Jesus - Christ, Man, or Myth
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The Jesus character is quite a phenomenon
as to how people view it as an icon of _____
(insert long list here) whether or not any Jesus
resembling the Jesus characters of the quran
and bible ever existed ...

Some links depicting how folks approach the
Jesus character ...

'What would Jesus drive?'
gas-guzzling Americans are asked,3604,839310,00.html

Paper Jesus ...

Transvestite Paper Jesus ...

Gadgets for God: Jesus the Hot Air Balloon

Jesus on a chapati (a round flat unleavened
bread of India that is usually made of whole
wheat flour and cooked on a griddle)

Milwaukee Woman Sees Jesus In A Tree


'Jesus' closes porn store - The owner of an adult
store says Jesus Christ convinced him to close
the business and burn 6,400 of pornography.
Michael Braithwaite says the holy message came
to him after he was hurt in a car accident. ...

Christians use Hell House to help people find God
... A rejected young lover bangs his head against
the wall in a psychiatric ward, and a voice cries:
"He doesn't know Jesus! You don't know Jesus!" ...

Religion Can Kill You ... Congregants of Church of
Christ, Scientist, ... Followers of Christ Church and
the General Assembly and Church of the First Born
... Their devotion ... has ... led to the deaths of more
than 172 children between 1975 and 1995 - all
because their parents refused to seek medical
treatment for their children's illnesses. ...

Jesus characters / Christ characters?

Jesus was _______ (fill in the blank with all secular
history on any Jesus characters deemed to be his-
torically relevant prior to 40 C.E., with evidence of a
non-supernatural, contemporaneous, and objectively
verifiable nature).

Aside - a couple of web sites for a humorous break
from the Jesus quest -- an adventure which has yet
to find historically reliable validation for a supposed
son (called Jesus in the christian bible) of a sup-
posed god, or a supposed prophet (called Jesus
in the quran) of a supposed allah ...

Jesus vs. Elvis

Top Ten Reasons Why Beer Is Better Than Jesus

End Aside

Then, based on what's in that blank, compare that to
the following:

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1. As for the "brother of Jesus" part of the inscription
on the recently publicized "James - son of Joseph"
ossuary, some experts suspect that to be an inscrip-
tion of questionable legitimacy (to put it mildly), as
referenced in the following:

2. The Jesus Doubt File
For consideration of the likelihood that Jesus was
a mythical creation -or- an overly ambitious series
of creative extrapolations pertaining to a human who,
if he even ...

3. Helpful information to refute claims that 'Jesus
Christ - Son of God & a Virgin' existed
... the winner of the christ contest was merely the
belief system most adept at combining the power
of the promise of immortality with the power of the
state and the power of ...

4. Top Books/Videos for SHANANNAREEFERS
(Christian Criticism)
Top Books/Videos on Christian Criticism, for Seekers,
Humanists, Atheists, Naturalists, Agnostics, Non-
religionists, Nontheists, Antireligionists, Realists,
Educationalists, Experimentalists

5. Jesus Christ, Supermyth
The assertion at issue is that Jesus existed, some
say as a man, some say as a resurrected ...

6. The Jesus Mysteries
... which pertains to a controversial subject, Jesus
Christ, said subject having stirred up emotions on all
sides of the issue, amongst disbelievers / doubters ...

7. Jesus
... recently submitted a challenge to my doubt/disbelief
regarding the literalist interpretation of the Jesus character
of the new testamyth ... to which I replied as follows ...

8. Pro-Humanist FREELOVER Daily - 112401
... First Human Cloned Embryo ... Dead Sea Scrolls
to Cause Vatican to Revise the Bible ...

9. Pro-Humanist FREELOVER Daily - 090701
Northern Ireland Violence Subsides, Maybe ... WWJD
... New Species' Genes Near One Another ... 'Black
Wave' Could Sweep Universe ...

10. The Nature of Christian Brainwashing - Immoral
Path to Delusion
Cover up the downsides of religious history, threaten
children with eternal damnation if they don't believe the
christian view, and treat all other religions and freedom ...

11. The Know No God, Know No Jesus,
Know No Angels, Know No Satan crowd ...
An attempt to free humankind from the downsides of
blind faith in invisible / silent / non-existent / imaginary
super-beings. ...

12. Reasoning your way to no god, no christ
... son of god called Jesus. The point of the position
of Jesus as myth is that the Catholic Jesus godman
and the historical Jesus godman are demonstrably ...

13. Evemerism
... Evemerism, named after Evemeras, a 4th Century
B.C.E. Greek philosopher who developed the idea
that, rather than being mythological creatures as was
accepted by the ...

14. Good Friday / Easter ... Reality / Freedom?
... religion provides naught but ancient paths to delusion
and empty, unfulfilled, false promises which lead to
activities deleterious to human welfare, in all too many
cases, ...

15. Bloody Sacrificial Salvation
... primitive concept from primitive and ancient cultures,
with the one surviving icon perpetuated to this day, with
excerpt from the notes to The Jesus Puzzle, ...

16. How Big a Part Did Genes Play in the Gospels?
... if the gospels are anything close to truth and worth,
why are they oblivious to the role genes play in human
behavior? In essence, dismissal of all stimuli not sup-
portive of the Jesus of the gospels, -and- ignorant of
all genetic factors at play, -and- unknowledgeable as
to the way in which random activity of the brain (per
a recent study) result in the activity we perceive as
decisions, such is the nature of the gospels.

17. Archaeology refutes the Bible's
claim to history
The following provides a detailed analysis of a book
which provides details on why the fundamentalist /
literalist interpretation of the pentateuch, the christian
bible, and the quran, fall far short when it comes to
the historical claims made in those documents. ...

18. Gnosticism
Links to/excerpts from some key information in the
Encyclopedia Britannica, related directly or indirectly
to Gnosticism. ...

19. Mesopotamian Foundations for the origins
of Judaism, some of which led, eventually,
to the origins of Christianity

20-23. Middle Eastern/Greek/Roman Foundations
for the origins of Judaism and Christianity

24. Greco-Roman Foundations for the
origins of Christianity

25. Rome: Power & Glory
... Fascinating overview of the Roman origins,
Republic, Empire, Emperors, subjects, slaves,
conquests, and the conquered. ...