Know Not God ...
(Top Posts - Distance From Belief
in theism - 020701)

... and all that is beyond the capability of
humans to know and comprehend, all that
has been 'til now called God, is known by
those for whom God is neither comprehended,
claimed, or known ...

From Alan Watts' -The Wisdom of Insecurity- ...

"... The Hindu Upanishads say:

He who thinks that God is not comprehended,
by him God is comprehended;

but he who thinks that God is comprehended
knows him not.

God is unknown to those who know him, and
is known to those who do not know him at all."

- -

I would interpret that liberally and perceive that
in knowing God is incomprehensible and in
knowing not God, those of the disbelief/doubt/
distance from faith community are closer to
knowing the whys and wherefores of "all that
is", a concept commonly called God, than are
those of the religious/faith crowd who claim to
know God.

- - -