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The Jesus Myth

Jesus a Myth?

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God & Jesus Promotion /
Doubt, Disbelief, & Science
 (060607 to 060707)
 Simply expressing points of view that
deviate from the God trap that up to 90%
or so of the country tends to say, most
often, that they've not yet escaped from. ...

Historical Jesus Summary : No 
Reliable Evidence (022605)
"The following referenced website has a lot of 
information doubting both the new testamyth 
christian gospels -and- epistles, as well as a 
section doubting non-christian sources used 
by some to promote an historical Jesus. ..."

Four Elephants reveal non-existence of
Jesus? (122504)
"Jesus' life and death was God's revelation that our
personal salvation from sins --like torture and murder--
is to be effected by our torture and murder of the
divine emissary himself. ... I would characterize what 
we do encounter as a quartet of elephants in the room, 
which the defenders of an historical Jesus must try to 
ignore or work their way around. ..."

Jesus Christ? (061303)
"Helpful links for ascertaining the way in which
the traditional Jesus Christ character fits into the 
social / cultural milieu of the modern day. ..."

Jesus - Christ, Man, or Myth
"The Jesus character is quite a phenomenon 
as to how people view it as an icon of _____
(insert long list here) whether or not any Jesus
resembling the Jesus characters of the quran 
and bible ever existed ..."

Helpful information to refute claims
that 'Jesus Christ - Son of God & a Virgin' 
"... the winner of the christ contest was merely 
the belief system most adept at combining the 
power of the promise of immortality with the 
power of the state and the power of the sword 
(and other methods of violence), one amongst 
many competitors, all superstitious in origins / 
nature, all equally worthy of placement in the 
category known as 'religious myth'. ..."

Jesus Christ, Supermyth (050202)
"The assertion at issue is that Jesus existed, 
some say as a man, some say as a resurrected 
savior, most in the western world choosing to 
credit him with bringing a unique religious view 
to humankind, despite many pro-human 
philosophies flourishing prior to the advent 
of orthodox (Jesus as son of god / savior) 
christianity. ..."

Jesus (022102)
"In another thread, a poster recently submitted 
a challenge to my doubt/disbelief regarding the 
literalist interpretation of the Jesus character 
of the new testamyth ... to which I replied as 
follows ..."

The Jesus Doubt File (022801)
"For consideration of the likelihood that Jesus 
was a mythical creation -or- an overly ambitious
series of creative extrapolations pertaining to 
a human who, if he even existed, had neither
divine nor extraordinary attributes anywhere 
near those credited to him in the gospels, 
review the following ... "

How Can Anyone Talk of Christ 
or God as Real? (020101)
"Pertaining to the subjects of this post:
Theory 1) They're non-existent ...
Theory 2) They talked to folks in ancient 
times, so reading what folks who heard from 
them / saw them / witnessed them, wait, no 
one who saw Christ wrote anything down ...
Theory 3) They talk to folks today, but if 
that's so, why do folks say contradictory 
things about what Christ or God are
saying? ..."

Reasoning your way to no god, 
no christ (121800)
"Wanting some godman to exist doesn't 
illegitimatize a refutation of same. It is quite 
logical to assess the evidence and make a 
determination as to a miracle performing son 
of god called Jesus. The point of the position
of Jesus as myth is that the Catholic Jesus 
godman and the historical Jesus godman are 
demonstrably mythical. ..."

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