Natural World Compared to
Supernatural Beings/Places

(Top Posts - Distance From Belief
in theism - 031801)

A natural world knows not of human-created supernatural beings/
concepts/places. Simply put, ask yourself, and this is not a difficult
process, just follow along here, with an open mind ...

When you pray, what's the difference between praying to an imaginary
something or a real something?

When you credit god for good, what's the difference between god
being responsible for that (sans any physical evidence whatsoever)
and your merely imagining god is responsible for it?

When you say you're "saved", what's the difference between imagining
it and it being so?

How can you know that which is not experienced, seen, touched, tasted,
smelled, heard, evidenced, and has all the characteristics of a made-up
fairy tale invented by evolved beings who had no knowledge of how our
natural world developed, knowledge that those who respect scientific
endeavor are blessed with in the current age?

After all, if you die, whatever happens happens and you have no experi-
ential knowledge of what that is, no manifestation, no evidence, nothing
but your imagination to claim you'll be some entity somewhere and living
forever somehow with no chance of ever being terminated ... what you're
describing there is an exact copy of your mythical god ... ancient
evolved beings created the gods they wanted there to be, assigned all
sorts of things to them, and decided to become god-like immortals
when they died just by canting/sacrificing to/worshipping/crediting/
believing in gods as if they were real rather than imaginary.

Sorry, doesn't stand up to any semblance of open minded search for
truth. It comes across as simple-minded and multi-faceted imaginations
with all the substance of an invisible pink elephant who can do anything,
but can also be excused from doing anything. The perfect answer for
every unknown - the invisible pink elephant wills it - the invisible pink
elephant works in mysterious ways - it's the will of the almighty invisible
pink elephant - worship the invisible pink elephant - bow to the invisi-
ble pink elephant - pray to the invisible pink elephant - tithe to the
invisible pink elephant - fear the invisible pink elephant, and make sure
you pass this 'real' invisible pink elephant faith on to your children.

Substitute god or gods for invisible pink elephant. It's all the same
imaginary being routine. It's worthless, empty, and god or gods have
as much evidence as does the invisible pink elephant - ZERO. They're
imaginary beings, non-existent, non-entities as regards reality.

Bow to Mecca lately? Probably not, but mind you, about a billion or
so folks on the planet do it several times a day.

Now, tell me, are gods or god impressed with that or isn't the cogent
fact regarding such things easily understood to be that humans,
influenced from birth with belief in supernatural beings/places as if
they are real, are impressed with those imagined entities/demands to
conform/follow because they imagine it satisfies a magic being, like
all the imaginations that caused (and still cause) sacrifices to be made
to god or gods, of animals and humans, throughout human history?

Add to that, social/cultural/familial/sexual/financial pressures to believe
and, in many cultures, governmental/legal pressure to follow a particular
faith, and resulting from all that, generational brainwashing as the default
modus operandi of most cultures on the planet, and the result is a sad
inability or unwillingness of people to think independently and freely
about the imaginary nature of their magic beings/places.

The key connection point amongst all the supernatural fairy tales is
human imagination and generational brainwashing which attempts to
frighten/threaten children with immortal torment of a real kind while
promising a fairy wonderland of a real (though un-defined) kind and
to top it all off, using the magic god word as if it's THE answer for
ALL unknowns, the benefactor of ALL good, and the irresponsible
disinvolved distanced from ALL evil.

It makes no sense, my friends, it's all an illusion, a manufactured set
of myth machines, a cyclic brainwashing factory of lies/deceit that
you and yours and all faith followers would be generously rewarded
for (in this life, at this time, on this earth) with freedom and liberty
if you could break free of the fear and see all of it, every last bit of
it, for the false/imaginary/scary/disreputable pile of emptiness, pre-
tentiousness, authoritarianism, and demand for slavery that faith is.

Offer up one iota of evidence regarding anyone's god or gods being
real rather than imaginary, and you have my rapt attention. Otherwise,
I'll continue to live my life with pride in trying to break the cycle of
brainwashed submission to non-existent beings that still clings to
the emotional/fearful aspects of human behavior.

Scriptures / holy books / claims regarding god or gods of both
a loving and a threatening nature?

Empty claims, my friends, empty claims. Imaginary beings offer
nothing but delusion. Free yourself and yours and seek the joy
that we can achieve in our natural world, a world in which humans
can "choose" and, indeed, must "choose" to be pro-human if we
are to escape the slavery trap which is blind faith.

Verity is of value. Denial of our natural world, via imaginary beings/
places, is not.