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Recent events pertaining to Islam or reactions to Islam
in one way or another, and a few links to Islam informa-
tion of a general nature ...

Pro-Humanist FREELOVER Daily - 120101
"Israel Suffers Day of Carnage
... A series of attacks ...
have killed at least 26 Israelis, causing carnage on the
streets of Jerusalem and the northern town of Haifa ...
A caller purporting to be from the Palestinian militant
group Islamic Jihad told the BBC Jerusalem bureau
that the group had carried out the suicide bombings ...
Indonesian Christians Under Attack by Muslim Para-
militaries ...

Pro-Humanist FREELOVER Daily - 112701
"Praying for a Miracle, a Baptist Miracle ... As for
claiming christianity is supreme, that's something non-
ecumenical types usually refrain from admitting to
publicly. The same applies to muslims, as they usually
keep their 'islam is supreme' ideology behind closed
doors. There are exceptions to that, though. See bin
Laden and his ilk for details. ..."

Pro-Humanist FREELOVER Daily - 112201
"What's Up With Islam? ..."

Pro-Humanist FREELOVER Daily - 112001
"Which God Are They Talking About? ..."

Pro-Humanist FREELOVER Daily - 111901
"Impacts of 'True Belief' in God / Faith / Religion ...
The primary risks pertain to psychological harm to
people (a contentious issue) and physical harm to
people, leaving one to wonder if the perceived 'good'
of religion can ever overcome the embedded 'bad'
which remains in ancient religious documents ...
Philippines Muslim Uprising ... Hundreds of former
Muslim rebels took up arms in the southern Philip-
pines on Monday, shattering a five-year-old peace
deal in a battle that left 55 people dead ..."

Pro-Humanist FREELOVER Daily - 111701
"Swiss Plan to Rebuild Buddhas Destroyed by Taliban ...
Two Buddhas blown up by the Taliban in one of their
most extreme acts of vandalism are going to be rebuilt.
The 1,800-year-old Buddhas, hewn into a cliff face in
the Bamiyan valley in central Afghanistan, were destroyed
in April on the grounds that as 'idolatrous' sculptures they
offended Muslims ..."

Pro-Humanist FREELOVER Daily - 111001
"Islam's Beauteous Royal Revolutionary ..."

Pro-Humanist FREELOVER Daily - 110901
"Islam, Like Christianity, Full of Fuel - Handle With
Extreme Caution ..."

Religious Faith of Bush and bin Laden (110801)
"... most religions, especially islam and christianity,
dictate to their followers and non-followers 'how to
think and how to worship, with believe their way of
worship or else' being key to most religions ..."

Pro-Humanist FREELOVER Daily - 110701
"Taleban Murders and Rapes of Refugees ... Chanting
Islamic militiamen swarmed into villages behind their front
lines just hours after the high-level attacks began a week
ago and murdered hundreds of men, raped women and
girls, and conscripted teenage boys ..."

Pro-Humanist FREELOVER Daily - 110601
"God Bless America? Wrong Song to Unite a Nation ...
A new City University of New York study finds that a
record 14 percent of American adults have no religion.
America’s Jewish minority holds steady at about six
percent. Meanwhile Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, and other
religious groups are rising sharply. Given that, it’s aston-
ishing that anyone can seriously expect all Americans to
unite around 'God Bless America.' ..."

Pro-Humanist FREELOVER Daily - 110501
"This War Is About Islam ... by Salman Rushdie ..."

Pro-Humanist FREELOVER Daily - 110401
"Testing 1-2-3 (Islam Questions Originally Posted
2/26/99) ..."

Pro-Humanist FREELOVER Daily - 103101
"Victims of the Taleban ... God Is a Man-Made Creation
... Men invented the idea of gods to explain what they
could not explain any other way ..."

Pro-Humanist FREELOVER Daily - 103001
"The Age of Darkness - Excerpts from article describing
the life of a 10 year old girl in present day Afghanistan ...
She has not yet been ground down by an extreme inter-
pretation of Islam, and she is still young enough, and
idealistic enough, to believe that her life can be different
from the other females. ..."

Pro-Humanist FREELOVER Daily - 102901
"How Many U.S. Muslims? ..."

Pro-Humanist FREELOVER Daily - 102801
"FBI Considers Rethink on Extremist Muslim Leaders ...
Fearing charges of religious persecution, the FBI for
years has hesitated to investigate radical Islamic clerics
in the United States despite evidence that their mosques
have been used to recruit and fund suspected terrorists ..."

Pro-Humanist FREELOVER Daily - 102701
"Mass Murder at Church in Pakistan - Excerpts from
an article describing an attack by armed gunmen at a
church in eastern Pakistan ... The Making of a Mass
Murderer ... [Osama bin Laden's father, Mohamed bin
Laden] was a devout man, raised in the strict and con-
servative Wahhabi strand of Sunni Islam. ... "

Pro-Humanist FREELOVER Daily - 102601
"Bin Laden Hijacks History for His Holy War ..."

Pro-Humanist FREELOVER Daily - 102001
"Islam Has Become Its Own Enemy ..."

