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in christianity - 022102)

In another thread, a poster recently submitted
a challenge to my doubt/disbelief regarding the
literalist interpretation of the Jesus character of
the new testamyth ...

> Tell me what it is exactly that you have against
> Jesus and putting your trust in Him?
> I dare you.

... to which I replied as follows ...


Disrespect for naturalism,


Copies from other myths,

Concoctions of Roman imperialism reaching into the
mythos of son of godhood and desperately promoting
a religion in an attempt to perpetuate the empire (see
Constantine and the back and forth on the christian
issue which followed for a clue of the goings-on, there),

Lack of respect for human search for answers which
relies on humans responsibly dealing with a naturalistic

Leverage off of a god of the old testamyth which has all
the trappings of anti-human authoritarianism/violence,

Rejection of the christian Jesus by the monotheistic faiths
which skirt the issue in order to 'fit in' to a christian-dom-
inated world (see Jewish and Islamic interpretations of
the Jesus man / preacher / prophet for a clue),

NO naturalistic aid to humankind in fighting disease, pro-
moting human health, conquering all the naturalistic chal-
lenges of human life that devastate children and women
and men from birth to death,

NO edicts which would have precluded the horrors in-
voked upon non-christians in the name of christianity,
said horrors that, by virtue of supposed Godhood, Jesus
would have been well aware of,

Rejection of Jesus as Christ by the Jewish faith followers
who one would think would be overjoyed if God itself
had manifested itself on earth as prophesied by scrip-
ture (and note, the horrible price paid by the Jews at the
hands of the Romans coinciding with the time of origins
of the Jesus as Jewish/human savior stories - certainly,
the appearance that politics/religious shenanigans were
at play does present a "new testamyth Jesus as reality"
view a bit of a problem),

Absolute evidence of naturalism juxtaposed against abso-
lute lack of evidence that any supernatural entity exists or
has ever existed anywhere other than in the human imagin-

Blood sacrifice, an ancient concept unworthy of modern
man, manifested in the Jesus as sacrificial victim/savior

Lack of open-minded search for verity and distance
from critical and objective analysis on the part of many
of those who promote a Jesus/God/Holy Spirit triad as
the be-all end-all of life, and ...

Well, perhaps that tidbit of doubt/skepticism may lead
you to ponder the possibility/probability that the Jesus
of the new testamyth is much more of a wannabe char-
acter than an actual manifestation of godliness - there's
more, much more, to consider on that topic - a tidbit
(OK, more than a tidbit) of reflection/consideration/
doubt regarding the new testamyth Jesus follows ...

- - -

The Jesus Doubt File (022801)
"For consideration of the likelihood that Jesus was
a mythical creation -or- an overly ambitious series
of creative extrapolations pertaining to a human who,
if he even existed, had neither divine nor extraordinary
attributes anywhere near those credited to him in the
gospels, review the following ... "