a world without God
would be like? ..."

14. Think About Common Factors in Cults,
Churches, Blind Faiths ... (071100)
"... when you read the following story:
Deprogramming the faithful ..."

13. So, What Are These Myths All About,
Anyway? (071100)
"Sit down, grab a pen, and write as if God
was speaking ... Go ahead, pontificate ...
And as you do, relate to what it would be
like to be reaching up to absolute irrefutable
authority in days gone by ..."

12. Is God an Imaginary Being? (071000)
"My assertion: God is an imaginary being
because of my personal experience, and the
personal experience of many others, absent
his/its/their evidence of existence, in addition
to a logical array of inadequate evidence of
a real God. Is my personal experience and
the personal experience of many others of
no value? Can we exist outside our personal
experiences? Can we divorce ourselves from
our personal experiences? Should we? ..."

HELL HELL !!!!!! (071000)
"Just in case you're wondering, yes, the
topic of this post is that god-forsaken
domain known as HELL! In my opinion,
humankind would best be served by leaving
such mythical horror concepts in our fearful
and hateful past. We know better, now, that
such places only exist in the manipulative
minds of people without a clue about reality,
kindness, fairness, love, peace, and nature,
don't we? ..."

10. Churches, Blind Belief, Dark Rooms
"Churches - It's difficult to find a church
where belief in god as the likely truth is
expressed. Churches tend to shortcut the
belief modality in order to treat '_____'
(insert beliefs here) as truth. ..."

9. Prayer Test (070900)
"... From time to time, studies are posted in
which claims are made that prayer works. Do
you believe prayer works? Please examine the
following and detail for me how no god differs
from a god which answers prayer ..."

8. Designed? (070500)
"For any warm fuzzy fans of an Intelligent
Designer (also known as fans of a designer
god) out there, explain to us if you will,
please, why god designed seemingly
arbitrary and capricious disasters into
his so-called Intelligent Design. Thanks
(in advance) for what should be a forth-
right explanation on the kind and good
nature of an all-loving god. ..."

7. Belief in Hell - What Have You Got to
Lose? (070300)
"Everything - this life, wasted on non-existent
fantasies, gods, and demons that don't exist.
This life, 100 percent certain. This life, the
one and only sure shot at happiness. This life,
lived to the fullest knowing full well if there's
anything beyond this life, it's as natural as is
this life, pure, god-free, unadulterated by fear,
blackmail, and delusion. Best of luck on your
journey. ..."

6. Duh (070100)
"How hard can it be? Humankind, as evidenced
by the fossil record, is surviving via a hunter-
gatherer society for tens of thousands of years.
So, here you are, sitting around a campfire
(circa 30,000 years ago) after spending a full
friggin' day tryin' to find and slay a boar. Not
too popular a camper are you. ..."

5. Humans Invented It (063000)
"Humans made up gods and christs.
Really. ..."

4 . If religion doesn't define god,
what does? (062400)
"If you had not been taught about god, would
you have invented him/it/her/them? If you had
invented him/it/her/them, what would you
define that invention as? What would your
god construct be, had you not been taught
a god construct by religious institutions and
by the perpetuation of the myth throughout
our culture? ..."

3. It's OK to Doubt (061700)
"... Religion is a byproduct of fear. For much
of human history, it may have been a necessary
evil, but why was it more evil than necessary?
Isn't killing people in the name of God a pretty
good definition of insanity? ..."

2. If Humans Created God ... (061700)
"... wouldn't different groups of people create
different belief systems that have little in
common other than a silent and invisible
deity(or deities) and a few human-constructed
behavior models? ..."

1. If there was a God, why wouldn't
he/it/she/they ... (060900)
"1) Detail all knowledge, unashamedly, taking
pride in his/its/her/their creation? 2) Trip us
out on heaven from the get go? 3) Make us
Gods - after all, it is a vast infinite cosmos,
so what's so hard about slicing off a universe
for each of us? 4) Spare the children the pain? ..."