Pro-Humanist FREELOVER Daily - 101801
"World Divided Into Believers and Infidels? Excerpts
from article in which mujahideen prisoners of the
Northern Alliance are interviewed regarding their
views against the U.S. and in favor of a god-centered
Islamic world ..."

Pro-Humanist FREELOVER Daily - 101701
"Roots of Jihad ..."

Pro-Humanist FREELOVER Daily - 101401
"More Than 200 Die in Nigeria Religious Riots ...
More than 200 people have been killed in two days
of religious clashes in the northern Nigerian city of
Kano triggered by protests against U.S. air strikes
in Afghanistan, residents said Sunday ... One of the
worst hit areas was Zangon district outside the city
center, a Muslim stronghold with a significant Chris-
tian minority. Those fleeing were Christians. ... Reli-
gious riots over the past two years has claimed
hundreds of lives ..."

Pro-Humanist FREELOVER Daily - 101301
"Q & A on Some God, Belief, and Disbelief Issues ...
most of the world is free of the christian God. Add the
Jewish God (no son of God on earth, yet) and the Muslim
God (Allah) to the picture, a God who requires a kind of
Muhammad faith deal / bow to Mecca and all that (by the
way, Jesus, per Muslims, was a prophet, not a son of
God), and still, you're left with ... Roughly half the world
free of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic God ..."

Pro-Humanist FREELOVER Daily - 101101
"Classrooms of Terror for 5,000 Young Men ...
Camp life at Garmabak Ghar had its own rhythm -
trainees rose early for prayers, had breakfast on
the run, spent their days in training and classes
interspersed with more prayers ... The Secret To
Beating Fundamentalism ... What are the keys to
insuring the type of religious madness we're now
facing is put into the cesspool of human failures,
never to be repeated again? ..."

Pro-Humanist FREELOVER Daily - 100901
"A Modern War Waged Over Old Time Religion:
Excerpts from an opinion expressing concern that
the war being waged is heavily religious in nature ..."

Pro-Humanist FREELOVER Daily - 100801
"Responsibility For Aspects of Religion Used Against
Humans ..."

Pro-Humanist FREELOVER Daily - 100701
"Bin Laden Explains Why His Version of God Is
Worthy of Disdain ..."

How Islam Has Been Used To Induce Suicide/
Murder for God (100601)
"To understand the nature of Islam from former Muslims
who are intimately familiar with it, having rejected it for
numerous reasons, read the complete article ..."

U.S./Bush Hypocrisy (100501)
"... As Bush parades around calling "islam the religion
of peace" and other such nonsense ... Palestinian suicide
squads continue to embark on their campaign of murder
for allah against Israeli children and citizens ... And Israelis
continue to respond by trying to kill the terrorists ..."

Pro-Humanist FREELOVER Daily - 100201
"The god Myths Continue to Haunt Humankind ... THE
POPES AGAINST THE JEWS - The Vatican's Role in
the Rise of Modern Anti-Semitism ... Arabs Idolize Hitler ...
Robertson says attacks 'wake-up call from God' ..."

Pro-Humanist FREELOVER Daily - 100101
"Mixed Muslim Messages - Excerpts from an article
iterating the mixed messages coming from some Muslim
leaders before and after the attack on America ..."

Pro-Humanist FREELOVER Daily - 092901
"All-but Speechless ... In tears and close to complete
despair am I. ... Complete text of the invocation to
suicide / murder for god ..."

Pro-Humanist FREELOVER Daily - 092801
"Writings Link Hijackers on 3 Flights ... Letter of Islamic
Suicide/Murder for God ... Stop Religious Denial, Accept
Responsibility, Modernize Your Faiths ..."

Why the Media and President Bush are Playing
Down ... (092801)
"... the religious war aspect of the attack on America
and the root historical/religious/ethnic causes of the
global terrorism we are now at war against ..."

Pro-Humanist FREELOVER Daily - 092701
"Last Words / Writings of Suicider / Mass Murderer for
God - Excerpts from an article regarding documents left
behind by one of the terrorists who committed suicide /
mass murder in the 9-11-01 attack on America ..."

Pro-Humanist FREELOVER Daily - 092601
"Faith Schools ... Secular Schools - Hope for the
Children - A word of advice, from a friend in Australia:
A peaceful way forward beyond the prejudices of
religion ..."

Pro-Humanist FREELOVER Daily - 092501
"Where Religious Extremism is Born and Nurtured ...
What is Jihad? ... Indonesian Islamic Leaders Threaten
U.S. With Jihad ..."

Pro-Humanist FREELOVER Daily - 092401
"War on Secularism - The Threat of Religion ...
Fax From bin Laden ..."

Pro-Humanist FREELOVER Daily - 092301
"Terrorism Causality - I recognize the multiplicity of
factors involved in terrorism. Richard Dawkins and
I are willing to lay much of the blame on the doorstep
of religious extremism. There is never a single factor
in any action, but make no mistake, religious extremism
resides at the core of ______ (most, almost all, all - pick
one) of the terrorism occurring in the present day ..."

