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Someone wrote, in a response to a poster
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> By the way, here is the POWER OF THE PRAYER THAT

> Parents pick prayer over docs; girl dies

Little girl dies after parent's refuse treating her

> WESTON, Wis. - Police are investigating an 11-year-old girl's
> death from an undiagnosed, treatable form of diabetes after her
> parents chose to pray for her rather than take her to a doctor.

> An autopsy showed Madeline Neumann died Sunday of diabetic
> ketoacidosis, a condition that left too little insulin in her body,
> Everest Metro Police Chief Dan Vergin said.

> She had probably been ill for about a month, suffering symptoms
> such as nausea, vomiting, excessive thirst, loss of appetite and 
> weakness, the chief said Wednesday, noting that he expects to
> complete the investigation by Friday and forward the results to
> the district attorney.

> The girl's mother, Leilani Neumann, said that she and her family
> believe in the Bible and that healing comes from God, but that
> they do not belong to an organized religion or faith, are not fan-
> atics and have nothing against doctors.

> She insisted her youngest child, a wiry girl known to wear her
> straight brown hair in a ponytail, was in good health until recently.

> "We just noticed a tiredness within the past two weeks," she
> said Wednesday. "And then just the day before and that day
> (she died), it suddenly just went to a more serious situation. We
> stayed fast in prayer then. We believed that she would recover.
> We saw signs that to us, it looked like she was recovering."

> Her daughter -- who hadn't seen a doctor since she got some
> shots as a 3-year-old, according to Vergin -- had no fever and
> there was warmth in her body, she said.

> The girl's father, Dale Neumann, a former police officer, said he
> started CPR "as soon as the breath of life left" his daughter's body.

> Family members elsewhere called authorities to seek help for the
> girl.

> "My sister-in-law, she's very religious, she believes in faith instead
> of doctors ...," the girl's aunt told a sheriff's dispatcher Sunday
> afternoon in a call from California. "And she called my mother-in-
> law today ... and she explained to us that she believes her daughter's
> in a coma now and she's relying on faith."

> The dispatcher got more information from the caller and asked whe-
> ther an ambulance should be sent.

> "Please," the woman replied. "I mean, she's refusing. She's going to
> fight it. ... We've been trying to get her to take her to the hospital
> for a week, a few days now."

Religion is Harmless... Right?

> The aunt called back with more information on the family's loca-
> tion, emergency logs show. Family friends also made a 911 call
> from the home. Police and paramedics arrived within minutes and
> immediately called for an ambulance that took her to a hospital.

> But less than an hour after authorities reached the home, Madeline
> -- a bright student who left public school for home schooling this
> semester -- was declared dead.

> She is survived by her parents and three older siblings.

> "We are remaining strong for our children," Leilani Neumann said.
> "Only our faith in God is giving us strength at this time."

> The Neumanns said they moved from California to a modern, mid-
> dle-class home in woodsy Weston, just outside Wassau in central
> Wisconsin, about two years ago to open a coffee shop and be
> closer to other relatives. A basketball hoop is set up in the drive-
> way.

> Leilani Neumann said she and her husband are not worried about
> the investigation because "our lives are in God's hands. We know
> we did not do anything criminal. We know we did the best for our
> daughter we knew how to do."

Tragic. I was diagnosed as type 1 dia-
betic (at age 5) thanks to my parents
(my Dad is a preacher, Southern Baptist,
and my mom directed the choir in my
church when I was growing up) taking
me to a doctor.

Their religious faith and prayers never
kept them from utilizing medical help
when needed, or from recognizing that
insulin is required to stay alive (albeit
the risk of insulin reactions & uncon-
sciousness goes with it).

They must have realized that prayers
were ineffective when it came to type
1 diabetes. At one time, I was sick,
and they thought that cutting back on
insulin was appropriate 'cause I
wasn't eating. Unfortunately, they
cut back too much, and I ended up
in a coma, but fortunately, they took
me to a hospital and I recovered.

Fortunately, most religious people
don't use their religion in place of
doctors. It's extremely sad that the
impact of religion was the death of
the 11-year-old girl in the story you

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Follow-up (052509)
Leilani Neumann Found Guilty

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