Nonexistence of the Biblical God
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Here's just one God that many in the western world believe in. Have fun trying to explain how "I dunno" or "I believe" are ideal responses to the irreconcilable contradictions pertaining to the biblical God (follows along the line of thinking I mentioned in an earlier thread, that the more one talks about God, the clearer the evidence that God is not only mythical, but is a logically impossible entity / being / concept, a fabrication of human imagination) ...

This is evident beyond a reasonable doubt. I submit that to say "I dunno" to or "I believe" in the God described in the following requires an unreasonable suspension of doubt and an inordinate suspension of logic and reason.

Oh, and keep in mind, the following is but a tidbit from the panoply of irreconcilable, illogical, and impossible God descriptions from the many so-called "holy" documents and church / mosque / synagoue / temple descriptions of such a being / entity ...

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Humans are to serve God only.
Some humans must serve other humans.

God can do anything.
There are some things that God cannot do.

God cannot lie.
God lies by proxy; He sends lying spirits to deceive.

There is only one god.
There are multiple gods.

God sees and knows all things.
God neither sees nor knows all things.

God is kind, merciful, and good.
God is cruel, unmerciful, and evil.

God does not repent.
God repents.

God has respect for some people.
God respects no one.

God is seen.
God is invisible and cannot be seen.

God can't be tempted.
God can be tempted.

God has never tempted anyone.
Many people have been tempted by God.

God never gets tired.
Sometimes God gets tired.

God destroys both the righteous and the wicked.
God destroys the wicked, not the righteous.