What -if- the Inians win?
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in theism - 082606)

2039, planet Earth is invaded.

With vastly superior technology, and minds
far surpassing the limits of Homo sapiens,
the Inians take over.

A species with a multi-symbiotic processing
capability, invading Earth to have access to
Earth's most valuable resource, water.

You see, the Inians are a water-based spe-
cies that happened to evolve grasping tool-
making tentacles, telepathy, and species-
centric survival techniques to such an extent
that no Inian exists alone. Inians are the cul-
mination of evolution on a planet on which
no land surface exists, no air-breathers ever
evolved, and water is life.

How can Homo sapiens have lost to a water-
based species?

Simple, Inians are vastly superior to Homo
sapiens. It's all about what's In, and to Inians,
the ultimate path to truth and beauty is wet.
With breathing masks, they can exist for long
periods apart from water, but they are instinc-
tively, technologically, socially, culturally, and
religiously driven to seek the solace of the

Their supreme being? The great and al-
mighty In, through whom all that is right and
good and just is derived. Their religious
realm differs from that of Homo sapiens
in that In is considered akin to the Hindu
religion in nature, polytheistic if you will. The
Inians see no end to In, no limits, no wrong,
and In is seen, in and of itself, as All that is
right with the All.

As for anything wrong, Inians view that as
simply a weakness of Inians, what they
refer to as Inianity, imperfection caused
by the self-centered anti-In of the first

Surely, that's a heavy guilt-trip the Inians
have come up with for the first of their
species, but apparently, guilt-trips and
religion are universal.

Why In would create imperfection, and
blame said imperfection on Inians, as
if In was not responsible for it? Inians
reply that you simply must believe In,
and trust In, and have faith in In, and
by doing so, all that is good and just
and right will come to you. Immortality,
something In is into, granted to the
wet and the worthy, through the grace
of In. Any anti-Inism, forgivable if only
one believes in In, and follows what's

All praise the almighty In. As for the
doubters and disbelievers, and those
who dare to believe in a superior being
not In, references to immortal torment
or immortal death are abundant in Inian
wisdom. Fear of same is used to scare
Inians to follow In.

After the shock wears off, Homo sapiens
begin to adapt to the Inians and to the
almighty wisdom of the In. With Inian
inducements, Homo sapiens genetically
modify their young to be one with the
water. Life on land is viewed as part of
the failed human past, a hell on earth if
you will, and a world of the wet is per-
ceived to be the new future of the
advanced new species, Homo Inians ...

- - -

Religion? Simply one part supreme being,
one part immortality inducements, one
part immortality threats. Surround with
assertions of Truth and reverence and
holy and goodness, stir and inflict upon
the culture at large, and especially upon
the young, and by In, the young will believe,
if not in In, at least in the merit of being In
to immortality seductions and threats.

Well, most will, anyway and as for those
who doubt and disbelieve, most will be
silent. Thank In. Think In. No In? In sin?

- - -