Logical Exploration of 'Creator/God' Claims
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The evidence conveys nothing regarding creatures ex-
isting outside the laws of physics. All the stories about
creatures existing outside the laws of physics fit scien-
tifically into the area of perception called myths.

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When you start with a postulate that there is an absolute
explanation outside of nature, and you iterate in a volum-
inous document of ancient vintage, written mostly by un-
knowns, what this absolute explanation outside of nature
is all about, what do you call that?

Depends on which version you use, some calling it islam,
some calling it christianity, some calling it judaism. More
elaborate and far different explanations exist for those
who use the vedas, that being called hinduism.

And for those who are of the persuasion that the God
thing ain't all that, but that supernaturalism of a type dif-
fering from the western view is involved, you get into far
eastern religions like shintoism and buddhism.

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Key Problem

The key problem all believers have, no matter what ad-
ventures they've taken into the claims for things existing
and happening outside the laws of physics, is that all
their explanations possess the common characteristic
found in the assertion that tooth fairies exist, a charac-
teristic typically assigned the attribute of fantasy, make
believe, or supernaturalism, none of which exist outside
the human imagination, in evidential confirmation.

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Invisible Creature on Your Shoulder

If I say know that there's an invisible creature on your
shoulder, and that creature controls the universe, cre-
ated the universe, protects you, nurtures you, offers
you eternal salvation if you believe, answers your
worthy prayers, -but-, and here's the rub ...

... if you *don't* believe, that invisible creature will
refuse to listen to your prayers, will refuse to help
you in your time of need, and will damn you for eter-
nity when you die, and by the way, everyone has
one, and that invisible creature is bonded to each
person for life, and that invisible creature is of com-
mon mind with all other invisible creatures, just have
faith, just believe, what would be your reply?

Would you say

1) silly postulation,

2) that's just copying ancient religion, and you have
no churches, synagogues, temples, or mosques to
worship in, so your postulation is just wrong,

3) hey, start a religion and come up with thousands
of pages of writings, and then I'll consider that invis-
ible creature you mentioned, or

4) you just made that up, and I don't believe in small
invisible creatures, for I've been taught that there's an
invisible creature that sees all, knows all, controls all,
answers prayers, a really vast huge invisible creature,
a sky daddy if you will, and I call that invisible creature

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Invisible Creatures

You see, way back in ancient times, when stories that
had existed for tens of thousands of years in oral
tradition were passed down to civilizations who were
in the midst of developing alphabets and writing down
things, folks began writing down their stories about
invisible creatures. Ancient Egypt, for example, some
of the most amazing and fantastical invisible creatures
one can imagine, many of their stories having striking
similarities to later stories in the religions of judaism,
christianity, and islam.

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Religions - Outgrowth of Human Evolution

In my perception, and in the perception of many ex-
perts who have studied such matters, religions are
simply an outgrowth of human evolution, a conse-
quence of evolved animals having far more fear of
the unknown than evidence that invisible creatures
existed. So, what did they do? They used human
imagination to pretend/assert that selected versions
of invisible creatures actually existed, and what are
we left with today?

The survivors of the invisible creature stories, the
stories that survived simply due to the fact that the
warriors who won, they tended to destroy the invisi-
ble creature stories of the warriors who lost, and
over time ... many of the invisible creature stories
have been lost, and much of the knowledge of an-
cient times was lost in a fire in Alexandria ...

So, all we're left with, in modern times, are a few of
the compilations which winning warriors passed down,
with interpolations and variations.

Invisible creatures, the one you call God being but
one among many, and no more than a result of the
type of imagination used in asserting that tooth fairies

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Imaginary Beings - Just One -or- Many?

Once you open the door to one imaginary being, one
invisible creature, you're hard-pressed to close the
door to all others ...

  • even if the one invisible creature you've welcomed
    supposedly insists that no other invisible creatures
    are to be believed in,

  • even if the religion you follow insists that it is, indeed,
    the one "true" religion, and all others are simply differ-
    ent spins on the one "true" invisible creature, the one
    that you follow, the supposedly best biggest baddest
    (and ironically, claimed to be most loving) invisible
    creature of 'em all, the one you call God.

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