Open-minded Search for Veracity, Meaning,
and Revelation of All That We Can Be
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OK, here it is, plain and simple. For my christian
brothers and sisters, raised in religious faith ...

You've been taught a lot of things about super-
natural beings and places. You've been taught
a lot of things about a person claimed to be a
supernatural human by the name of Jesus.

I was taught those things, too.

How does one go about determining if what we've
been taught is genuine, is true?

Certainly, if one claims that apples fall up, you
could test that. If one claims that humans will
rise from the dead at midnight on October 31,
2003, you could test that.

But how does one go about testing the veracity of
the voluminous religious claims, almost all of which
fall underneath the category of ancient claims?

Certainly, looking for veracity in churches, syna-
gogues, mosques, and temples is futile, for those
entities are not establishments set up to objectively
search for verity. They are, instead, establishments
set up to perpetuate and promote single-mindset
indoctrination, discouraging freethought and open-
minded inquiry.

If freethought and open-minded inquiry is desired,
if asking questions and seeking answers with logic,
reason, and earnest searching for veracity wherever
that search may lead is desired, then I encourage
you to openly doubt and inquire about the nature of
that which you've been led to believe since you were
a child.

I assure you, I've earnestly endeavored to utilize
the human capability to doubt and inquire, to seek
and explore, to peel back the layers of mystery and
look for that which can be revealed regarding the
nature of our existence and that which we've been
led to believe.

What have I discovered, thus far? It's all revealed in
the following ... and if you are truly seeking an open-
minded search for veracity, meaning, and revelation
of all that we can be, in this, our one and only *sure*
chance at life, the following is your ticket to attaining
that noble and worthwhile goal ...

Pro-Humanist FREELOVER
(Freethinking Realist Exploring Expressive Liberty,
Openness, Verity, Enlightenment, & Rationality)