Murder in the name of God on 9-11, 2001
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God the most merciful
God the most compassionate
God the greatest

so say the murderers, using the Islamic
word for God, Allah, as they commit their
acts of horror on United Airlines flight 93
on 9-11, 2001 ...

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April 12, 2006

US jurors hear 9/11 cockpit tape
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The recording begins with a voice saying,
"ladies and gentlemen, this is the captain...
we have a bomb on board, so sit".

Then passengers are repeatedly told,
"Don't move", "Shut up", "Sit" and "Down,
down, down".

An air traffic voice can be heard asking:
"Is that United [Airlines] 93 calling?"

Jurors were given a translation of the
hijackers' words in Arabic. At one point,
one of them says: "In the name of Allah,
most merciful, most compassionate".

A voice in the cockpit can be heard say-
ing, "Please don't hurt me. Oh God!"
and, shortly afterwards, somebody says,
"I don't want to die" three times.

Then there are what sound like groans
in the cockpit and, a few minutes later
as the plane turns back towards Wash-
ington, a voice in Arabic says: "Every-
thing is fine. I finished."


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The last sound heard as the plane nears
the ground: "Allah is the greatest." Then
silence. (that phrase was canted twice
by the terrorists at 10:01, and was re-
peated -9- times by the terrorists at
10:03, until the end, per the transcript)


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