The Know No God, Know No Jesus,
Know No Angels, Know No Satan crowd ...

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... is proud to present the following message, in an attempt
to free humankind from the downsides of blind faith in
invisible / silent / non-existent / imaginary super-beings:

So, you must understand that there are those of us
on the planet who are totally and firmly convinced that
all of the mythical super-beings created by the religious
and superstitious are not worthy of consideration or
recognition as little more than the fears and delusions
and desperation of the human imagination ...

especially that imagination as personified by early pre-scientific
humans without a clue, perpetuated to this very day by ...

humans desirous of control/manipulation/deceit/departure
from reality.

By virtue of those of us willing to call a myth a myth,
a delusion a delusion, a fantasy a fantasy, an imaginary
set of beings an imaginary set of beings ...

we totally and absolutely with every ounce of our being
refute, deny, reject, dismiss ...

the imaginary beings of the belief crowd.

We LOVE ALL human beings ... we DESPISE delusion
and deceit and lies and myths and superstitions and threats
and blackmail and pretentious patterns of behavior having
no relationship with reality ...

And, as such, we say

Know No God, Know No Jesus, Know No Angels, Know
No Satan.

We dismiss every single myth of the god-jesus-angels-satan-
zeus-odin-allah-mithras-and all other gods and imaginary
beings crowd, created by the pre-scientific humans of
our ancestry, humans without a clue about the real world,
science, and the way our natural existence has evolved
over the billions of years since our earth was formed.


Just clearing things up for individuals who are unaware of the
degree to which some disbelievers hold belief in imaginary
beings in such low regard while at the same time LOVING
with every ounce of our being the humans who hold such
beliefs close to their hearts, humans who have suffered the
carrying on of the delusion from generation-to-generation
and who persist in endeavoring to continue the cycle unless ...

Disbelievers and doubters and those interested in maxing out
a natural existence in a natural world are able to find some way
to break the cycle and free humankind so that ...

The sole pursuit of our one and only *sure* shot on earth
is the value of our lives and our existences and our caring
for one another, at this time, in this life, on this earth.

We fear no god, we fear no imaginary beings, and as such,
we say with pride and with joy, there are no imaginary beings,
not to strike a blow against humans who have been seduced
into the myths, just to clearly and without doubt display our
disbelief in such concepts as being anything more than the
concoctions of pre-scientific humans without a clue,
perpetuated to this very day via the venues of threat/fear/
blackmail/generational brainwashing/delusion/pressures
to conform/pressures to be silent/pressures to socially
adapt/pressures to lie about that which we, the proud
disbelievers, proclaim with all our hearts and souls, just
isn't true in any way shape or form, at all, period.

Words fail me in trying to describe the absolute certainty
with which I know that no god worth worship exists ...

maybe the words will come to me some day, but for now,

Know No God, Know No Jesus, Know No Angels, Know No
Satan, those, I think, will suffice.

Peace and love to all of the deluded beings who are not yet
able to depart the myths and peace and love and encouragement
to the doubters who find it difficult to find their voice when
it comes to speaking up regarding the value and worth of living
life for truth and honesty, rather than myth and delusion and

It's absolutely incredible, all that humankind is missing out
on because we still seem to be stuck in the caves of ignorance
regarding our natural origins in a natural world ...

max it out and enjoy it, for crying out loud, taking care of
each other as if this is all we know exists. Why? Because
this is all we know exists and each generation that passes
on its one *sure* shot at it is missing out on everything life
has to offer. Humankind is missing out on our one and
only *sure* shot at living for pleasure, for joy, for each
other, for truth, for search for truth, for love, for honesty,
for the worth of a life well-lived.

The delusion game must end and those of us willing to
say Know No God, Know No Jesus, Know No Angels,
Know No Satan, and Know No Imaginary Beings
whatsoever that are portrayed as reality by blind faithers,
we are the ones who can and must make a difference so
that things will change so that humans live not for a
delusionary afterlife but instead, live totally and fully
dedicated to maxing out and taking care of one another
on this earth, at this time, in this life.

If death happens, what will be will be and as all that is
speaks of a natural origin in a natural world, so shall be
our destinies with our ultimate destinies unknown in this
dimension until humankind has progressed further in our
understanding of our natural world.

Peace, and may the love of honest humans searching for
truth and long life and pleasure, may that genuine love
be with you, forever and ever (if possible).