Pro-Humanist FREELOVER Daily - 092201
"World's Second Largest Religion - Islam is Arabic
for 'submission; Fewer than 20 percent of muslims are
Arabs ..."

Pro-Humanist FREELOVER Daily - 092101
"Q & A: Religion and War ... Osama bin Laden is said
to follow Saudi Wahabism ... (what is it)? "... The violent,
intolerant and fanatical strain of Islam which originated in
Arabia less than two centuries ago ..."

Pro-Humanist FREELOVER Daily - 092001
"When Followers of an Ancient Religion ... Believe or
pretend that they "know" they're right ... and use an
ancient document full of hate mixed with love to seduce
the gullible ... and entrench their religion as the center of
control and power ruling people on earth ... You get ...
Support for un-'Holy War' - Pakistan fundamentalist
Islam entities have been protesting Pakistan's decision
to support the U.S. for the past few days. The protests
are growing stronger and some have pledged support
for the Afghanistan Taliban clerics' call for an un-'holy
war' on the U.S. ..."

Pro-Humanist FREELOVER Daily - 091901
"Bin Laden Says 'Destroying America is My Religious
Duty' - With sixteen references to God as being one with
his personal goals, in a January 1999 Time magazine article,
bin Laden foretold the attacks which have been visited on
the USS Cole, 4 American airliners, New York City, and
Washington, DC. ..."

Pro-Humanist FREELOVER Daily - 091801
"Religion's Misguided Missiles - Religion has been used
in an ironic way by the U.S. in its response to what was
in large part a religious-steeped and religious-caused and
religious-excused attack of Islamic fundamentalism upon
the U.S. and the western world ..."

Pro-Humanist FREELOVER Daily - 091601
"Underlying Causality of Islamic Terrorism ..."

Pro-Humanist FREELOVER Daily - 091301
"A Call for Perspective on the Attack on America ..."

Pro-Humanist FREELOVER Daily - 091201

Pro-Humanist FREELOVER Daily - 091101
"Definition of No God? ... if one defines god as a 'god of
love', presence of no love from said god would be evidence
of no god (reference horror, death, cancer, AIDS, etc... for
a clue regarding the evidence of no love and no god of love)
... god exists in a distinct and identifiable location, that loca-
tion being in the human imagination, the same exact location
for every imaginary being / place / fantasy / myth that humans
have ever constructed."

Pro-Humanist FREELOVER Daily - 091001
"Middle East Violence ... In Naharia, Israel, three Israelis
and a Palestinian suicide bomber were killed due to the
suicide bomber blowing himself up at a train station. At
least ten were injured. In Netanya, Israel, another suicide
bomber killed himself and injured three people. In the west
bank, two Israelis (a bus driver and a teacher) were killed
and three were injured in a drive-by shooting. The islamic
jihad claimed responsibility for the attack. ... Muslim-
Christian Death Toll in Nigeria - More than 160 have
died in the recent Muslim-Christian violence in Nigeria."

Pro-Humanist FREELOVER Daily - 090901
"Muslim-Christian Violence in Nigeria - Simmering
hatreds erupted into violent confrontations in northern
Nigeria Friday, with the wrong answer to the question
'are you a muslim or a christian' yielding the difference
between life and death for many ... U.S. Seeks Sudan
Sanity - Over two million killed in the last 18 years in
a systematic effort to enforce islam and arab values of
northern Sudan upon blacks, muslims who differ with
the policy, and christians in southern Sudan. ... If There
Are No Supernatural Beings ..."

Pro-Humanist FREELOVER Daily - 082701
"God or Allah Causing Bulge in the Wall? ..."

FREELOVER News Views (030701)
"The Taleban stated their devotion to Islam was
causal in deciding to destroy statues of Buddha
which had survived for well over 1,000 years.
A better way? ..."

Islam Hell
"... Just did a search for the word 'hell' in the quran ...
95 references found ... the same search in the 'hadith' ...
208 references found ..."

Jihad in the West : Muslim Conquests from the
7th to the 21st Centuries, by Paul Fregosi
"It is a look at the darker side of the Islamic religion,
from its inception with Muhammad up through the first
half of this century, lightly touching on recent decades.
Fregosi shows that jihad, or holy war, did not come
about as a reaction to the Crusades but has been
a continually integral part of Islam. While not excusing
the barbarities of Christianity, he highlights how Islam
has been particularly ruthless in its acquisition of lands
and wealth and in dealing with those who have stood
in its path."

Why I Am Not a Muslim, by Ibn Warraq
"Warraq, a former Muslim who now lives in Ohio,
examines the major principles of the world's second
largest religion, presenting a less than flattering picture
of the faith and its followers. He analyzes factors that
influenced the writing of the Koran, chronicles the rise
of Islam, and criticizes the dark side of the faith with
chapters on the Salman Rushdie affair, the oppression
of women in Muslim society, the authoritarian nature
of Islamic law, and the suppression of basic rights in
many Muslim countries."

28 verses of Jesus in the Quran...


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