Nature of the biblical God claims
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in christianity - 020605)

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For all of the God, Lord, almighty, Jesus, Christ,
angels, spirits, demons, devil, satan, prophets,
heavens, hells, and other assertions of activities,
demands, expectations, requirements, deeds,
beliefs, magic places, magic beings, and other
perspectives in the christian bible ...

If you accepted the position of disbelievers that
all of that was mythical, rather than reality at play,
would the christian bible then become loaded
with passages like the following?

- - -

Genesis 1:1 In the [supposed] beginning, ___
created the ____ and the earth.

- - -

Beginning? What beginning and by what know-
ledge is the writer asserting these things? Who
is the writer?

Once you enter the doubt/disbelief realm, the
ancient writings take on an entirely different
characteristic than they do when encapsulated
and surrounded with the pretense that they're
actualized communication between some other-
world and this one.

- - -

You should always ask yourself:

1) Who is speaking, and why should we believe

2) Motivation, what was it for the writer(s) of the
scripts at issue?

3) Claims, do claims a verity make?

4) Superstition, is humankind well-served to follow
superstition in the modern day?

5) Persons speaking as if they speak for a God, in
times past -and- in times present, what differen-
tiates the veritable God-claimants from the un-
veritable ones? In other words, if all every single
God claimant has going for him/her is claim, why
believe *any* God claim?

6) What's the logic in a God who asks you to harm
your fellow humans, a God who harms your fellow
humans, and a God who asks you to save your
fellow humans from a God devoted to harming
your fellow humans if they don't jump through
the claimed 'right' hoops?

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